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  1. Ms Petite 93

    Am I Mean?

    Ok I hear you thank you for replying. I do admit I go into passive aggressive modes. I love him for him not for the money. I just want to make sure we have a secure future with him getting his education as well as with his finances. I do value him believe me I do.
  2. Ms Petite 93

    New nursing student with marital issues...need help!!

    Listen to me. You can definitely do this. Yes you will go through hurdles but that's life. Just overcome those hurdles, work hard, and you will reap the awards for you and your children in the end. I'm sorry your marriage did not pan out the way you wanted. Now it's time to create a new life with you and your kids. How about coparenting? Can he take the kids sometimes ? Any family that can help? Maybe a best friend ?? It's possible ...it's hard ....but there's options and it's possible. Blessings ❤️
  3. Ms Petite 93

    Am I Mean?

    Thank you to everyone that's replied. It's a sensitive topic for me just wanted some clearance in the head there. Again thank you.
  4. Ms Petite 93

    Am I Mean?

    That was directed towards you.
  5. Ms Petite 93

    Am I Mean?

    Actually I'm not judging him. I've been with him through a year and a half and he has always accredited me by being there for him through thick and thin. But then it's when the rubber makes a hard stop. I have even recently bought him a GED program and even drove him to get a book. Second he's the one not wanting to let go...not me. And I don't think I'm ready to either ....
  6. Ms Petite 93

    Am I Mean?

    Yes. It's hard because every time I do try to let go....it doesn't last for long...he's begging me back promising me that he is trying to do better it just takes time. He tells me I'm the only one for him.
  7. Ms Petite 93

    Am I Mean?

    So, I know generally we don't use this forum for relationship advice...but since this is a forum with nurses ...I know you guys would understand more of where I'm coming from. I've been in a relationship for 1year and a half. I really love this man, I do. However, it's kind of feeling like I'm slowing down for him to catch up. I met him while I was a tech...he currently and is still working as a food server in the hospital. I was attracted to his humor, how nice he was , how he made me feel. I fell in love. Well fast forward I have my nursing degree and I'm making a lot more than I used to as a tech. Also he's restricted on paying for a date half the time so I put my money in to pay for our dinners or when we go out...I'm like well half and half. Another thing is he's struggling to obtain his GED. Dropped out of school because he had a hard knock life ...in his early 30's as well. He has passed everything except the math portion to which he has tried 3 times (and is really close like 2 points away) to passing. We sometimes get into arguments when I tell him my parents may be hesitant on their little girl dating someone that's not at the same pay level to not carry the weight. Or get into arguments about him feeling like I'm "better" than him and if he made more it wouldn't be like this (sigh no I don't) He's not lazy at all he has his own house and car but it's still a slow process with him. I love him and even stay by his side to make sure he obtains his GED to open doors because I know if I stick with him there will be a better outcome for the both of us to move in together and start our own family. It's just hard. He always tells me he's seen doctors dating housekeeping women and they are fine. I told him love doesn't pay the bills...I need a man who can financially secure me and have an education to fall back on. Idk am I being a witch? Am I being completely ridiculous ?? Mean ?? I've even told him without his GED we can not move in together either....idk looking for some advice to guide .....thanks

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