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  1. Should I list the amount of logical fallacies in your post or do you want to count them your self? This is a joke, I am done.
  2. 1. I am not white nor very religious so no 2. I have an article pulled up where he denounces the Japanese internment camps and does not offer them as a modern solution for the current issues with national security. 3. As the article is cherry quoted and so cut up/edited I do not know the context of "badging" but I do know Trump mentioned a database for Syrian migrants. I guarantee this is not a new idea as probably akin to something the FBI/CIA are already tracking. Once again political rhetoric and actually implementation are two different things, which you will see shortly if Bernie actually get elected. I am not backpedaling at all have addressed every point you have brought up. You on the other hand have deflected: 1. The current refugee failure in Europe and its effect on the US 2. Logical fallacy in comparing Hitler to Trump over and over with your woeful ignorance to history. See Godwin's law.
  3. That's the thing, I don't care what she is saying. She is free to hate Trump or me all she wants. Rightness? You mean when I bullet point listed why she is wrong in comparing the rise of the Nazis and Hitler with Trumps political popularity. Lol K. History is history. Largely objective and not subjective like political opinions. I don't want to see history misrepresented just for the purpose of trying to prove an ill thought out point.
  4. I did read what you wrote and I will respond with hyperbole yet again. False cause arguments are akin to slippery slope arguments. Trump never stated that he is in favor of internment camps and even disagreed with the treatment of the Japanese in WW2. See my above post for your further comparisons of history.
  5. You can say and conjecture all you want, but please leave history alone. Your bastardization and crucifixion of the past makes my eyes bleed reading it. Proposing a temporarily ban on Muslim/Middle-Eastern immigrants until security measures are in place is not akin or parallel to the systemic extermination of a race. There is no parallel, comparison, relationship or foreshadowing, so just stop. You can pick apart Trump's stance, beliefs and proposals all of you want, but leave historical anecdotes for those who actually know what they are talking about. If you want to open a symposium on the aftereffects of the World Wars and modern political fallout/ramifications resulting from them, I am game. However, pick up a few books before you join the fun otherwise its a waste of time. Strawman, appeals to emotion and composition arguments are not welcome.
  6. What no rebuttal? You made a claim, now back it up. You are deflecting now. After returning from Europe last week, I can see the ill-effects of letting in thousands of migrants without proper vetting. Europeans are upset. Crimes are up, rapes are increased tenfold in many cities within Sweden and Germany. The local media is almost universally regretful of the decision to let in a million majority uneducated young males (you didn't actually think it was mostly families did you? Look up the UN stats) looking for hand-outs. The ill-effects aren't seen in America, but over there its painfully obvious and Merkel & Co are going to lose their heads for it. The happy go lucky welcoming of the migrants is all but gone but news sources such as Huffington Post still love to beat the drum of the downtrodden middle class Syrian family fleeing to a better life.All the Europeans I talked to whether liberal or conservative leaning were calling for immediate closed borders and deportation for those criminally charged, not complaint with seeking employment or not Syrians. Per the UN over 80% of the migrants aren't even Syrian. But I digress. No I don't, agree with segregating Muslims or banning religions. I do agree with increased background checks for immigrants coming from countries with terrorist connections. I do not agree with any bans on a group of people nor do I actually see them coming to fruition. One must make a demarcation between actual law/proposals and campaign rhetoric. Like Hitler? Here we go with hyperbole's again. Drop Hitler from your argument it has no place at all here. Hitler had the Gestapo, Einsatzgruppen, SS and Brown Shirts to systematically identify, harass, gather, experiment and exterminate Jews. Literally it's almost offensive to make a comparison.
  7. If you opened a history book you would know how WW2 started and it wasn't because of Hitler. If Hitler didn't exist another figure would have entered into the power vacuum since Germany during the interwar years was not even a viable country. Hitler's rise to power wasn't because of him it was because of the situation the Allies put Germany in after WW1. Enter: 1. Treaty of Versailles 2. Weimar Republic 3. Unconditional surrender and economic neutering of the Axis powers for total victory. 4. Stripping of cultural identity of the Germanic peoples by the Allies along with institutionalized revisionist re-education. The comparison of Trumps political rise to Hitlers boggles my mind and is usually spouted by those who know nothing of the World War and inter-war years. Not only is the comparison misleading and hyperbolic it plays on emotional ignorance rather than historical facts.
  8. Hyperbole at its finest.
  9. Emotional ad hominem blackmail, love it.
  10. Kasich poured a ton (all)of resources into NH, that is the only reason he came second.
  11. Trump. I don't trust lifelong politicians. Envisioning Bernie trying to combat world leaders like Putin or Jong-Un makes me want to vomit (much like him getting punked by two BLM protesters). Sanders appeals to peoples emotions without a dash of reality. We have a balance of powers for a reason and promising the world whilst plucking the "feel-good" strings of Americans is unscrupulous dogma at best. I expect most nurses to go for the "feel-good" but not me. As probably one of the younger members on this forum I have seen Bernie's rise from millennials and college kids who haven't stepped foot in the real world. Seeing Facebook friends slap ad hominem attacks against Trump left and right while singing Bernie's democratic socialist praises is comical at best. Trump, regardless of how you feel about his tactics, is a business man. Sanders has been propped up by taxpayer money his entire life. He knows nothing else and being a politician is apart of the "elite" class. His altruistic pandering is shallow and much like Obama he will promise the world until he gets into office and becomes a moderate like everyone else. The vilifying of trump and Trump supporters is also pretty pathetic. Voting for trump ≠a bad person like you see with many smear memes and posts. Even on this thread there have been comments automatically judging Trump voters.
  12. Dranger

    What do single nurses do on their days off?

    Drink, gym, raves,go to sports games or play outside, partying...work extra shifts Rinse and repeat
  13. Dranger

    Is it just me or all the female nurses

    Lol you are acting like we were rejected or desperate. I had toof fun in college and was just stating nursing school was slim pickings which to the laymen would seem odd considering it's 90% female. It was a fact the majority of girls in my class as well as above and below me were taken in some way or I wasn't attracted to them. Now the rest of my college was not even close to the same and in general they were a lot more fun to go out with.Just an odd anomaly.
  14. Dranger

    Is it just me or all the female nurses

    Good nurses can multi task
  15. Dranger

    Is it just me or all the female nurses

    Cool story, I bet you fall into one of the categories.

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