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  1. I think this is the ammendment they were referring to: HB 295
  2. Anonymous865

    The Medical Aspect of Execution

    Propofal is not used, because it is manufactured outside of the US. The countries where it is manufactured have threatened to ban export to the US for all uses if we use it for execution. Many states did use propofal as part of their drug cocktail. They had to stop using it, because they couldn't get it. They had to come up with a different cocktail. Their attempts to come up with another protocol is one of the reasons there have been botched executions recently. Regarding using using gas to execute prisoners, many states used to use a gas chamber and it is still legal in several states. States moved away from the gas chamber to lethal injection, because it was thought lethal injection was more humane.
  3. Anonymous865

    Roe vs Wade?

    From what I understand it doesn't make it legal for physicians to lie to patients. It says that if a physician discovers fetal anomalies and they don't tell the patient, they can't be sued for failing to inform the parents. Here's the proposed bill. Bill Text: TX SB25 | 2
  4. Anonymous865

    I'm tired of being single.

    Get involved in an activity that you enjoy. If you enjoy hiking join a hiking or a trail maintenance club. If you enjoy biking, join a group that rides. The local bike shops will have lists of riding groups and when, where they ride. Take a non-credit class. For example take a class in investing or financial planning or a class on local history. Take a golf or yoga class. Volunteer. Help plan a fundraiser for the symphony, ballet, or museum. Help with free or low cost medical care for the working poor. Help build a Habitat for Humanity house. The goal is to increase the number of people you meet while doing something you enjoy. Having a full, active life will make you a more interesting person which will make you more attractive to the opposite sex. Have fun.

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