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  1. chacha82

    OT: purging, not even regifting

    Just a rant: I'm all for being thrifty, I think that's great. I wouldn't turn my nose up at a regift from time to time. But being on the receiving end of someone's purge veiled as a Christmas gift left a bad taste in my mouth. She said, what would you like for christmas? I said, you don't need to do anything, just some cookies would be fine. Instead we are being sent back with a cracked storage container with books that are "gifts" for an 8 week old that is nowhere near ready (an old sociology textbook is just one of them). !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now I'm responsible for this clutter until I can rehome it. Sorry for the rant, it just seemed obvious she was getting rid of stuff she no longer wants. I find it tacky.
  2. chacha82

    Your Period and Its Spiritual Significance

    Does praying I get it count?:woot:
  3. chacha82

    I see quite alot of tall nurses

    I have to admit I prefer this thread to others that have been started here lately, I can dig it
  4. chacha82

    The MD and nurse relation, and how my love got destroyed...

    "your boyfriend didnt answered my page ( I was extremely busy by the way); the MD side on the other hand was somehow more chill : " been there , done that , he properly want to get laid"( I am not) and they go on about how funny and stupid the nurses are with their dumb questions , they have a good laugh , personally I dont find anything funny at all ( this was after the shift) , these thing hit us hard, we are really stress out by now , but thing final breaks when she ask me a really "obvious" question about BP of a patient (not gonna go into detail) , somehow I lose control at that point : are you serious, gosh , you should have....... and boom a crystal eyes with tears ,the room pause for a second , my supervisor come and laugh " alright son , we should give you difference shift from tomorrow" . Before this I thought nurse and doctor were "best friends" , we support each other ,... but nah not in my hospital , this just changed my mind and my way of work,the nurses on my floor -I feel them like bee keeps buzzing my ear .nurse and MD if we have sympathy for each other,... but nah .... and at the end of the day the victim is not us but the patient You answered your own question. This is exactly why it's not a good idea. I'm sure it became uncomfortable for her with people griping about why "her boyfriend" hadn't answered pages. She was probably mortified when your supervisor switched your shift in response to all the drama. She was probably worried she'd get called into HR. I know I would be. I love where I work and wouldn't want there to be awkward feelings for my coworkers if they thought I was sleeping with the MD they were trying to get a hold of. See why it's weird?
  5. chacha82

    The MD and nurse relation, and how my love got destroyed...

    Can't speak for anywhere else but where I work a nurse would be strongly cautioned against dating a coworker, MD or not, for HR reasons. They can't forbid it but it never looks good. I know they are more lax about people dating if you work in separate parts of the hospital, but if you work in the same department it can be a problem. Even if it isn't officially a problem as a nurse I wouldn't date a doctor that I worked directly with. I'm sure the experienced nurses warned her what this could look like. What would people say if you responded to that nurse's pages more often than others? Or if you came to assess her patients first? It's just too messy. It's fine to date a nurse but try another hospital. The doctor/nurse couples I know were married before they came to our hospital and they usually work in different areas. I do know of one case where a nurse and resident dated in the same department and got engaged. It became uncomfortable for the nurse and she switched floors since her fiancee was still working there.
  6. chacha82

    Post-Surgery & FaceBook

    I'm so sorry it hurts, I hope you heal and feel better soon. This is one of the reasons I got off of Facebook...I felt like everyone else was soaring ahead in life and I was boring, just going to school and grinding away at work. I have been happier since getting off of it. It's also gotten too spammy for me (Posts about "take this quiz for your vampire/stripper/etc name." The final straw was when my sister posted she was having a "sale" of items and one of the items was a necklace I had given to her. OK, it wasn't super expensive, but it was still a gift and it hurt my feelings. I could have done without knowing she wanted to sell it. I hope you feel better and rest up on your time off. Check in with the people you truly miss, whether or not they're on social media. One plus to it is that some people at work will act like complete ninnies when it comes to Facebook. If you're not on it, you can't get caught up in it.