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  1. Mshealthness

    Home Made Pizza .. . .. .. .

    THanks for sharing, I should have tried this one. :)
  2. Mshealthness


    Ohh Ollie and Kenny are soo cute!
  3. Mshealthness

    What Are Your Favorite Christmas Traditions?

    My comment is kinda late or a little early but I find this post interesting so I think I should have to share my thoughts. Christmas, like anybody does is my fave time of the year. Because it is the season where the whole family gathers together for a very special occasion.. Jesus' birthday.. We decorate house with christmas decors as early as first week of December. On the 25th, the whole family goes to church and enjoy a sumptuous meal right after.. Then giving gifts to everyone will follow. . Im excited for the next yuletide season.
  4. Mshealthness

    Patient wants me to date someone she knows

    Did your patient tell you not to mention her name? JUSt start a conversation, who knows where does "hi" would lead you to. Try to know him better before you decide to meet up.
  5. Mshealthness

    Why a lot of Seniors do not text. Senior Texting Codes

    funny I just copied and sent mail to my grandma..
  6. Mshealthness

    toner moisturizer

    I went to the mall and I saw a friend who is working there as a beauty consultant . She talked to me and said there are already signs of aging of me since I have uneven skintone. She recommended some brands but Id still like to hear from you which one you have tried and find effective. Its not that I dont trust my friend, its just that I want to hear from someone who is not a make up seller or anyone who is promoting a product in the mall. Id like to use an effective toner and moisturizer which is not very expensive. Any ideas? Thanks in advance...
  7. Mshealthness

    What's your favorite hand lotion?

    Aveeno is good as well as Ahava.. I like them both :)
  8. Mshealthness

    need help for fly away hair

    I just put coco milk on my hair and it gives me natural straight.. When I had this problem before, I have tried different expensive brands for my hair but it just worsen the condition until search online and tried home remedies.. Coco milk is effective and very cheap , I would still recommend that among other products.
  9. Mshealthness

    Best make up and skin products for oily skin and long shifts

    I had same issues.. THanks evryone for sharing your thoughts..
  10. Mshealthness

    Your Hair ?

    I have a straight BLACK hair ..:)
  11. Mshealthness

    Do you work out regularly?

    I used to work out everyday. Since I have been busy this days, I stick to the rule of not going at least over 2 days of not having a work out. I watch what I eat, that's equally important.
  12. Mshealthness

    First word that comes to mind.....

  13. Mshealthness


    I dont have much time to do meal in the morning so Id rather have fruits or oatmeal or sometimes energy boosters/protein shake will do..But sometimes I am really hungry, I go for big meals :)
  14. Mshealthness

    Foods that energize!

    eggs, chocolates, salmon, almonds , citrus friuts and a lot of water for me pls!!!
  15. Mshealthness

    What is the best hand lotion?

    A friend from Uk gave me AHAVA hand lotion.. I thought I was using the best so far , but Ahava is away better than any other famous lotions.. I love it!

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