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  1. AN Admin Team

    Seriously flawed thinking.

    PLEASE NOTE POSTS HAVE BEEN REMOVED Do not "call out" other members on the thread. First and FINAL warning.
  2. AN Admin Team

    Special Council Muller Report

    Please note that allnurses Break Room still does not allow Political Cartoons to be posted due to copyright issues. Thank you.
  3. AN Admin Team

    The Caravan

    MULTIPLE posts removed after numerous reports. Admins ask that everyone do not make the replies a one-on-one discussion. The thread keeps getting derailed. Many, many members are reporting because they are tiring of the back and forth. Please do not engage members like this. If you have to, please place members on ignore/block instead of engaging.
  4. AN Admin Team

    New York passes Full Term Abortion

    Thread closed for review after multiple reports.
  5. AN Admin Team

    Winning...the economy under Trump

    Posts have been removed after membership alerts. Please report any TOS violation(s) via the report icon in lower left of a post. Topic reopened.
  6. AN Admin Team

    Winning...the economy under Trump

    Topic temporarily closed for review.
  7. AN Admin Team

    The Caravan

    SEVERAL posts have been reported by the membership posting in this thread as well as reports by those not posting in this thread. Do not debate the individual person and stoop so low as to insult the membership's intelligence. Do not resort to name-calling (stupid, snob, dumb, idiot, etc.). This thread has been going on for 40 pages and doesn't deserve to be trashed with TOS violations.
  8. AN Admin Team

    The President Donald Trump Thread

    This thread is now reopened with a proviso ... Do not make the discussion personal. No attacks. Please moderate your own posts and keep it civil. We hope to keep thread viable, but if there are reports submitted where posters start making it personal ... posts will be removed, possible points assigned and, unfortunately, it will be closed again. Thank you and carry on.
  9. AN Admin Team

    The President Donald Trump Thread

    After numerous members reported TOS violations in this thread, it is now closed for Staff review.
  10. AN Admin Team

    Not nursing.. sort of a breakdown pls help?!

    Thread moved to Break Room. You will receive more replies of support.
  11. AN Admin Team

    Should raw milk be illegal to sell?

    Moved to Lounge.
  12. AN Admin Team

    13 Reasons Why; a deep view or glorifying suicide?

    Thread moved to Nurses/Students Lounge.
  13. AN Admin Team


    Thread moved to Political forum.
  14. AN Admin Team

    Most Unusual Side Job

    Moved to the Lounge. Entertaining discussion.
  15. AN Admin Team


    Posts removed. Please report, not engage. Closed for review.