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  1. While I remain a middle ground view individual., I still recognize that he was elected into office by the people's vote. So while a difference of opinions would occur, you should still accord him the respect that his office deserves. And to that end, he is STILL your President Obama. Why do people fail to understand, that even "enemies do have respect"?
  2. The_Optimist

    Where are we headed?

    For one thing, the sense of entitlement has got to stop. For another, the enabling behavior has also got to stop! You give people this false illusion that all they have to do is ask and they human as we are, simply go along with it. What you fail to do, is to put restrictions and stop dates letting them know when to get off. To paraphrase, give a man a fish and you feed him for a day, teach him to fish and you feed him for life. The enabling behavior has got to stop.If a person has their full body processes intact and there are jobs available, let them work!
  3. The_Optimist

    Upset professor about abortion and Euthanasia Clinics

    Don't.Do.It! The professor will have a long memory. Keep your controversial thoughts to yourself or outside of your classes, where grades are not involved. Just don't do it.
  4. The_Optimist

    Are Nurses Bad at English? English: the Forgotten Language...

    How irritating that must have been for you!
  5. The_Optimist

    Are Nurses Bad at English? English: the Forgotten Language...

    Hmm, so that could be it? See, I didn't think of that. I love love, your smiley by the way:).Apropos!
  6. I sat at my desk this beautiful morning, bright and awake. I was taking a moment of respite before bursting on to start my day when I heard the "ding" sound- that was my phone letting me know that I had received a text message. I picked up the phone from where it lay on my desk and took a quick peek. It was Charles saying "hi". I typed "hello" and hit the "send" button. A few minutes later the "ding" sounded again and I picked up my phone to read the text message. It simply stated, "hyd" . I took a breath and figured it out to translate to, "how's your day?" By now a little irritation was starting to creep in, but slowly I tempered down on it, "I'm doing well.", I typed and hit send again. I was still holding on to my phone when, 'ahwrut" popped up on my screen. I lost it! Seeing red and with steam pouring from my ears, I quickly churned out, "And am I supposed to figure out what the heck you just typed up there?" It took me longer trying to decode the abbreviations, if you can call it that (and giving me a headache into the bargain) than simply texting in full sentences and words that we might understand. For some, it is no big deal, for others, it means being hip and for a few others, myself included, it is simply a pain in the rear. Why not have a little patience and type out your words? Understand me, no one has complete mastery of the English Language and we don't claim to, but by Jove, give me something I can work with! I may not understand this absurd craze and energy to bastardize the language, truly I do not. And frankly, I really do not want to...just send me the freaking text message in full, so I can understand. Otherwise, just don't expect me to try decoding it! I refuse. Signed, Concerned Millennial Which brings me to nursing? Why the mass of grammatical errors? PS: "Ahwrut" means "And how are you today?" FickleSticks! No Way:)
  7. The_Optimist

    The Children Never Forgot..

    @Jadelpn, are you saying there are people who are not inherently evil?I want to understand.
  8. The_Optimist

    The Children Never Forgot..

    Came across a post about an obituary the deceased adult children penned in the papers. How hurt and tortured they must have (felt) been? But sadly, the lady is no longer here to tell her side. What are your thoughts on this? http://news.yahoo.com/scathing-obit-abusive-nv-mother-goes-viral-211215789.html P.S: Wasn't sure where to insert this thread. Many pardons:)
  9. The_Optimist

    The Financially Savvy Nurse

    IsisC, anyone can approach an employer for a raise- the crux of the matter is if you're going to get it! Also, we all want to be paid more but you have to be objective. Suspicion that you are the lowest paid nurse" is not enough to go on by.There are questions to be asked and answered. What do you bring to the table? How long have you been at this place of employment? Any special skills? How marketable are you? What's the going rate for your area? If you were your employer, would you give you a raise? I believe in fairness and am not always quick to instigate, there has to be a balance between you and your employer. Hope this helps some.
  10. The_Optimist

    The Financially Savvy Nurse

    Let's talk about being financially healthy:). In as much as people gripe and bolster about nursing and it's pay/salary, we mostly know that with good management, investments and some frugality, one can make a comfortable living off of nursing. I am not saying, not to enjoy the finer things of life, by all means, we all should. But are you going overboard in the spending spree and not saving/investing enough for later years or emergencies. What kind of vacations do you take? A "staycation", spending times with family and loved ones and doing things together as a family in creating memories is not a bad vacation. Vacations are fun and seeing new places are amazing, but if you have to save up all your paycheck and wait in advance for the next paycheck to complete the payment for this vacation, then it might not be such a good idea to splurge on that vacation. What kind of car do you drive? Having the latest, sexiest, sleekest car is not a bad idea...only if you can totally afford it. You know getting the car from the year or heck, two or three years back is still in vogue and might be easier on the pocket. Those car payments can be a pain on the pockets and end up costing more. Your house? It would be totally amazing to have the biggest, "baddest" house on the block but is it hurting your pocket? Having roots is always an awesome thing to do, it gives you a sense of belonging and accomplishment, but it is entirely okay to rent an apartment while saving up a bulk to reduce your interest charges and the like. Investments? Except you have some unavoidable hefty bill to pay, you should set some money aside for investments, they totally do add up and every cent counts. And remember when it comes to investments, time is a major advantage. The benefits of compound interest except you win a quick lottery in which case, your had a multiple compounded interest. Pay yourself first? You deserve it. By paying yourself, you are not to immediately spend it, it becomes your savings. To stay on this, get an automated account and have it done automatically. Yes, you would make do with what you have left. Eat inJ Credit card? Build your credit but pay in cash. A way to do this is to have enough money for your groceries or the purchase you want to make in cash, use your card and pay it back ASAP. You had enough of the money to make the purchase, you just needed to also build your credit. Kill two birds with one swat:). More coming...