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  1. realnursealso/LPN

    Nursing Ethics: About the Weather

    Sorry, don't agree. When police agencies close the roads, I stay home. I live in an area where I am close to Lake Ontario, we get freak lake effect storms. You can't see past your windshield. I don't make a habit of it, only when the roads are not plowed because it's snowing so hard they pull the plows off the road. Sorry Ruby, I usually agree with you, but not this time. Lake effect cannot be predicted easily where I live.
  2. :yawn::banghead: good lord, again? Over and over.
  3. This is what I have to say. Please read this thread:
  4. realnursealso/LPN

    VENT: Would you help your mom cheat?! (Sorry. . . Long)

    You are absolutely right. Your Mom needs to do her own work. Hang in there, you are doing the right thing. Hugs, and MERRY CHRISTMAS!
  5. realnursealso/LPN

    Why my heart aches...

    I'm so sorry for all you had to endure. Hugs Tweety:hug:
  6. realnursealso/LPN

    9/11 - Nine Years Later

    I was at work, doing homecare, taking care of a very ill little one. I was watching GMA, waiting for him to wake up so I could feed him. I couldn't believe my eyes. The images on the tv screen were terrifying. The city I was in, not far from home, has 3 nuke plants and I was worried about them being the next target. In my mind I was planning how I could bring my little guy with me, if we had to flee. His car seat was in his mommies car. I finally decided that I could put him on the seat next to me, lay him down, and strap him in. Thank God, I never had to see if my plan would work. Later that afternoon, I went outside. The little guy lived right across the street from an elementary school. The silence outside was eerie Not one car going by, no sound. I will never forget that day!
  7. realnursealso/LPN

    first paycheck as RN... what did you do/buy?

    My now ex had been the primary wage earner. I had been a stay at home mom. When I got my first paycheck as a nurse, I remember thinking, what are we going to do with all this money? We were used to only one paycheck. I have to tell you, way back then, I made around $6.00/hr. It was 30 years ago, 1980. I think we splurged and went out to eat, and then bought everyone( 2 children, then 5 and 6) something fun from the store. All too soon we got used to having two paychecks.
  8. realnursealso/LPN

    What does your username mean?

    In 2000, when I joined Allnurses, the ANA, had a very insulting commercial on the radio. It said, ask for a nurse, a real nurse, an RN. I used to swear at the radio on my way to work. The point of the commercial was back when they were hiring people in hospitals and teaching them to draw blood, insert foleys, change dressings, ect, that were not licensed nurses. No licensed nurses liked it, but the ANA, insulted many LPN'S , with the commercial. Hence the name, REALNURSEALSO/LPN. I'm a for real nurse too.
  9. I reported your post as degrading and rude.
  10. realnursealso/LPN

    Keep out of Fluville

    I did all that, it still got me:bluecry1:
  11. realnursealso/LPN

    Anatomy Jane Doll - Greys Anatomy

    Try this, and it's free. One of my friends is going to med school. she loved it. She said it helped her alot.
  12. realnursealso/LPN

    What types of cars do we all drive?

    I just got a 2003 Chevy Tracker, new to me. I passed on my 1994 Dodge Shadow, with 168,000 miles on it to my son. My tracker is grey, has all the bells and whistles except tinted wondows. I will have to love it for at least the next 5 1/2 yrs :roll