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  1. JenTheSchoolRN

    Your Period and Its Spiritual Significance

    I got an IUD to help with severe cramps and birth control and I haven't had a period for almost 4 years. And that was what I felt empowered about. That I made that choice. I do not miss my period. At all.
  2. JenTheSchoolRN

    Friday December 11, 2015

    I'm out of saltines. But I have plenty information about STIs! And juice, I do bring juice. I skipped the gym this morning - usually there when they open at 5 to work out before I have to be at school. The husband is playing D&D tonight, so I slept in until 6, and will hit the gym after work. Then it is home to cuddle with a puppy, terrible TV, and a glass (or 4) of wine.
  3. JenTheSchoolRN

    Sodas!!! HELP!!

    My husband would agreed with you. He spend several years in Texas, birthplace of it. It like it, but if I need a soda caffeine kick, I prefer Diet Mountain Dew. Nothing works as well as my morning iced coffee from Starbucks, though. I have that and I can conquer the world. I do have my summers off and don't always have it every day then...oddly enough, I don't see withdrawal from it when I am getting enough sleep .
  4. JenTheSchoolRN

    Shellac Nails

    Petri dish reasoning aside, personally, the one time I got a "sheilac" nails (a gel manicure) for my wedding - before I was working full time as a nurse - they ruined my nails. Nails were brittle and gross after. I hated the maintenance (and cost) of painting my nails or getting a manicure in general pretty my much whole life. I'm glad I'm in a profession where if someone asks about my unpolished fingernails, I just say "can't for work." (Of course, I'll admit I do love an occasional pedicure - that is a nice indulgence...)

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