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  1. TheCommuter

    Wednesday, August 31, 2011

    Good morning! :) We're awfully chatty today! It's only 8 o'clock central standard time (U.S.) and this thread has already accrued 13 responses. I got off work approximately one hour ago and took my shower about ten minutes ago. I plan to sleep during the late morning, awaken later on, get a full-body workout, and enjoy my night off. Nothing much is going on for me today. Have a wonderful Wednesday!
  2. TheCommuter

    Tuesday, 30/8/2011

    Good morning! :) My thoughts are still with the people who had to deal with Hurricane Irene. My shift has just ended, and I am getting ready to leave my place of employment within the next few minutes. I have had a mild migraine headache throughout most of the night, so the first thing I plan to do upon arriving home is to take some pain medication. I also plan to take a shower and get some sleep. Since my name is listed on the hospital's schedule as the first person to be cancelled, I do not expect to be returning to work later this evening. Have a good Tuesday!
  3. TheCommuter

    8/28/11 I will survive !

    Good day, everyone! :) I hope that everyone who lives on the eastern seaboard remains safe and sound in the midst of Hurricane Irene. I woke up about two hours ago, had a brief telephone conversation with my parents in CA, then had a longer phone conversation with a local friend here in TX. I plan to exercise today and jump back into the healthy routine because I have been slacking off during the past two days. Have a glorious Sunday, everyone!
  4. TheCommuter

    Saturday, August 27, 2011

    Good morning to everyone! :) I am currently in the process of getting ready to go to my second job, a PRN/per diem/casual position at a local nursing home. Since I am a night shift worker, I was hesitant to accept the day shift slot that was open today. However, my shifts were all cancelled this week at my usual job due to extremely low census, so I decided to work today at the PRN job. I hope that all goes well with the residents, their families, and the staff at the nursing home today (read: no emergencies, no changes in condition, no mouthy visitors, etc.). Have a gorgeous Saturday!
  5. TheCommuter

    Good Morning 8/24/11

    Good morning, everyone! :) The good-morning thread is quite lively and chatty this morning, which is a good thing. It is only 7:52am central standard time in the neck of the woods where I live (Texas), and the thread has already accrued 13 responses. Well, my shift was cancelled last night due to low census, and I would not be surprised if I also get cancelled this evening. The supervisor who cancelled me yesterday described the census as being 'ridiculously low.' He did offer me an opportunity to work at a sister facility yesterday evening, but I declined since I was not in that agency mindset (jump into an unfamiliar building, look around for things, ask a bunch of questions, etc.). My neck and left shoulder are sore from yesterday's weightlifting. As I was doing my front shoulder raises with the barbell, I could hear a crunching sound at the end of the third set. Oh, well. It's time to use better form and give it a rest for a few days. Have a great Wednesday, everyone!
  6. TheCommuter

    Three words to describe yourself

    1. Introverted 2. Weird 3. Pensive
  7. 1. I would win a multimillion dollar lottery so that I would never need to punch a time clock for the remainder of my life. 2. Since I love to eat restaurant meals, I would be a food critic in a major American city (New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Philly, etc.).
  8. New GOP Strategy Involves Reelecting Obama, Making His Life Even More Miserable New GOP Strategy Involves Reelecting Obama, Making His Life Even More Miserable | The Onion - America's Finest News Source
  9. TheCommuter

    August 13, 2011

    Good morning! :) Aren't we lively and chatty this morning! It is 8:10am central standard time in the neck of the woods where I live, and the Good Morning thread has already accrued 10 responses. I am pleased to announce that it is raining here in TX. After more than a month of dry 100+ degree weather, the rain is finally soaking the earth. My shift ended about 1 hour ago, and I have the next two nights off. Have a great weekend!
  10. TheCommuter

    Your online persona vs. You in real life

    I'm more 'quiet' in real life. I'm certainly not shy, but I would say that I'm quiet. On these forums, I think of myself as a somewhat straightforward poster. I'm also more socially awkward in real life and have difficulty keeping a conversation going. Anonymity is one of the beauties of online discussions. In real life, people prejudge others by appearances and make lazy judgments based on one's looks, gender, weight, racial ethnic background, religion, clothing, jewelry, hair, etc. Online discussions greatly reduce the potential for these lazy judgments to be made because, unless there's a profile picture, you do not know what the participants of the discussion look like.
  11. No, not me! :coollook: (((((hiding in car))))) :crying2:
  12. UPDATE!!! :D In-N-Out Burger is opening a location in the city where I live (Fort Worth) on Thursday, August 11th. Yippee!
  13. TheCommuter

    Tort Reform and Hot Coffee

    I just found out that the elderly coffee-spill victim (Stella Liebeck) died back in 2004 at the age of 91. She had originally wanted to settle out of court for $20,000, which was the cost of her medical bills, but McDonald's Corporation refused to settle. Stella Awards -- The "Real" Stella
  14. TheCommuter

    Tort Reform and Hot Coffee

    Defensive medicine is outrageously expensive. Physicians are forced to basically order heaps of useless labs, diagnostic testing, and imaging to protect themselves from frivolous lawsuits. A small part of the reason for healthcare in America being so expensive is the practice of defensive medicine. If nationwide tort reform were implemented, physicians would not have to waste ridiculous amounts of time, money, and effort on defensive medicine.
  15. TheCommuter

    Are you happy being single?

    Although I would love to be 'occupied' by a spouse or boyfriend, I am not unhappy with my single status. Some people are so desperate for companionship that they'll endure an unhappy relationship for the sole purpose of telling the world, "I have a partner." However, I'd rather be single than deal with a man who wants to control my life, manage my money, and stalk my movements. I admit that I am sometimes envious of the happily-married ladies in my age range who got married young (late teens/early 20s), had all of their kids at a young age, live in the suburbs, drive minivans and SUVs to school where they unload the kids, transport children to and from recitals and sporting events, and have interesting husbands who earn good enough money to support the entire family on one income.

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