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  1. coughdrop.2.go

    Racism in The United States

    Redskins finally lost their Trademark. I believe a couple of months ago someone wrote an article (too lazy to search) about why the Redskins is an offensive name. The person listed The San Francisco Chinamen and The New York Jews as examples of why it would be offensive. Gives it a better perspective. Federal agency cancels Redskins trademark registration, says name is disparaging - The Washington Post Edit: For the examples above, an American Indian Organization released a poster of baseball caps for the fictional teams http://cleveland.cbslocal.com/2013/10/08/racism-of-sports-logos-put-into-context-by-american-indian-group/
  2. coughdrop.2.go

    "Corporations are people, my friend"

    So if SCOUTS declares a corporation has the right to religious freedom and has the right to impose those beliefs on their employees I wonder if corporations will try to move to be taxed exempted for being a practicing religious organization.
  3. coughdrop.2.go

    Leader of Westboro Baptist Church Dead

    Not sure if anyone saw this, but the Westboro people protested outside of a Lorde concert. Fans knew they were coming and decided to counter-protest. The fans held up a sign saying, "Sorry for Your Loss". Beautiful. http://news.yahoo.com/westboro-counter-protest-lorde-143155151.html
  4. coughdrop.2.go

    16 Year old Drunk Driver kills 4, Given No Jail Time

    This case just makes me so angry. This young man stole beer from Walmart, have a BAC 3 times the legal limit (if he was of legal age to drink), Valium in his system, drove a huge truck (Seriously have you seen Ford F-350's!! Heavy Duty!), killed 4 people, paralyzed a passenger, injured others, and even fled the scene! He even told one of the passengers before he left, "I'm Ethan Couch, I'll get you out of this". And all we give him is 10 years probation with a $450,000 a year rehab in California. All because he's too rich to know better! I'm not a lawyer, I did stay in at a Holiday Inn last night, but isn't ignorance of the law not a valid defense in the court of law? And last time I checked "affluenza" is not recognized by the APA, unless they are publishing an DSM-V-TR with the diagnosis very, very soon. Also an interesting fact that the judge happened to give a young Black kid 10 years for punching a guy and the guy died after hitting his head on the concrete. So it's not like this judge is "light" on sentencing teens when it comes to murder. At least that kid said sorry to the family of the man he killed. This rich kid hasn't said a single word.
  5. coughdrop.2.go

    Help me resolve my feelings about a very small engagement ring.

    I understand. No I'm not engaged, but it's not just about being materialistic. It's the THOUGHT he put in to the ring. Some ladies are just happy having any ring and to other ladies how he picked it for you is the real meaning. Was it an heirloom and it's important to the family? Is it a vintage ring and you love, love vintage? Or was it the cheapest thing he could afford because "Hey. It's just a ring". Personally I would be a bit disappointed if I got a diamond ring instead of a sapphire. The ring is a reflection on your love and part of what makes it special is when he tailors it to your personality or taste. So it's okay girl *hugs* :) And if you guys haven't noticed she's beating herself up and feeling guilty for not loving the ring with all her heart. To me that goes beyond straight materialism.
  6. coughdrop.2.go

    What are dealbreakers for you?

    The OP pretty must lists most of my no-no's. I shared my "list" with my co-worker, who is married and about 10 years older than me. She called me "picky" :dead: -No clingy guys. I cancelled a date with a 25 year old guy because from his CONSTANT text messages I determined that I have no interest in dating a clingy 15 year old girl. I need space. I don't need is a guy telling me over and over "I miss you" and "I'm thinking about you" before I have a real date. -Can't be younger than me. You have to be born at least the day before me. I literally have a date and time limit. -Can't be shorter than me. I'm 5'3". Enough said. -No kids. I know this may seem really rude, however I just turned 24 and I can't even imagine having kids right now in my life. Dating a guy with kids is really intense and I'm not ready for that type of emotional investment. There's no such thing as "just dating the dad". You date the whole family. I love kids. Especially babies. I just don't want any right now. Power to all the single dads out there :cat: -Hates cats. I will question the validity of your soul. -Describes current career as "Get Money" or something extremely vague where it's obvious you're jobless and broke most of the time. Not to hate on those guys out there looking for a job (I was unemployed for 8 months), but I need you to be actively doing something with your life. I make a lot of money right now and I'm not looking to be with (another guy) where I spent all my money on him or he can't spend anything on me. I'm not materialistic, but if you can't manage to get me a balloon from the dollar tree I can't afford to give you gas money to see me. Note: If you're broke because you're in school/work and you make enough to get by that's understandable. If you're broke because you sit your behind at home all day and have a billion pairs of sneakers then NO. -Jealous. Ewwwww. Or guys that won't "allow" you to have other guy friends. I'm not a jealous girl and if I don't trust you I won't be with you. -Guys who lie to "make me happy". I'm not saying you have to be a jerk, but be honest. If I ask do I look fat in that dress I'm not going to flip out if you say yes. I'm also more than willing to let you know if the tux is too tight or outdated. If you want to go to the club with your friends go ahead! Just don't lie and say you're going to watch the game or whatever. -Super skinny guys. I'm a big girl (size 18 US) and I feel like I'm going to break a skinny guy. I like to cuddle and it's a lot more comfy when the guy is "fluffy" or is pumped up. -Has an iPhone. Just kidding! I'm not that insane. But if you're very, very anti-Android/Google we will have major problems. -Tries to sleep with me on the first date. If it makes me "stuck up" so be it. Bye! :wavey: -Smoker. I don't smoke and have never smoked anything. And kissing an ashtray isn't cute. I may make an exception for an occasional smoker and I don't tolerate guys who call me "stuck up" for not wanting to try weed or be around it. -Alcoholic/Drunk every week. I have alcoholics in my family and I don't need to date one. So yeah I'm a picky girl who's no fun. Probably why I'm still single.
  7. coughdrop.2.go

    Can I Replace My Laptop With a Tablet?

    The only true laptop to tablet replacement would be the Microsoft Surface Pro. iPads and other tablets are based off an app market to do things like word processing and browsing. The Surface Pro actually runs Windows programs on the tablet instead of relying on an app. So that means any program that runs on your laptop will run on the Pro. There's a newer version which is the Pro 2 for about $899. Yes it's pricey but it's a REAL laptop replacement. There's an attachable keyboard (which I heard is an improvement on the original one) that doubles as a cover. Because it still is a tablet you can get 9+ hours of battery life out of it and 512GB of storage. It also has a built in stand which I really like. And also comes pre-installed with Office 2013 plus has a usb port (3.0). The screen is HD 1080p and has a HD video out port for sharing/streaming. Overall if you are a PC person, willing to invest the cash, and prefer the convenience of a full pc in the form of a tablet then grab yourself a Pro! I don't think the Pro2 is released yet, but I expect it around the Holidays.
  8. coughdrop.2.go

    Holiday food traditions

    My family is from the South so the big thing is Gumbo at Thanksgiving. Everyone comes over for the gumbo. Poor little turkey gets turned in to a 2nd class citizen. My Aunt makes about 2 large stew pots (not really sure about the technically culinary term). I remember last year no one cut the turkey until my Uncle came down for a turkey sandwich before bed. Gumbo is pretty expensive and time consuming so my Aunt will usually make it once a year for Thanksgiving or sometimes she will cook a smaller pot once or two other times if she has the taste for it and/or others chip in the funds. For Christmas there isn't much cooking, but we always do a honey glazed ham and potato salad. For New Year's it's tradition to cook cabbage to bring in money for the New Year and black eyed peas for good luck. I don't eat cabbage or black eyed peas, but it wouldn't be New Year's without seeing that it on the stove.
  9. coughdrop.2.go

    makeup foundations?

    Face and Body Foundation by MAC is amazing. I live in an area where it can get to 120 degrees during the summer and I sweat like a sinner in church. It's an awesome foundation that can really hold it's own. It's for light to medium coverage, but I'm pretty sure you wouldn't want full coverage with hot flashes/sweating anyway. The Synchronised Swimmers from the US Olympic team wore it and if their make up was still a 10 when they got out the water it's totally worth a try. Note that the make up a pretty watery so I apply it with my fingers. It's really light and I forget that I have it on. I have sensitive skin and really dry skin so it's important I have something that's light and won't dry my face out. Face And Body Foundation 120 ML | M-A-C Cosmetics | Official Site
  10. coughdrop.2.go

    GLEE'S New Character Penny Owen-The School Nurse is a Sophomore in College

    I'm so mad I can't even right now. I'm so offended by this. Bad enough you have Doctor's performing nursing skills on Grey's Anatomy and House and "firing" nurses, but now you have a non-nurse doing nursing. Ugh! I just had a conversation with a student about what Nurse's actual do vs. Doctors and that as a School Nurse I have a million things to do and not just sit on my behind all day waiting to place a band-aid or ace bandage. I'm done.
  11. coughdrop.2.go

    Guess who's getting paid?

    I really wish the upcoming election in November had a nation-wide bill on there stating that Congress does not get paid or comp'd driving service, plane/jet rides, food, hotel room, toilet paper, etc. until we have a balanced budget. Let's see how fast they overcome their "differences". And NO BACK PAY/INTEREST. I would add to take away their security detail, but there's too many crazies out there. Then again, they may pass gun regulation if they don't have the secret service by their side 24/7.
  12. coughdrop.2.go

    'Obamacare' and your job

    Don't you guys realize how unconstitutional ObamaCare is? These people are too lazy to get jobs so why should my hand earned tax money get people FREE healthcare? While we're at it, I don't have kids so my tax money shouldn't go to schools and I have a car so those greedy Transportation agencies don't deserve a penny from my paycheck! Healthcare, textbooks, and low-cost bus rides are not guaranteed in the constitution therefore it I shouldn't have to pay for it!!!!!1!!!1!!!/endsarcasm I'm kind of offended that people believe their government shouldn't be responsible for the health of their citizens. The government works for us. Our government is supposed to be of the people, by the people, for the people. I'm not going to apologize to believing that insurance companies shouldn't have the right to deny people based on pre-existing conditions. That my insurance company should put a large majority of what I/my employer spend on my healthcare and not to line their pockets. I don't believe it should be a requirement for all Americans to have a health plan, but I believe the government should have options for those that don't. I have health problems and I know what it's like to not have health care. If I have to pay more out of my pocket so one of my student's mom could keep her health coverage for her MS after being denied multiple times before, it's worth it to me. If my tax money buys better text books for my students, then it's worth it. If my tax money is being put toward the health and well-being of the people in my country then it's worth it. I rather it go there then to the banks and corporations to get bailed out after they screwed over the American people for a profit. Don't tell me that healthcare isn't a right, it's a privilege. It's a privilege for politicians to sit in their seats and serve me. Somewhere along the line they have forgotten that and we the American people have let them get away with it. Yes the ACA isn't perfect, but name one major bill/law that was perfect the first time out and didn't need to ever be amended. Go ahead. I'll wait.
  13. coughdrop.2.go

    MTV profiles Nursing?

    Hahaha I'm 23 and I stopped watching MTV a long time ago. No Teen Mom or Jersey Shore for me. But I might watch this. Maybe.