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NICU Guy has 3 years experience and specializes in NICU.

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  1. NICU Guy

    How will history judge us?

    That is not the case. People showing up at the border with children and are seeking Asylum are kept together because the parents have not committed any crime. The parents that slip across the Rio Grande with their children (entering the country illegally) are the issue.
  2. NICU Guy

    How will history judge us?

    If you were on vacation with your parent and they got arrested for drunk driving. Would you be placed in the cell with your parent? No, you would be placed with a relative or a temporary foster care. Wouldn't that be traumatizing? Most of the children were placed with family members in the US. The ones that couldn't be placed were sent to the camps. What is the alternative, put them in the holding areas with their parents or set anybody free if they are arrested with a child?
  3. NICU Guy

    How will history judge us?

    The kids were not put in cages. The Department of Health and Human Services released a video of the children's camp. It looks like a summer camp with dorm rooms, playground, kids in a classroom.
  4. NICU Guy

    Has any female nurse had a crush on a male nurse?

    I know what you mean. Sometimes management has to keep me hidden from my coworkers. They wouldn't get any work done with all the impure thoughts going through their heads. I am starting to realize the real reason that they hired me. Oh well, the curse of the rugedly handsome.
  5. NICU Guy

    Ruby Vee

    You're one step closer to COB status
  6. NICU Guy

    Let’s stand up for what is right!

    To quote Nancy Pelosi when Obamacare came out "We have to pass the bill so that you can find out what's in it."
  7. NICU Guy

    The Medical Aspect of Execution

    Why do we need to execute people so they die comfortably and quietly? Maybe I am a horrible person, but did the victims that these people killed die comfortably and quietly? Why are we treating these prisoners with such dignity and respect even though they gave their victims no dignity or respect? My proposal is that they are executed in the manner that their victims died.
  8. NICU Guy

    Survey for school

    How is this survey relevant to nursing?
  9. NICU Guy

    Help! My Husband Snores Like A Category 5 Hurricane!

    I worked as a Registered Sleep Technologist for 14 yrs prior to nursing school. Getting the patients to get a sllep study is like pulling teeth and it only gets worse when they are non-compliant with the CPAP mask. Fortunately, most are delighted that they have much more energy and got their life back. I had one patient that the wife stated that she had a hard time convincing her husband to wear the mask. He ended up having a massive stroke due to his stubbornness. I feel your pain.
  10. NICU Guy

    Prince died

    He died from the flu because he drove his LITTLE RED CORVETTE wearing his RASPBERRY BERET in the PURPLE RAIN.
  11. NICU Guy

    What do single nurses do on their days off?

    Go watch "Scrubbing In" and you will see what single nurses do on their days off :cheeky:
  12. NICU Guy

    My pen hoarding goal

    Isn't that how kleptomaniacs get started? Innocently stealing pens. 10 years later- On tonight's episode of "Hoarders" we visit Emergent's house. She has collected 10 million pens and refuses to get rid of any of them. "I may need a pen and what if I can't find any of my 10 million pens in my house?"
  13. NICU Guy

    taxes and your paycheck

    Welcome to the work world :)
  14. NICU Guy

    What kind of house can you afford

    If you are on you own and renting an apartment, then determine if you are content with that amount each month. has a mortgage calculator to determine your monthly payment for the amount you want to borrow. Keep in mind that when you buy a house that you also have pay property taxes and homeowner's insurance which will increase your monthly housing payment.
  15. NICU Guy

    Scrubbing In reality show

    Now I know why there is such a back log of nurses looking for jobs in California. The nurses there are living it up going out to the night clubs every night drinking, partying and work very little.