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  1. Hiya Ted! Just happened to be going through a work computer while relieving an OB nurse for her break when Lo and Behold, I found this site again! Looks like I am going to have to get used to the changes made around here (they have clubs now??). So glad to see that this is still going after so many years. I hope you and Tweety have an excellent day! Shane
  2. ShaneTeam

    Wednesday July 13 2016

    Hey BC and Joe, Yeah, it seems to be going around. The exhaustion, that is. I really need to be sleeping right now, but can't. Exhaustion induced insomnia maybe? Or what I am binge watching on Netflix is too good. I hope everyone has a good Wednesday! On the downhill slope from here! Hello to everyone following!
  3. ShaneTeam

    Saturday, 7/2/16

    Good morning BC, Have to work this weekend, and Monday. Happy birthday to your mom! The only thing I have planned today is to try and reduce my honey-do list. Hope you have a nice time at the beach! Hi to everyone else, and thank you No Stars! Shane
  4. ShaneTeam

    Game of Thrones

    Wow, what a season finale!! LOTS of things given that just blew my mind. ** WARNING!! THIS IS A BLUE THREAD! IF YOU DO NOT WANT TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENED, READ NO FURTHER! ** OK, so I got that out of the way, let's get to the juicy stuff like who Jon Snow really is (thanks Bran for the glimpse into the past), What is really going on with the Lanisters, and the fact that winter has arrived. I haven't been on my thread for some time, but I am only going to go over the episode tonight, and the episode just before this one, since that should be enough to go over. If anyone has any questions, please feel free to ask, or if you want to talk over another point about the show, or books, please leave a comment. Here we go. First, I like the fact that the hound is still alive. We got to again glimpse his softer human side, but in the end, him taking vengeance on the group of thugs who killed everyone in the small commune he was helping build shows him going back to his ways, though they DID deserve it. I think we will be seeing him go after his brother, the mountain, at some point. Next, Arya Stark. She is now back in Westeros, and what is the first thing she do? Puts her new skills as an assassin to use by slitting Walder Frey's throat after feeding him his two oldest boys as a meat pie. Oh, and she does the deed within 20 feet of where Frey had her mother's throat cut in the Red Wedding. What justice. Now for the main event - Jon Snow. Wow! I really didn't see it coming that he really isn't Ned Stark's bastard. He is his NEPHEW! That's right! The lady dying in the bed from child birth is Ned's SISTER! Which means you would have to go back a few seasons, but what started the war that overthrew the Targarians, was that young prince Targarian, one of Danarius (Dany) Targarian's brothers had accosted Ellana Stark, Ned's sister and Robert Baratheon's betrothed. Her death caused those two to rebel, with the aid of some other houses, and Robert took the throne, married Cersei Lannister, and we know the rest. Well, since the only person known to, well, KNOW her was the young prince, THAT means Jon Snow is in fact a Targarian AND a Stark. Oh, and as of now, the only king left standing (more on that later). The interesting thing about that tidbit is Dany wants to be able to make alliances in Westeros, and with him just being named King of the North, and the only king left, he would make a good ally (read - husband). That he has Targarian blood just sweetens the deal (don't forget, the Targarian kings usually married their sisters - kept the bloodline pure). So, maybe Jon will marry his Aunt Dany?? Maybe she will at least give him a dragon. Tyrion Lannister (my favorite!! Go Peter Dinklage!!) has now proven his use to Dany, and has now become her hand. Can't wait to see what happens when he shows up on her right side in King's Landing. You might be wondering what I meant about the last king standing. Well, you see, Cersei Lannister ignited the Wyldfire that the mad king Targarian had stored under the streets of King's Landing, thereby blowing up the ENTIRE temple district. I don't know what Jamie is going to do. The reason he is known as kingslayer is because he stabbed the mad king in the back for threatening to do what his sister just DID. You may remember, her last child alive is Tomlyn, and when he saw the destruction from his window, and knowing his wife was at ground zero, promptly JUMPED out said window. It can not be proven, but I think Cersei is the one who had the Maester killed, also. Now, she is Protector of the Realm (WHY??) and the evil scientist is her hand. Jamie shows up just in time to see the crown placed on her head, and doesn't look happy. Ok, I think that is enough for now. I just hate that as Dany sails across the sea, the credits roll. Now, we have to wait about 10 months to see what happens. :(
  5. ShaneTeam

    Sunday June 26 2016

    Hey everyone! Man, I need to get on here more often. I wonder if my boss would take that a good reason to call in... Not much happening, seen the grandkids, and just got done watching the season finale of Game of Thrones. It has been hot and muggy, so I have been inside, when not at work. Talk to ya guys later! Shane
  6. ShaneTeam

    Tuesday June 14, 2016

    Hey BC! Sorry to hear about your son. Thank goodness you were so close. As far as Cox, my wife and I had re-named them Cox non-communication a couple of years ago (still chuckle about that). Neo - I would stay away, but I already had it 6 weeks ago. Yes, it sucks. Had it for 3 weeks. Wife was ready to have me move into the garage (Like most others of my gender, I turn into a baby when sick). Sirl - Are you Lutheran?? If so, what synod?
  7. ShaneTeam

    First word that comes to mind.....

  8. ShaneTeam

    Tuesday June 14, 2016

    Good Morning everyone! Just a couple of words - Cox Communication sucks. Even though I have not been able to get here for a while, at least I was able to calm my nerves with another fix - my grandkids. I love the pics, Ted. Tweety, I am happy you came through it fairly well. I guess I will be reading a lot of past threads. So happy to hear your relationship is doing so well, Joe. I hope you have a wonderful day, Far. Just think, one of the few days you won't have a walk-in :) I will talk to you guys later, I guess I have lots of reading to do. Shane
  9. ShaneTeam

    First word that comes to mind.....

    LOL. Homeopathic.
  10. ShaneTeam

    Monday June 6 2016

    Good Morning Everyone! Was going to go to sleep, but have ended up not sleepy, so decided to see who has stopped by. Not much has been happening, just work, and more work. I am glad you are feeling better, Steph. I hope everyone has a good day. I think I will try and sleep again. Good night, Shane
  11. ShaneTeam

    First word that comes to mind.....

  12. ShaneTeam

    Man Card

    Ummm, how did we get from a man thread to a crotch check after surgery?? Where is the engine in THAT?? Or the tannerite target??
  13. ShaneTeam

    First word that comes to mind.....

    sharp dressed man
  14. ShaneTeam

    Donald Trump as GOP hopeful: Take him seriously

    Oh, and for the record; I would vote Sanders in that case. Trump actually is not Republican. He is a Populist.
  15. ROFL. That was funny. She kinda fits how I would see Far in RL. Or is it because her hair matches Far's avatar?

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