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  1. pmabraham

    President Trump

    Since the majority of Americans, including myself, believe the ACA to be a disaster -- -- ACA Recap: * "You can keep your health care insurance if you like your current insurance" * "You can keep your doctor if you like your doctor." * "Families will save an average of $2,500 per year." * "It is not a tax" -- it is my hope that the ACA will be replaced with something that does not involve insurance companies for a primary means to expand/ensure access to health care.
  2. pmabraham

    The failure of Obamacare

    The lies of Obamacare -- the unaffordable healthcare act: You can keep your existing healthcare plan if you like it. You can keep your existing doctor if you like your doctor. You can keep your existing pharmacist if you like your pharmacist. Families will save an average of $2,500 per year on their insurance costs. The mandate is not a tax. President Obama and the Democrats, remember Obamacare is 100% partisan, told the American public how evil the insurance companies are, how greedy the CEO's of Insurance companies are and then crafted a bill (with idiot Nancy Pelosi stating it had to be passed in order to know what's in it -- like read the bill in order to know what's in it wasn't an option. Given that they forced the timeline, what would one expect) which made insurance companies part of the winning monopoly as well as jacking up what had to be in the insurance -- who cares if you needed the coverage whatsoever -- to increase the cost so those could afford the higher prices could subsidize those who could not. Now, classic Mafia style democrats (look at the history of the democrats on fighting against freeing slaves, fighting against women voting, etc) they claim they are for the poor, but if they wanted to do real wealth distribution, they would have done it with real money vs. what accounted to monopoly money with the subsidies. My wife and I have Obamacare, and our plans are cancelled once more. What we did have, was expensive; and the deductible so high we did our best to avoid using it. Obamacare has been and continues to be a disaster. Health insurance is not the way and means to increase access to healthcare where in a free country, every single provider has the very right to state - take this insurance and shove it! We don't accept the insurance! We need a means whereby the health care providers will accept the form of payment; and that's a cash-based system that puts the patient directly in the relationship with the provider vs. the insurance company being the direct party having the relationship with the provider. Insurance should only be there for catastrophic events, not day to day or month to month healthcare access needs. The money put into the Obamacare disaster during the year before inception and two years afterwards could have put between $1,000,000 and $3,000,000 in every LEGAL American Citizen's -- including children -- HSA. And then if you wanted real wealth redistribution, have the rich pay a tax that goes into the HSA's of those in need or otherwise covers the catastrophic insurance of those most prone to need or use it. Then you don't have to worry about pre-existing conditions, age (young or old), rationing, etc. After that or during, then work on how to reduce the overall cost of healthcare including making sure Epipens that were sold for $57 a few years ago aren't being sold for $600 to $900 because of lack of competition et al.
  3. pmabraham

    Election November 8th 2016

    Dear Democrats, Read This If You Do Not Understand Why Trump Won – Medium is an article written by a Bernie Sanders supporter and democrat; an interesting read in light of the election results.
  4. pmabraham

    Is Donald Trump an ethical man?

    Dear Democrats, Read This If You Do Not Understand Why Trump Won – Medium is an article written by a Bernie Sanders supporter and democrat; an interesting read in light of the election results.
  5. pmabraham

    What Science Tells Us About Trump Supporters

    While I'm not a Trump fan, we basically have two choices: A career political criminal who is an habitual liar, who wants to raise taxes on the middle class (on video tape), have taxpayers fund abortion up until just before birth, doesn't believe citizens have the right to own and bear arms, was unavailable when there were cries for help for 13 hours (let alone being available at 3 AM in the morning) during the Benghazi attack (she was busy making up the lie about the youtube video), etc. etc. etc. vs. Trump, a narcissist.
  6. pmabraham

    Uncomfortable truths about human nature, and society.

    I guess you've been reading John Locke.
  7. pmabraham

    Hillary Clinton regarding nursing

    Then you have http://www.morningnewsusa.com/hillary-clinton-quotes-nurses-maid-2398878.html
  8. pmabraham

    Hillary Clinton regarding nursing

    Hillary Clinton hasn't done that. She wants to build on Obama's failures.
  9. Well, that's a requirement to be in the United States of America legally. Go into other countries uninvited and through illegal means, and see how well you fair with treatment. Then come back and educate us.
  10. pmabraham

    Hillary Clinton regarding nursing

    Exactly on one of ObamaCare's biggest mistakes with using insurance as a vehicle for access; it fails miserably in this area as providers in a free country do not have to accept any given insurance. Providers have the right to determine what payment methods they accept. Sad part is that Obama declared Insurance companies and their CEO's evil and greedy; then Obama and the democrats use the same so called evil companies, evil ceo's as the means to do what? Increase access? NO! Drive up costs, yes! And Hillary Clinton, who has stated she will raise taxes on the middle class, will drive on Obamacare to allow it to be used to cover illegal immigrants thereby increasing the costs even more.
  11. pmabraham

    Hillary Clinton regarding nursing

    1. I heard Hillary Clinton very well on her statement on raising taxes on the middle class. 2. Snopes has been busted as being a liberal hack; it is not an unbiased fact checking site.
  12. In so far as I know Donald Trump's position is that illegal immigrants (let's cut the chase and stopping using PC words such as undocumented whatever; they are here criminally) are removed from our country. For those that think that's unfair, go see how other countries handle those who are in the country illegally.
  13. pmabraham

    Gary Johnson

    Dear STNeoster. Yes, I ask for all murdering off innocent unborn babies to be stopped. I support adoption, and pregnancy centers which help woman who have babies (human beings) to either give them up, or help keep them. As someone who grew up extremely poor; sometimes our family only had food thanks to the government cheese program (I'm 53 years young as I write this), I do support financially assisting those in need who are not being fraudulent about it. I do not support the unaffordable care act; aside from absolutely not guaranteeing access to health care (as providers in a free country do not have to accept any insurance -- this was complete and utter stupidity on the democrats who rammed ACA down the American public throats -- hello, it can be rejected by providers in a free country!!!), let alone being unaffordable. My wife and I have ACA because it's all we can afford, but we dare not use it because the deductibles are so high. Now, I don't have a religion, and I'm thankful medical and nursing science proves life starts at conception. So my point of view is that we, especially anyone in the medical field, need to save lives rather than fighting to support murder especially the most violent type against those who have no voice to speak for themselves.
  14. pmabraham

    Mandate; what's the alternative?

    I only believe we should have health insurance for catastrophic events. The relationship between providers and patients should not (I repeat should not) have any insurance company in the middle. If you look at how much money was spent on pushing ACA down our throat, implementing it, the exchanges, etc. that money could have put anywhere from $1 million to $3 million per U.S. citizen' in a health savings account. Providers take cash; there's your access. If insurance IS ONLY catastrophic, and those who want wealth redistribution (which is what ACA hopes to do), then do so via HSA where real cash is involved, the evil insurance companies (Obamacare didn't turn greedy insurance companies into the good guys after being passed) are only involved after HSA is exhausted in a catastrophic event.
  15. Well, if in a free country, they can demand we have health insurance, they can demand voter id's.