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  1. AN Admin Team

    The President Donald Trump Thread

    This thread is now reopened with a proviso ... Do not make the discussion personal. No attacks. Please moderate your own posts and keep it civil. We hope to keep thread viable, but if there are reports submitted where posters start making it personal ... posts will be removed, possible points assigned and, unfortunately, it will be closed again. Thank you and carry on.
  2. AN Admin Team

    The President Donald Trump Thread

    After numerous members reported TOS violations in this thread, it is now closed for Staff review.
  3. AN Admin Team

    Not nursing.. sort of a breakdown pls help?!

    Thread moved to Break Room. You will receive more replies of support.
  4. AN Admin Team

    Should raw milk be illegal to sell?

    Moved to Lounge.
  5. AN Admin Team

    13 Reasons Why; a deep view or glorifying suicide?

    Thread moved to Nurses/Students Lounge.
  6. AN Admin Team


    Thread moved to Political forum.
  7. AN Admin Team

    Most Unusual Side Job

    Moved to the Lounge. Entertaining discussion.
  8. AN Admin Team


    Posts removed. Please report, not engage. Closed for review.
  9. AN Admin Team

    Devos. Welp, Public Education WAS a nice idea.

    Moved to Political forum.
  10. AN Admin Team

    President-elect Trump

    No member can reply to posts in this forum before they are reviewed and made public.
  11. AN Admin Team

    Tired of lies from Media

    Many posts removed. Thread closed after numerous reports.
  12. AN Admin Team

    Hillary Clinton regarding nursing

    Thread moved to US Politics forum.
  13. AN Admin Team

    First word that comes to mind.....

    lucky dog
  14. AN Admin Team

    Man Card

    Thread moved to Break Room.
  15. AN Admin Team

    Hey Girl

    Thread moved to Break Room.