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  1. cargal

    Celtic Music

    My fav radio station presents "The Thistle and Shamrock" on Sunday evenings. You can livestream audio. See
  2. cargal

    washington digs

    I am green too! Let us know how the kidlets love it! Looks like a great place to make memories. Great luck!
  3. CBS is broadcasting the Master's in two weeks at the Augusta National Golf Club. Now president Martha Burke is calling attention to this issue by stating that American women are fighting for our nation, but still not permitted membership in this club. Those interested in letting CBS know how you feel may click on the following link and then click on FEEDBACK:
  4. cargal

    Newest Granddaughter on board!

    My daughter's name is Genevieve. She is almost twenty, and I love her name! Hannah is a gorgeous name too, as is Serenity.
  5. cargal


    Ditto. The last nursing home I worked in cycled scabies every two months or so. The DON and ADON were in denial. Some staff had scars from scratching and some took them home to their children. The residents were treated with some topical creme, showered 12 hours later and treated again. I couldn't wait to get outta there!
  6. cargal

    Helloooooo Allnurses Siblings!!!!

    Okay Renee, Caught up on this thread! Great to see you back here. Things haven't been the same without you! Blessings,
  7. cargal

    holy cr@p, did you just hear Micheal Moore's speech?

    Susan Serandon is a class act.
  8. cargal

    Newest Granddaughter on board!

    Hi Cheerfuldoer! She is gorgeous! I haven't been around lately. How is your new life going? I'm off on my own adventure, moving out soon. Let me know what's going on in your life besides this wonderful creature!
  9. cargal

    Time to check in

    KarenG, I pm'd you. cindyln, I have been suffering from what I think is a sinus infxn too, my teeth even hurt, really bad. The pain is intermittent. Nurse Dennie- hope you're feeling alot better soon. Enjoy your spring in your beautiful state! Blossoms haven't arrived in Pa yet! Can't wait!
  10. cargal

    Time to check in

    KarenG and all, I am in the same circumstances. Two off to college and one at home, and I am renting an apartment from a nice couple who are giving me a five month lease until the new school year, when I hopefully will place my last child in a new school district. Got hired full time by a hospice and palliative care company and I am starting a new life. Spent the day going through junk shops looking for a kitchen table- and picking up all my pots and pans and such. As much as I am sad to leave the family home, I could not keep it up. Spent the last three years with emergency low well water and in Nov, the septic tank collapsed. I couldn't cut the grass either. That is all I would be doing, and after nursing all day-geez, that's all I can think about these days. Wish me luck allnurses sibs! Good luck to you too Karen!
  11. cargal


    deespoohbear wrote: In regards to that question, I was wondering about nursing homes that call and inquire about their residents who have been admitted? We have 2 nursing homes that are owned by our hospital and we get nurses calling all the time about their residents. Then we all get the home health care nurses calling about their patients. Personally, I will be glad to say: "Sorry, I can't release any information to you." Maybe they will stop calling so much.... Wouldn't these nurses be protected by a "need to know"? As a hospice nurse, I often need to call an RN to get report when a patient is discharged to the home, especially if there is very littly H&P from the hospitalization in my admission packet. Often these people have days or hours to live and it is imperative to get the information in a timely manner.
  12. cargal

    wonder if they'll protest this?

    Thank you hoolahan.
  13. cargal

    Iraqi people greet American soldiers

    From the New York Times, March 22, 2003:
  14. cargal

    My First Time (it's not what you think)

    quote: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Originally posted by DebsZoo Welcome aboard Pull up a chair, make sure you have a BIG cup of your preferred beverage, a plate of goodies and quick access to the bathroom........cause you won't get away easily -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Protect your keyboard from accidental eruption of liquids that you may be imbibing at the time. Hint: start with the WHO WILL BEAR MY CHILD THREAD: and the More Jokes.... thread:
  15. cargal

    Who will bear my child??

    hahahahaha............... long winter huh?