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  1. TheCommuter

    Help - A biofilm is growing in my drain after I colored my hair!

    Perhaps contact a plumber? Yes, I know that nobody wants to spend the money on a professional plumber unless absolutely necessary. However, eradication of biofilm from a sink drain is not really a task that most nurses are trained to carry out.
  2. TheCommuter

    Casper the Friendly Ghost

    I extend my deepest condolences, Esme. Dogs give us so much and expect so very little in return; hence, they truly are man's (and woman's) best friends.
  3. TheCommuter

    Hillary Clinton regarding nursing

    Thread has been moved to our Healthcare Politics forum.
  4. TheCommuter

    Hillary Clinton regarding nursing

    Political issues tend to generate heated opinions and arguments of a partisan nature and ideological bent. Nonetheless, it is all about the money. This rings true regardless of the political party, candidate, or standalone issue (e.g. the economy, health care, religion, foreign affairs, etc.). Money makes the world go 'round. It always has, and always will.
  5. TheCommuter

    Saturday July 23, 2016

    You're still middle-aged. At 56, you're "upper middle-aged." So, there! :)
  6. TheCommuter

    Saturday July 23, 2016

    Although I run/jog outdoors, I keep a gym membership for hot days and/or inclement weather. Sometimes it is safer, wiser and more comfortable to be in a temperature-controlled setting.
  7. TheCommuter

    Saturday July 23, 2016

    Good day, everyone... It's supposed to be 100 degrees here in TX. Actually, this is supposed to be the first 100-degree day of the season here in this metro area, so it has actually been a milder summer than usual. My left, non-dominant calf is sore from step aerobics that I did on Wednesday night due to delayed-onset muscle soreness. I'm going to try to push through the soreness and go for a run today. Have a great weekend and stay cool.
  8. TheCommuter

    More violence involving police

    The violence must stop on both ends. I hope deadly ambushes of police officers do not become a regular occurrence for everyone's sake. I also hope the slayings of black and brown people come to a screeching halt. Too many lives have had untimely, violent ends in recent years. This must stop.
  9. MODERATOR NOTE: We can disagree with each other without being bitter or disagreeable. Debate the topic, not each other. No personal insults, please. You are not going to change anyone's political views. Stay on topic before this thread disappears to the blue side...thanks in advance.
  10. TheCommuter

    Son wants to go to high school in my hometown

    Since this situation deals with parenting issues involving your son, his mother and you, this thread has has been moved to our Parenting / Family forum. Good luck with everything.
  11. TheCommuter

    I fear I need to rejoin Facebook

    And utilize Allnurses.com for your social media needs. Our virtual 'meeting place' is anonymous and filled with mostly like-minded people. (Wink, wink... :up: )
  12. TheCommuter

    I fear I need to rejoin Facebook

    Nah, don't rejoin Facebook. Much of the information on there is inaccurate, cooked up, or greatly embellished. I think peoples' lives were more enriching before social media entered the scene on a massive scale.
  13. TheCommuter

    ixchel's 9/26 What I learned this week.....

    I've learned that I struggle to handle three 12-hour shifts all in a row. I need them broken up, or else I'll spend my time at work with a headache from lack of rest. I've learned that advanced practice nursing (NP, CNM, CRNA, CNS) is not for me. I've learned to downplay the annoying aspects of people I dislike. This enables me to deal with them in a friendly manner. I've learned that a job is nothing more than a job. Nobody who lays on the deathbed ever begs to work another shift. Stop claiming that nursing is some majestic, transcendental calling when it is nothing more than a job.
  14. TheCommuter

    Friday September 11, 2015

    Good morning, Sabby. :) It is hard to believe 9/11/01 occurred 14 years ago today. Back then I was 20 years old and a factory worker at a paper products plant in southern California. It was almost 6:00am Pacific standard time (9:00am Eastern standard time) when I heard the devastating news. Of course, this is a very difficult time for the admin and moderation team due to hearing the tragic news of the deaths of Brian, his wife, and children, but his legacy will live on through the online community he created. May he and his family rest in peace.

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