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  1. purplegal

    2018 Nursing Goals

    With the new year coming up, people often come up with goals that they would like to achieve within the next year. This year, I did not meet one of the goals that I set out to meet. For over three months, I have tried to obtain a different nursing position. The only nursing position I have been able to obtain is a full time position at the nursing facility I have been working at for past 19 months. This is after three unsuccessful interviews and over 50 job applications. This has caused a lot of internal turmoil and distress after each disappointment. So, for this next year, my goal is to give myself the gift of peace. This means no more job applications. I will try and do my best to avoid even looking at new nursing positions for the next year. I will focus on mastering each skill that nurses at my facility provide instead. Additionally, I will try and focus on my own career and not that of others. If this means unfollowing some of my "successful" colleagues, so be it. I have a tendency to compare myself to others, so if I need to "block" certain information from coming my way, then I should do so. For me, my nursing goal in 2018 will not be about trying to change my position. My goal is to obtain peace with what I am already doing. What is your goal for 2018?
  2. purplegal

    Dating for nurses

    I met my boyfriend after my first nursing job failed and I had to return to a former place of employment. We had worked together for years but didn't start dating until I came back.
  3. purplegal

    Nursing Memories You'd Rather Forget

    So, this morning, Facebook had the "decency" to remind me of a post from two years ago in the "Memories" section. This was the post where, exactly two years ago today, I celebrated receiving a great honor; I had been selected to work as an RN on a Cardiovascular Surgical PCU. At a time when I'm trying to advance myself through my nursing career, being reminded of a job that didn't work out wasn't exactly what I needed. Of course, two years ago, I was full of excitement, not knowing that two years later I would no longer have the same job. This was one moment I would rather forget. Others include: the day I realized I would have to retake my second semester, the day my nursing instructor informed me I would probably never be a successful ICU nurse, and, worst of all, the day my first job, that Facebook so kindly reminded me of, ended. How about you? What moments would you rather forget?

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