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  1. ruralnurse84

    Help me resolve my feelings about a very small engagement ring.

    If you truly think he put no thought into your ring, there seems like there is something deeper going on in the relationship. How did he propose, was it special or was it oh hey we should get married here's a ring for you. Rings are expensive, even small ones. We got mine from my aunt, it was my grandmother's wedding ring and her mother's before that (I'm the oldest girl in the family and my aunt has no children); my husband still paid to have it put into a new setting and that was over $1000 and that was really really pricey for us. Did most of my friends have huge diamonds? Yes, but it was the sentimental factor and the fact that I was marrying the man I love that meant the most to me. When he proposed he didn't even have a ring, he gave me a ribbon ring my sister made for him, and he wanted to make me a lego ring, which I thought was cute. Don't worry about your ring and be happy to be marrying the man you love, if you are truly happy with each other.
  2. ruralnurse84

    Wife moving across country for nursing school

    So as a person who is separated from her husband during the school year, I can somewhat understand the situation. However, we do not have children and if I had the choice of going to a school closer to where he found a job I would do that in a heartbeat. Where you go to school really does not matter unless she plans on doing even more schooling. I have to say, I can't understand how a mother could leave her children for that amount of time. There is no guarantee she will be able to fly home when you think she will. Good luck with the choice you guys made.
  3. ruralnurse84


    Here are my two baby girls...Brenley is the black and yellow one; she is a Rottweiler/lab mix as far as we know and the sweetest although laziest dog; she loves to lick everyone and is just a big love. The all black one is Pepper, an australian shepard, lab and golden retriever mix. Needless to say she's a big ball of energy but super smart, so smart that she has figured out how to jump over the fence so now is tied up in our fully fenced yard when we're gone. Love my babies especially after a long, hard day. They are great cuddlers. [ATTACH=CONFIG]12858[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]12859[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]12860[/ATTACH]