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  1. Xlorgguss

    Making time to date in nursing school ?!

    I had three relationships while I was in nursing school. The primary one was already well established (years) and ended as I was going into my last semester of school. There was issues aside from time, but they felt lonely while I was at work full-time and then doing school, and that most of my home time was spent doing school. Do you work in addition to school? How far through your program are you? Being in an accelerated program the end should be in sight relatively. If he likes you as much as you think he does then I'm sure he understands. From personal experience I had a relationship fail (with a current RN) because they wouldn't make time for me on either of my two days off. They would consistently choose to take overtime, go the gym (lol) or spend time with family over making time for me. The other relationship was almost completely the opposite. I made my two days off for the most part a priority for them. Often I would work on assignments at their house because I had to get it done, but it was nice that I tried to at least physically be there. Ultimately they thought seeing me once or twice a week wasn't a enough and I could tell they were getting frustrated so I ended it. Its tough to find balance. But if the guy is worth it and you both make each other a priority (with school coming first) then you should be able to make it work. Good luck!
  2. Bernie Sanders. I think Hillary will say anything to get elected. She has changed positions on LGBT marriage, NATO, TPP, Iraq, etc.

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