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  1. empatheticRN

    I'm tired of being single.

    Thanks for the tips. I'm in the NJ area and will be doing travel nursing in Florida later this year.
  2. empatheticRN

    I'm tired of being single.

    To BrandonLPN I asked for tips but you've only ripped apart what I've suggested without even proposing options. I understand what you are saying and I was simply pointing out how slim of chance of meeting someone at work is if anyone thought of proposing it. Dating at the workplace is not ideal for most, but has worked for some. I work in a 6th floor building and if I find someone I'd definitely take a shot at it. But I've used my floor as an example of the gender makeup within the organization.
  3. empatheticRN

    I'm tired of being single.

    I work nights and when i'm off, i'm at home recovering from my previous shifts. I'm not seeing anyone or have even come across anyone. Nursing is a predominantly female field and there are very few male nurses. On the floor that i work, there is only one male nurse who is married and one male secretary who is 50 year old. I'm 30 y.o and I'm just so ready to date. I barely go anywhere because i'm always home sleeping or when I get up its in the middle of the night. I've tried dating sites , actually just one (OKCupid) and all anyone wanted was sex .Do you guys have any tips on meeting people?

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