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    NFL Players Kneeling During the National Anthem

    I hold above all else 2 belief's that i won't compromise... 1: I have and will again stand alone for the right reasons ,then stand with for the wrong reasons 2: IF YOUR STANDING ON IT , STAND UP FOR IT , IF YOU WON'T STAND UP FOR IT , GET OFF OF IT !!!, As ol Hank Williams jr. said....if ya ain't in to that then we don't give a damn....

    If you cant see it, it's not real.... or is it ?

    Hi , i took your suggestions to heart last post and started diggen in on that angle , i can't even get a ambulance chaser to pay attention !!!. look how long the edited version is and i left a crap load out as to what has taken place on this deal , if i told you what happen with the very first lady dermatologist i took my problem to, after you got up off the floor, regained your composer from laughen your butt off, you would either think i am a fricken total lair,lunatic or should have been a writer!!!. i,v even been given a false diagnoses by her boss, patronized and sent on my way and get this he is the head of Derm. dept. i,m currently eye balling this guy in the cross hairs of a law suit and every doc. i have sot out has it's own twisted turn of events that took place . and now i,v really lost my great sense of humor after getting home from the E.R for some crazy rash my wife pointed out today and it's from acute stresses to the nerve department so , now ya know why i,m seeking out a " MED.ADVOCATE" In closing i want to tell you... I'l take 2 cents all day long, i have a collection of coins , all penny's i,v picked up that everyone just ignores... in almost 33 years i have collected $485.62 to date

    Brother, and his Girlfriend, Are Driving Me Nuts!

    Fact#1 >>>A fool and his money are soon parted... Fact #2 >>> There is no greater blindness than he that refuses to see.... Fact #3>> Ya don't pull the mask off the ol lone ranger and... Fact#4 >>> make no foot prints where " MATTERS OF THE HEART " dwell... Cast a hint over to him, whether he bites or he don't. at least you can sit a bite easier in the spectators seat and watch his demise knowing you tried to keep him from being his own casualty....

    If you cant see it, it's not real.... or is it ?

    first ... thank you to all those for indulging me.. i,m a 60 yr old webfoot Oregonian, can't go in to exactly what the med. problem is because i,m not wanting to be miss understood thinking i,m asking for med. advice, i put the problem in my title , ... the title says a lot but let me add one more word .."excretion" created by some gland(s) "can only be viewed under "special optic's" i researched symptoms on web.md, and found it after hrs & hrs of clicking, then before i could hit save , my puter for no apparent reason just lets out the magic smoke and my hard drive was totaled and no way to find my way back where i found it,... i have a very high level of ingenuity , i,m conniving, i can normally find a way in if as much as a crack exist's , i,l find it but i,v evidently finally met my match. the reason i,m having such a hard time trying to get any doctor to indulge me on my med. problem is simply this ... dec/29/2009 i died , completely dead, no heart beat, pulse , blood or oxygen flow they worked on me for approx 6 1/2 min. i had 3 very large blood clots that i,d been un knowingly fighting for about 3 months , finally one settled in the wrong place and respiratory arrest i went/right side of my heart was blown up like a balloon as well, anyway , just as they called it a nurse thought she heard a beep on the vital's monitor , she waited and sure enough back on line and here i am, i ended up with some p.t.s.d (anoxic encephaloparhy) and it screwed up some things to include my speech, i can't talk proficiently anymore, words won't come out and they look at ya like wow , this guy is really screwed up , you can read it on their faces, anyway ever since , anything that goes wrong they just blame it on(anoxic encephaloparhy)...every referral i get , my med. file beats me there with my doctors recommendations that totally dismiss my problem and they have already made up their minds that everything is " normal" by the time i get there, not one of them has as much as actually examined my claims i also know what the brain can do and in the process of trying to prove to myself the doc's were right ,(text book) i ended up proving them wrong with (common sense)science , the problem didn't even start till aprox . 5 years post dead , i even went to a shrink and got a clean bill of mental health because i heard " psychotic episode " mentioned. all i,m asking is for just one (1) doctor to indulge me for 10 min.s and i can prove the problem exists , they get paid for it, it isn't intrusive , harmful, it just requires a give a damn attitude that i could be right, that's it , that's all i,m trying to accomplish and after 3 yrs i,v become so over the top with attitude i can't talk anymore, so i was thinking maybe there is such thing as a >>>MEDICAL ADVOCATE Bad Luck
  5. Hi people ... i,m not even sure i,m posting this in the proper place....i,m at my wit's end on a med. condition that has totally gotten out of hand , it's way to long of a story (going on 3 yrs post) no diagnoses and seems i can't obtain one so , i have a question ...i'm looking for what i,M going to call (MEDICAL ADVOCATE ) A PERSON THAT CAN COMMUNICATE WITH THE MED. COMMUNITY FOR AND ON THE PATIENTS BEHALF ???... is there any such entity in the med. community under a different title ??, i would be glad to host any question(s) that will help in this matter and grateful for any direction or info. received. i can be contacted here on allnurses.com or greygohst110@hotmail.com or at the following number 5zero34eight2zero6sixtysix), night or day or any time in between... thank you !!!! Kerry Cunningham (BAD LUCK)

    My son, from oxy abuse to heroin

    HAY MOM, .. kuto's to you !!!. see, i really didn't think you were "done" with it, becouse a general consenses is...parents internal instincts wont let you, but you do need to take a breather, then its back at em becouse you abviously give a damn and all the kings horses and men can't do a thing about his adiction with out 3 main thing's ,..."your support", "prof. rehab" & "ya can't help anyone that don't want to help them selves", your for mentioned comment about a conversation with him sounds hopefull. as someone that grew up in the streets from 12yrs old becouse mine didnt give a damn, take it from me , your son has something he needs to really take a hard look at and realize its priceless.. he has "MOM" ALL THE BEST TO YOU & HIM GOD SPEED .

    My son, from oxy abuse to heroin

    HI , i felt compelled to comment here , on thanksgiving 2012, the average family is preparing for festivaties and such , seeing people , eating and goodtimes to be had. My phone rang and i answered it, what followed , i would wish on no one, it was a very somber voice telling me that my "21" yr old nephew was just pronounced dead, he had been firing "H" for some time , finaly got him in to treatment and went, done the right things , fooled the right people and got out , claimed he was free of the "H", then only to go back to it, becouse of haroin, he was rushed to e.r for heart complications & (toxic blood), he had just had a valve fixed in his heart 1 month post surg.he claimed he hasn't been using !!!, .... the "autopsy" tox screen showed massive amounts of heroin,had to have shot up with in a couple hrs, hadnt took his meds for his heart, anyway ... his heart stopped. needless to say ...Making arrangments to have his body picked up etc...is not what anyone wants to do anytime alone on thanksgiving. It will allways hount my thanksgivings !!. THE FOLLOWING IS A PERSONAL MESSAGE TO YOU "MOM" As his mother , you say your done ???, well mom, guess so, untill your phone rings telling you to make the arrangments to burie him, if it were my place , there are things that you could do to push things the right direction, even if i had to lie/get him commited/set him up for a bust to save his life i,d do it, that i could live with, but just say , owell, i,m done ??? judges can make great things happen as well as other things!!!. what ??, worring about what anyone else would think of ya ???, his wife /grand child ???, their already gone , they just havnt left yet, you have nothing to lose,except the painful task of making funeral arrangments !!!. you all ready lost him ,what the hell ?? I can only hope some one , some thing , some where, some way , will be able to intervin to sway your son's mind set to get proff. help & get off the "H" before you get a call like mine. gd lk to you and yours !!!!

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