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  1. Pangea Reunited

    Post-Surgery & FaceBook

    My thoughts were along those lines, too. Why would someone care about my support if they never bothered to let me know what was going on in the first place? I would assume that my acknowledgement (or lack of) wasn't too important. That being said, people who get upset about facebook posts (or anything having to do with facebook) are a mystery, to me.
  2. Pangea Reunited

    Pile on threads that last forever, OP long gone

    Weeks? I've seen them pop back up after years. In any case, I tend to get bored with them because everybody is "talking" and no one is "listening".
  3. Pangea Reunited

    "I hate the United States"

    People frequently abuse the word "hate". It sounds like she just wants to go home. Her best memories might have taken place there when she was younger and didn't have to work for a living or worry about the future.
  4. Pangea Reunited

    Jehovah's Witness ethical dilemma

    Homework? Or are you that involved with your brother's fiance's dad's medical care? Seems odd...
  5. Pangea Reunited

    What Would You Do?

    If I were able, I'd assist patients with transitioning back to their family homes. Most people can't take care of their elderly family members because they work (or have other time-consuming commitments outside of their homes). Problem solved. I would consider taking someone frail, with no family, into my home. I would also consider helping those in my immediate area. ...but "work" in a hospital or nursing home setting wouldn't be a part of my day-to-day life.
  6. Pangea Reunited

    CAPS LOCK BUTTON, and those who leave it on!

    People always give the me that annoyed sigh for leaving the caps lock off, BUT I AGREE WITH YOU WHY DOES EVERYTHING HAVE TO BE CHARTED IN ALL CAPS WITH NO PUNCTUATION