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  1. Ninja By Night

    Do you believe that pets go to Heaven?

    Thanks for your responses. Honestly I didn't think anyone would even read this... this helps, thank you.
  2. Ninja By Night

    Do you believe that pets go to Heaven?

    I've been a nurse for about 3 years and I work in rehab/ med-surg with past experience in neuroscience. I'm overall a happy person, but theres this one thing I can't get past. In Sept. 2013 my childhood pet of 12 years died suddenly. She was a lovely German Shephard with a very vibrant personality. She got really thin and lost bladder control and muscle tone over a matter of months, and all of a sudden she started having seizures and nystagmus. My parents took her to the vet who said she was showing all the signs of a brain tumor. They decided to have her put to sleep then. I wasn't able to be there, because of work. I have no way of knowing if she was in pain, or scared, or even if she knew what was going on. I can't get past the thought of her just not exsiting anymore. I'm a Christian (not a great one, I find myself at work more often than at church on Sundays) and I've always been told by church leaders that pet's don't go to Heaven. My parents fervently believe that they do. My husband believes that they do. I have no idea what to believe. What do you believe and why? I basically reaching around in the dark for answers; I can't seem to let her go or find closure without figuring this out. I'm sorry if these are just the silly musings of the little girl in me, unable to grow up and move on. I'm an adult, and there's so much I don't know. I miss her so much.
  3. Hello, I'm an RN in med-surg rehab and I've been an allnurses member for about a year. Last night my husband and I went out with one of my friends to a sports bar for some drinks. My husband, whom I'll call 'Steve', was the designated driver and didn't have any alcohol. After drinks it was about midnight and we were hungry so we headed to Steak'n'Shake for some food. We were driving in the car I've had since high school that I'm somewhat fond of. On the way there, we were on a dark deserted highway, and someone in a sedan comes up fast behind us and starts following us really close without passing us. 'Steve' slowed down a little so the person would pass us, but they still didn't pass. It wasn't until we were going about 45 mph in a 55 mph zone that the other car put on it's blinker and started to pass us. At this point 'Steve' hit the gas and the car got back behind us and flashed it's brights. 'Steve' break checked the driver then, and I'm was getting scared and asking him to stop. He ignored me and the other car shot around us and got in front. I again tried to talk to him but he shouted at me to shut up so he can deal with this ******* stupid driver. 'Steve' turned on the brights and left them on for about 10 miles until the car exits to get on the interstate. I crossed my arms and ignored him for the rest of the drive to Stake'n'Shake. This is not the first time I've had issues with him driving agressively, and we've fought about it in the past. He's been alot more mellow lately. The other driver was being a huge jerk, but I don't see how it would have been so terrible to just let the car go around us and be on it's way. He scared me to the point of being afraid for our safety. And he was driving MY car. I feel like he doesn't respect me or care that I was scared. He isn't in denial about it. He honestly believes wholeheartedly that he did nothing wrong and that this type of driving is the only way to deal with stupid people on the road. Was I overreacting? Can anyone relate? Has anyone had these issues with their partner, and how did you resolve it? Please help!

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