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  1. jnette

    Do you, or would you ever, own a motorcycle?

    I owned and drove a motorcycle long before I ever owned or learned to drive a car. I drove my bike 35 miles to work (and back) each day in rain, sleet, ice, and snow. It was my only transportation. Yes, they can be dangerous. So are many other things. Risk is everywhere. I never let that keep me from doing what I enjoy. There simply are no guarantees in life. I drove my bike all over Europe and pretty much most of the East Coast and the Midwest. I dumped it only once in all those years. Of course it's essential to wear your helmet and protective clothing (which I must admit I really didn't do all the time back in the seventies when I was still young and foolish) and to watch for other drivers. I am now 65, still have my old bike up in the barn on the family farm, and were it not for my husband, I would crank that baby up TODAY and take it for a long ride. But hubby is terrified of me wrecking and breaks out in a cold sweat even thinking about me riding anymore, so for HIS sake, I don't. He would worry himself into a heart attack. Seriously, he would. I won't do that to him. Once you own a bike, it gets in your blood and stays there. I loved every minute of my biking days and miss it terribly. Even now. I was a rare female motorcyclist back in the day (1972) when I first bought my old '63 BMW. Just didn't see any female "owner/operators" back then. But that never stopped me either…actually, I never really even considered this to be "out of the norm"…never gave it a second thought. Do what you love. You only live once. I know there are some who would say "why push your luck", "don't tempt fate" but you could die tomorrow in a plane wreck, car wreck, or receive a fatal cancer diagnosis. Live life to the fullest. Be wise, be careful, but allow yourself to enjoy all that life has to offer. :)
  2. jnette

    Sunday June 9, 2013

    I was thinking they were in bicycles... motorcycling nude? No way! Far too dangerous, as you say. I never wore full leathers back in the day, actually remember wearing (remember THESE?) my "hotpants" and certainly shorts and tank tops unless the weather was cold or raining.. or snowing.. or icing. But I did wear a helmet... always. I use to drive myself to work and back 30 miles each way for 2 years on my motorcycle... rain, sleet, snow. Only transportation I owned until I came to the US... and got my first car. A Volkswagon... of course ! :D Glad you got out and took a road trip.. always fun. I'm sorry SO is feeling puny... and yes, perhaps it's best you do the driving from here on out. And THAT in itself is not easy on him, either. So sad. (((hugs)))
  3. jnette

    Sunday June 9, 2013

    Steph.. sounds like you had a really good time. I'm so glad. Have always wanted to visit Oregon.. and Washington state coastline. As for the "nekkidness"..I'd venture to say a birthday suit bike ride might be for shock value, but in Oregon, perhaps not. Maybe just because they CAN. I remember back in Germany we use to all swim "nekkid" at the rock quarries there.. not for shock value at all, but because nudity is and never has been a big deal... and not taboo. I remember the American GIs trying to swim there in their skivvies... and everyone just rolled their eyes and chuckled. They were the only ones trying to "cover up". And they were also the ONLY ONES "gawking".
  4. jnette

    Sunday June 9, 2013

    Sipping my second cup of coffee waiting for the fog to burn off in hopes of seeing some rays soon. Stayed up late last night watching The Alamo.. a newer version and very well done. It showed what occured AFTER the fall of the Alamo, which I don't believe has been shown before..Sam Houston and his men conquering Santa Anna. I enjoy historical films, as I always learn something new. So today I hope to enjoy some sunshine again. Yesterday was lovely.. I want a repeat! Tomorrow should bring more rain, so Sabby, get out with those pups today !!! AKY.. I read what all you managed to find yesterday.. wonderful! Hubs just left to pick up some groceries..early before the place gets overrun, so while he's gone I shall do some vacuuming and tidy up the house a bit. Gavin is at his Daddy's for the weekend, was hoping to have him over to play on his swing set tomorrow, but if it's going to pour the rain as they have called for, guess that's not going to happen. Boo Hoo. I bought a nice kite last week.. we ALWAYS have a strong breeze up here on our ridge, and a four acre field adjacent to our house which is PERFECT for flying that thing... no trees or power lines to get tangled up in. Will enjoy that this summer and let Gavin try his hand at it as well. Sabby, I am sure BIL enjoys having you there, even if he is no longer strong enough to verbalize it. Prayers continue. Hope everyone has a peaceful Sunday. Hugs all around.
  5. jnette

    Sunday, June 2, 2013

    Good Morning ! Sounds like everyone's mellow here this morning...just taking it easy Good for you. Same here. Nothing much planned. Enjoyed a perfectly lovely day outdoors yesterday, today the clouds have set in, expecting rain later this afternoon and t'storm tonight and tomorrow. Need some rain, so won't complain. Temps are still quite pleasant. Might do some indoor cleaning today if it rains. Need to get a few things done which I have been putting off. Steph.. hope everyone enjoys the air show and that all stay safe. Seem like so many seem to be having freak disasters over hte past few years. Praying for Sabby's BIL and family. xo
  6. jnette

    Sunday May 12, 2013

    To all our Moms and Grandmas. May you all have a most special day. Waiting on dd and Gavin to come spend the day with us. Plenty of sunshine for a change but breezy and will only reach 60 degrees if we're lucky. Prayers for all who need them. xoxo
  7. jnette

    Saturday May 4, 2013

    Geesh, Herring.. do stay safe. Wear a mask. Hope this burns itself out and SOON !!! xoxo
  8. jnette

    Saturday May 4, 2013

    Enjoy your warm weather, Steph... I have the heat on. In MAY. :eek: I'm really disgusted right now. Rain wasn't suppose to set in until tomorrow, and guess what? It's already raining. And 46 degrees. Yes, DISGUSTED !!! Hey... I thought of you the other day.. and Sabby, too....when you have a bit of down time, google "straw bale gardening". We're going to give it a try this year. AMAZING what one can do if you have little or even no garden area (which we do HAVE, but still want to try this out)... or for those who don't want all the digging, tilling, hoeing, etc. Some ppl just line up a few straw bales on their sunny driveway ! The nice thing about this is you can move your garden (straw ables) anywhere you want.. where you have the most sun, or even on your porch if you have no land whatsoever. Great for elderly or disabled folks, too.. can roll your wheelchair right up to the bales and putter away! No backbreaking labor, either. And with straw bales, no diseases carried over from previous garden plots. So easy and fun. It's rapidly becoming THE way to garden! Check it out.. and even click on IMAGES on Google. And FB even has their own site as well.. very fun and informative! https://www.facebook.com/learntogrowastrawbalegarden?fref=ts Steph.. did you see the album I posted on FB last night of Adam's visit? I do hope your MIL does well... have they scheduled a hip replacement yet? And I hope your DD can find a good place to live with someone she enjoys and can relate to.. a safe place. xo
  9. jnette

    Saturday May 4, 2013

    Good Morning all around ! :) Sabby.. please do take care of yourself. I would have swapped with you if I was on your team. Poor Girl. xoxo Prayers going out for Joey's BIL as well. You all sure need a break. A good, rejuvenating get-away. Looks like we're in for a VERY rainy next 4 days....flooding rains headed our way. Guess hubby won't get to set out his tender flowers in his beds this weekend as he had planned. It's only 46 degrees up here and still very windy which makes it feel all that much colder. I''m beginning to think we just aren't ever going to warm up this year. By the time summer gets here, it will be OVER. GRRRRRRRR. Had a nice impromptu surprise visit from DS Adam yesterday! He was working at a job site up in PA. Actually, we had planned on driving up to meet him half way for an evening together sometime next week, but he called and said the rig they need to do their work with was broken down and no telling when it would be up and running, so the crew were free to come and go as they pleased until they got called back. So he headed down here Thursday night..stayed with DD and Gavin and stopped by my work yesterday morning. They went on to visit their Dad, then stopped back at our house yesterday afternoon. He was hoping he'd get to stay at least a day or two, but sure enough, he got a call telling him he needed to come back.. the rig had been repaired. So we only got to see him for a few hours yesterday afternoon. Boo Hoo. :( But I'm so glad he got to spend some quality time with DD and Gavin... they hadn't seen him in 31/2 years... nor their Dad.. so that was good. I got to spend several days with him in Denver a year ago this week when I went out for his graduation. We did enjoy his visit, though, brief as it was. Hope they send him out to PA again sometime in the future. Usually he's somewhere in TX, Nevada, Utah, or the Dakotas.. doesn't get out this way too often. Well... guess I'll snuggle in this weekend... looks like I won't be spending too much time outdoors... AGAIN. Arrrrghhhhhh!!!!!!! I do have so many things I'd like to get done around here, but I need warm weather for all that... not this frigid, rainy, windy stuff. OK.. outta here for now. Hope all of you have a lovely, restful weekend. And Sabby... hope you don't need to go out much so you can rest up!
  10. jnette

    Saturday April 21, 2013

    Good Morning my Friends. What a horrendous week. I feel guilty even saying that, as I wasn't even personally involved in any of the trauma and horrific, tragic events that unfolded both in Boston and in Texas, yet I feel emotionally overwhelmed and exhausted. Prayers most certainly continuing for ALL affected. Chilly day here, but sunny after much cloudiness this week and a day long downpour yesterday. Have some wash ready to hang on the line, and then I think I'll just take it easy for the day. Regroup and breeeeeeeathe. Poor little Gavin was dx'd with yet ANOTHER bilateral ear infection on Monday, and yesterday with bilateral conjunctivitis... AGAIN. The child just can't catch a break.. nor his Momma! Sabby, DO try to slow it down a notch...your body still has much healing to do! xoxo Liddle.. hope things work out for the BEST regarding your employment situation. Listen to your gut. You know what's best for you. Joe.. enjoy the visit with your friend. Always refreshing and rejuvenating. Steph.. have fun today! And keep that little Marla contained! Pizza is very salty... I get thirsty after pizza, too. AKY.. hope you find something delightful at the garage sales! Well, better get going here...have some chores I still need to do before I get to chillax. Hugs to all who need them !
  11. jnette

    Welcome to Sunday morning 4.7.13

    Good Morning ! Liddle.. sounds like a good day for you. Enjoy ! Joe.. safe travels to you and enjoy that musical! Sipping on my second cuppa and thinking about b'fast shortly. Tummy is feeling much better now. Still debating whether it was a prolonged stomach virus or if it was the PPI's my GI had started me on, since this all began shortly after starting those. And once I quit taking them, it seemed to clear up. I really really need to take them to get the 2 ulcers healed up and he wants to do another EGD May 1st, but now I'm afraid of starting back on them.... I sure don't want to have to through this yet again ! Not quite sure what to do. Guess I'll give him a call tomorrow and see what he thinks. Another lovely day out, hopefully not quite as breezy as yesterday which makes it seem cooler than it really is. But I can see the tree boughs stirring out there already... *sigh* Hope everyone has a restful, peaceful Sunday filled with love and laughter... and plenty of SUNSHINE !!!
  12. jnette

    Sunday morning thread, March 10, 2013

    Another lovely day today, although a bit more windy than yesterday. So doesn't feel quite as warm, either, but not complaining. It's sunny and the birds are singing, so certainly can't complain. It reached 60 yesterday, don't think it will get any warmer than that today, but it sure is a welcome change! Sabby.. you could share that pork loin recipe with US too, yanno! Enjoy your day.. I know it's a good 10 degrees warmer down where you are. Once we drop off this mountain ridge we can feel the difference immediately. Went out and dat in the backyard swing awhile and strolled around the field throwing balls for Minnie. Talked to all the spring flowers bursting through the ground to encourage them to keep coming. Gavin is just getting over a cold so dd thought it best not to get him overexerted in this wind today, so no bicycle in the park. Boohoo. Guess I'l kick back and watch the golf tournament. Always so relaxing and calming. Need to hit the total gym too... don't want to gain a lot of weight now that I've quit smoking. Steph... I lovvvvvvve Tollhouse choco chip cookies!!! Any left? Joe.. hope your Wisconsin trip goes well for you. Have a good time. Always nice to get away for a few days. AKY.. will remember this tragic situation in my prayers. Very sad. So sorry. Franemtnurse.. glad the kiddos had a good time. It doesn't take much, does it? Liddle.. have yourself a good day. Hope you get to see some sunshine and that it melts away some of your snow! Any news from ds? OK...better hit my workout before I get too sorry here. Have a wonderful Sunday ! Hugs to all.
  13. jnette

    I Can't Hide but Why Do I Have to Know so Much?

    Breaks my heart to read this. I know this disease only too well. It is the cruelest of thieves. I am so sorry to read of this, AKY. My heart goes out to you and yours.
  14. jnette

    Painter of Light

    Beautifully written.. infused with pride and love. And rightfully so! What a heartwarming read this was. And what a marvelous, moving experience for you !
  15. jnette

    Sunday, 12/09/12

    Good Morning NF, Sabby, AKY, Commuter! Glad you enjoyed the party, NF. It's been a loooong time since I've attended one of those...I remember them fondly. Seems like folks here don't do much of that. I miss it. Sabby, I do wish we'd see some snow here of Christmas at least. The week before and week after would be perfect. AKY... feel better! All that feasting wreaks havoc, doesn't it? Commuter.. get home and enjoy your sleep. Well, got all my gifts wrapped yesterday, today I shall work on the cards. Going to be another warm, sunny day so I might have to get out and make a few spins around the field with the Minnie Dog. Hope everyone has a lovely day !