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    Breaking Up Before "Match Day"

    My "boyfriend" is finishing up medical school this year. He is graduating from NYU and has longed to come back home to Seattle. It was the day we have been both been waiting for after being in a long distance relationship through holy hell as we know as medical school. We have been physically together during our undergraduate years for about half a year. So in total we have been together for about 4.5 years. I stayed behind here in Seattle to finish up prerequisites for nursing school. We have had our arguments/fights, but the last couple months have been extremely heated especially surrounding the topic of match day. Match Day was March 15th this year. He broke up with me the day before match day. If there are a few of you you have had the heart to read through this - a little background: Match day is the day that 4th year medical students get matched into residency programs. It is based on their rank list and a freaking algorithm that places them into a program for the next 3, 4 or 5 + years (depending on the specialty). My "boyfriend" was matched to his #1 ranked spot in Seattle. This is exactly what we have been waiting for. Truthfully speaking I am expecting the same thing being told to me in a different way. "You gotta move on and take this opportunity to start living for yourself". "You're in a lot of pain right now, and that's normal, it will take time to go away". "Time heals all wounds". The infamous, "There are other fish in the sea" or "You'll find someone better" (recipe for serial monogamy in my opinion and frankly I just don't want to date anyone for a long, long time if it ever came to that point). You get the picture. I'm a hot mess. I've been crying since Thursday, and tonight is the first night I haven't cried. Realistically, I know I will be crying more on and off as I work through each day. We wanted all the same things in the future, we still love each other very dearly. His reasoning was 1) we need to grow up, separately 2) he is tired of the excessive fighting 3) he has this anxiety built around anticipated conflict/the next fight 4) he feels that we've tried everything to make this work and it's not working right now. My chief complaints about the relationship are 1) he has a hard time expressing his feelings/thoughts without flouting out in anxious anger 2) his escapist nature surrounding life changing events (this isn't working - let's break up, this is the 3rd time this has happened), 3) during his extended stays here at home he doesn't seem to understand that I need time to myself too (not feeling obliged to spend every free minute with him) Again, I recognize that our relationship has gone downhill and has seen happier times but I don't think it was a complete loss cause. We haven't cheated on each other, nor did we want different things for our future both professionally and personally. In sum, there wasn't any defining points of conflict of interest to begin with. Nor do I think it was a sunk-cost (constantly investing in something that is obviously failing). Comparing our relationship problems to others, ours looks like sunshine and rainbows. Besides the fighting, I think there were a lot of contributing factors, especially surrounding match day that built him up to this point of feeling like breaking up was the last resort. As we were making the rank list together, I felt that perhaps we had a better chance of being together by ranking a California school #1 versus the only program that is in WA. Considering there were more nursing programs down south, I thought that in terms of numbers that I had a better chance of going to nursing school while he started residency. I had this idea that perhaps starting a fresh slate together out of a state of familiarity might be good for both of us. We are both young and ready to tackle whatever was in front of us. Living in a cold rainy city for all of my life - I thought that it would just be a nice change for both of us. He sold this idea to me and to be honest, in the beginning, it scared me because I thought all along he wanted to come back to our rainy city. I began to open up to the idea that this might be a possibility that I would let go of our home to be together. And I felt completely OK with that. On the other hand, I had absolutely no opposition to stay in our home city for another four years if it had to come down to that, as long as we were both happy and finally together in the same city for once. In the time being that we were making the ranking list - I did feel as if he didn't take my career goals into consideration by not ranking a CA school #1. He reasoned with me a week before the rank list was due that he should rank the only Seattle program #1 because in terms of our relationship, it would be better for our relationship and for us as individuals to be around the people who love and care for us and be in a state of familiarity again. Most of all, he really loved the program, and that was important to me too. My grades are not very competitive and I would honestly be shocked if I got into any nursing program at this point. I am not being a pessimist - I know the competitive nature of nursing programs here in the US. It is really ******* hard to get into even a community college program. After a while, I began to realize his point about changing his #1 ranked school. We had a fight about changing the #1 rank - but I really felt that he didn't understand what I was expressing to him. I was seeking affirmation from him that everything would be okay even if I didn't get into a nursing program at the same time he started residency. I also felt I was expressing my fears that maybe I would get accepted to a CA school and it would defeat the purpose of everything we worked so ******* hard for. Hypothetically, if we never dated to begin with, I would have exclusively only applied to WA state nursing programs regardless. If I wasn't accepted, well, I can just continue working in this clinic for another year to pay off my damn loans. I would not regret not going out of state for my education's sake. I am happy being here with my friends and family while paying off my loans and waiting to get into a program. I am giving him space - I know I can't just sit around forever and wait on him to take me back theoretically. I know I need to focus on "me time". I want to believe that he is taking this break up as time to evaluate himself and grow from it to benefit our (hopefully) new relationship in the future. Any thoughts on the situation or any one out there who has had a bad break up and got back together after "growing up"?