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  1. Hi everyone. My boyfriend was recently diagnosed with *mild* schizophrenia about two months ago and put on medication. We've been dating for two years now. I'm not sure exactly what it is, but he said it is a mood leveler and he takes it every morning. My question is, have any of you ever dated someone with a *mild* form of this illness? What were your experiences like? How did you cope and deal with having a partner who suffers from this? His symptoms: irrational worries (e.g. thinking I will do something that I say I won't do), strong dislike of a school setting (he's dropped out of college twice), some paranoia (e.g. if I stop texting for an hour or so he gets worried about what happened), strong jealousy (he doesn't like for me to talk to other guys), and dissatisfaction with life (although this may be due to the fact that he works a restaurant job and not his dream job because he doesn't have a degree yet). Before I dated him, he used to hurt himself like taking extremely hot showers and clipping his nails down to the quick. He also smoked. After we had been dating a few months, he stopped doing those things. He is aware that he has this illness and wants more than anything to make it go away and live a normal life. How can I help him? How can I take some of the stress off myself from the jealousy and paranoia?

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