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anothergrumpyoldRN has 35+ years experience and specializes in ICU, BURNS, TRAUMA, TRANSPORT, HH.

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  1. anothergrumpyoldRN

    Sewing--it doesn't save time or money. Or does it?

    I can tie flies but and stretch a beaver hide but I will leave the sewing to the girls.
  2. anothergrumpyoldRN

    The hopelessness of caring for patients with advanced dementia

    A very thoughtful response! I just commented to my wife this morning that it seems so many people are so easily offended in this world. We have some very difficult issues in today's health care world. None of them will be solved easily. With our current system so intertwined with capitalism, no decision can be made without consideration of cost...perhaps even first or more importantly. In my view, the decisions regarding care must be left to the patient/family and their medical advocate. Period. We CAN improve the decisions that families make, at crucial times in a loved ones later or final years/months, by changing the way we interact with them well before those times are "anticipated". KNOWLEDGE is power and will only improve the efficiency of our system. We are a civilized society and should not consider euthanizing those who cannot contribute, again, in my view. We should care for them, thank God (if you have belief in one) that you are able to provide for them, pray (if that is your way) that others will be spared any suffering or indignity, and live in the joy of knowing that you did what was right, not what was easy or cheap.
  3. anothergrumpyoldRN

    Palin for Senate?

    Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin's resume | Deseret News Sarah Palin - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  4. anothergrumpyoldRN

    Palin for Senate?

    First, it is debatable as to whether or not Palin was as qualified, or more qualified than Obama. Perhaps another thread? Second, yes, some probably do think that...and that is okay. just like it is okay for some to think he is the worst thing since Hitler. that doesn't necessarily make either belief true...
  5. anothergrumpyoldRN

    Where have all the honey bees gone?

    Our honey tastes ALOT like fireweed and berries....yummy
  6. anothergrumpyoldRN

    A Black Mound of Canadian Oil Waste Is Rising Over Detroit

    I don't send any money to Detroit. I live in Alaska, I drive a Toyota...oh wait, I have a Red Wings Jersey and hat and have attended a couple of games there as well as left some $$ in the casinos. So I have spent and sent some $$ there I suppose. I am not certain how any of this is relevant to the discussion but am happy to put it out there for further consideration in the thread I guess.
  7. anothergrumpyoldRN

    Opinions on Obamacare from healthcare workers?

    How does the insurance company improve patient outcomes? Oh doesn't. Insurance is about money, period. It is time to move beyond this model of health care for the USA...unless those corporate "people" that receive the greatest tax relief and government entitlements want to pay for it. Yeah, didn't think so.
  8. anothergrumpyoldRN

    Who are "the poor" in America

    It takes courage to speak out, stand up, and risk harm to yourself and family for a "right" thing. Those people who stand up against Wall Street crimes are marginalized, minimized, criticized, and looked at with disdain by their fellow citizens (who will benefit if the Occupiers succeed) while being harassed and arrested by the law enforcement officers. Protester's children go to school with the children of those who don't understand the movement, and the children provide an "unfiltered" and ugly insight into the parents' only children can. Sure, kids beef it up with their own childish interpretations and additions...but if you LISTEN to them carefully you can find the "core" of what they have been told. Personal, public attacks are the norm in this America when other rhetoric fails. It is demonstrated for us repeatedly in our "news" media and entertainment. Dissenting is dangerous.
  9. anothergrumpyoldRN

    Bible verse

    Galatians 6:9 Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.
  10. anothergrumpyoldRN

    Uplifting quotes for the day!

    Galatians 6:9 Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.
  11. anothergrumpyoldRN

    Pope Francis Says Atheists Who Do Good Are Redeemed, Not Just Catholics

    I am intrigued by the fact that this man was selected to be POPE. He seems to be changing what that means for today's Catholics; preferring humble trappings and humble travel and increased access and interaction with the dangerous people who support the wealth of the church. I have great hope that the leadership of the Catholic Church seek to have God lead them in the path He would prefer.
  12. anothergrumpyoldRN

    Informal discussion with all the pro choice nurses out there...

    Not all faiths believe that the fetus is a person with a soul, however. In my view, that is a critical part of the abortion discussion for many people... If we can discuss abortion from a strictly scientific perspective then, okay. In my experience, those discussions will lead to a religious perspective for many who are opposed. I am well aware that persons without a particular faith or those who profess no faith may not support abortion rights. They typically respond to said discussion with fact and science rather than faith responses, as one might expect. I am not certain how I am being narrow minded when I suggest that those whose opposition is primarily faith based will have a harder time providing fact based argument, it is logical. Faith based = based in faith (those things unseen) Fact based = based in fact (those things seen and demonstrated to be true) We do not live in a "black and white" world.
  13. anothergrumpyoldRN

    The hopelessness of caring for patients with advanced dementia

    First, I can think of quite a number of progressively debilitating, chronic diseases which kill people prematurely and tax our system. Dementia is not the only one, it is one of the few where the victims cannot advocate for themselves. Secondly, who would you suggest determine which patients receive care, and what criteria should be used?
  14. anothergrumpyoldRN

    Off topic, What do you drive?

    1990 4WD Toyota pickup. Runs like a top. Starts every time even when -60. Looks like new (we don't use salt in AK and it is so dry there is little rust), second owner, new engine.
  15. anothergrumpyoldRN

    Palin for Senate?

    I agree...too many of our political leaders are apparently idiots and really need a script...unfortunately, there are plenty of corporations ready and willing to provide the dialog, the plot, and the ending. I think what was troubling about Palin was that there was nothing about her that qualified her for that office of VP. Too many of us here suspected that she was chosen precisely because she was female and attractive rather than because she brought anything of value to the table. She made Alaskans look stupid and we don't appreciate that.