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  1. canoehead

    Ruby Vee

    If I'm frustrated with my job, I go back and read Ruby threads. That in your face common sense makes me feel better. It's usually what I wanted to say in every situation.
  2. canoehead

    Cinderella - Nursing Labor and Delivery

    It's not a true story? Whats the point then?
  3. canoehead

    Child Euthanasia?

    Having the option gives another choice, and I'm all for that.
  4. canoehead

    Fostering animals

    That's a good idea, I hadn't thought about clawing training for the kittens. My kittens leave at between 6 and 8 weeks, and don't get into much trouble at that age, but if momma cat uses a cat tree I bet they'd be open to it in their new home. I have a litter of three at the moment, they were born Nov 24, and just starting to get around. One of the three is about half the weight of the other two, so that's concerning. I've started finger feeding her wet food, and she's gained a bit. Once before I had a runt, and the SPCA took her to a kitty ICU where she died within a day, so this one is staying with her family. I sincerely believe that removing a young kitten from mom and home is such a blow that it could very well cause death. Anyway, my runt gets gushy food and snuggles twice a day, plus her regular momma love.
  5. canoehead

    Kitty naked butt needs ideas

    I adopted a cat from the SPCA that was hairless from the waist down and had a hairpicking problem. She'd dig and dig at herself, and with multiple vet visits we ruled out any physical issues. Gradually over the last two years she's stopped and has a gorgeous glossy mane. I think that stress was the problem- she came from a hoarding situation, and weighed less than half her current weight when I got her, so she really had to fight to survive. Over time she's become more of a cuddley cat, and it may have taken her that long to feel secure in her new home. I adopted another stray cat years ago that was perfectly pleasant, but he never purred. I thought he just didn't have a purring mechanism like other cats, or it wasn't his thing, whatever. After about two years at my house I heard a rumble, and it was him. There was no physical problem, it just took him that long to be comfortable and happy. So that's my marker- it can take as long as two years... and the first cat is still showing improvements. You might not be doing anything wrong, your cat may just need more time and security...it'll get better.
  6. canoehead

    Presenting Sullivan

    The cattitude is strong in this one. He'll have you trained to put the toilet cover down within the week, or you'll get some cold wet buttcheeks. My cats love butter, but it gives them the runs, so they only get what they can sneak. I love his gorgeous tail.
  7. canoehead

    Fostering animals

    I've started fostering cats and kittens, it's been almost a year now. In every litter I've loved at least one cat enough to keep them, but resisted. I actually brought a litter back and waited a month and came back to adopt one of the kittens. Anyone else out there doing fostering? I have a Momma at home right now that's ready to pop. She just sucks up any loving she can get, and this litter will be very human oriented. I want every one of them to find a family that loves them like children! Anyone else foster? When do you start handling the babies? I've been waiting until they are 2 weeks and starting to wobble around on their own feet. Let's compare notes.
  8. I also feel your pain, and have gone to a hotel at times just to get a decent sleep. I would give up on them working around your schedule, that's clearly not going to happen. If you go out and talk to the construction manager as nicely as possible and ask about THEIR schedule so your wife can make plans to go to a hotel...that may get results. It shows that you are trying to work around them, and they are seriously disrupting your life. You need to make hotel reservations, for goodness sake! Have a copnversation with him- I bet they are getting complaints every day, and ignoring them because there are so many.
  9. RNdynamic; I think I mostly agree with what you are saying, though I wouldn't put anyone in a euthanasia program that hadn't discussed it and wanted it when they were in their right mind. That's a decision that needs to stay with the person affected. I'm right with you on stopping treatment when there is no expectation of coherent thought in the future. I don't think that being annoyed or frustrated with a particular type of patient means you need to quit nursing, or even stop nursing that type of patient. You might need a fresh perspective, and that sometimes comes when you post your concerns on a discussion board... Unfortunately there is always a gray area. Most of us would probably agree that a contracted nonverbal elder shouldn't be treated, but the happy interactive person in their own world is another story. I have a real problem when either side gives a yes/no answer when it's not a yes/no question. It shows they haven't really thought about the topic, and tried to understand both sides.
  10. canoehead

    Canine Seizures: One Family's Story

    Poor little Baby, but what a great recovery. I'm liking the happy ending!
  11. canoehead

    Texas Woman Shoots Husband To Protect Cat

    If my hubby, or friend, or relative tried to hurt one of my cats, you can bet they would have to go through me. I don't own a gun, but a baseball bat or frying pan would probably do. Right now, there is no human in my life that I wouldn't drop like a stone if they were cruel to my cats.
  12. canoehead

    Cell Phones

    I was watching an old movie a few weeks ago, and got the bends when the hero had to get off the train, exposing himself to bad guys, and use the phone.
  13. canoehead

    Help this grandma with daughter/grandson issues

    Seriously, kids today... Kids need to take their medicine when their parents tell them to. It's not a negotiation. If they give you a hard time they lose dessert, or TV, or toys. No discussion, it's just gone, and they can get it back if they take their meds.
  14. Good for her. I don't think the victim should have any role in trying to protect criminals. Anyway, she knew the consequences and made her choice. Nice going.
  15. canoehead

    Help this grandma with daughter/grandson issues

    Just an idea- I'm sure he goes to bed earlier than you both do. How about having the last one to go to bed gets to walk him to the bathroom to pee. He'll get used to getting UP to pee, and he might wake up dry every once in a while. An alarm sounds scary and shocking for a child to wake to in the middle of the night.