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    Did anyone take black coffee for reducing fat?

    What does this even mean?
  2. meanmaryjean

    Social media can affect your hireability

    I decided a long, long time ago that unless it was funny, thoughtful, inspirational, beautiful, or of general informational interest- I would not post it on my page. I remember my manager declining a candidate who aired all manner of dirty laundry about her employer online. Not the venue people. Not on your public social media pages anyhow.
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    Has any female nurse had a crush on a male nurse?

    Did the part about him being married figure into the 'don't want to date him' equation at all? Because crushes are for schoolgirls, not women..
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    Your Period and Its Spiritual Significance

    I feel compelled to share this: My oldest was approaching puberty and we had 'the talk'. I was working 3-11 and she called to say she had blood in her urine. Yikes! but upon further questioning, she had started her first period. Reminded her about the pads- all was well after I confirmed that she could, indeed, go roller skating while on her cycle. I come home and she is still awake. I go sit on her bed for a little mother-daughter time. I asked "Did you remember to put on a new pad before bed?" She sat straight up in bed, and with the indignation only an 11-year old can muster spat out, "What???? You mean this goes on AT NIGHT too??"
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    Your Period and Its Spiritual Significance

    I got VERY lucky and had the majority of them during the coldest winter in a long time.
  6. meanmaryjean

    Your Period and Its Spiritual Significance

    Just an FYI: Menopause ROCKS!
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    I see quite alot of tall nurses

    You spelled 'alot' wrong...
  8. meanmaryjean

    I see quite alot of tall nurses

  9. meanmaryjean

    I see quite alot of tall nurses

    The term you're looking for is 'fun sized'! :)
  10. meanmaryjean

    I see quite alot of tall nurses

    During my bedside days- I had a strict rule about precepting capstone students- over 5'6" or fuhgettaboutit. Because I worked at a children's hospital named for a famous two-time Super Bowl champ (think 6'5", laser rocket arm/ Papa John's pizza/ brother is also a Super Bowl champ). I think they let him decide where to hang all the shelving. The BOTTOM shelf in the patient rooms was over my head.
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    I see quite alot of tall nurses

    Good for you. And.....?
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    Survey for school

    It was VERY helpful- just not what you wanted to hear. There's a difference.
  13. meanmaryjean

    Survey for school

    Plus- you're not just asking a couple of questions. You're asking for detailed answers to eleven questions. And you want us to post our INCOME????? No thanks! You really should be interviewing someone in person for this. 330,000,000 people in the US- go talk to a couple!
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    Help! My Husband Snores Like A Category 5 Hurricane!

    My husband isn't in denial- he just NEVER cared that my sleep quality / quantity was also affected. He now sleeps in another bedroom on another floor of the house. Also: mine does not have sleep apnea- he just snores and always has (42 years of marriage)
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    Most Unusual Side Job

    My daughters and I had a baked goods stand at the farmers' market every summer. I still do catering.
  16. meanmaryjean

    May I ...?

    What Rose_Queen REALLY meant was to send your dues over here.....that move to Florida ain't gonna fund itself.
  17. Mike Rowe - hubba hubba! Although I had a soft spot in my heart for Gov. Krispie Kreme.
  18. meanmaryjean

    10/17 What I Learned This Week

    I learned that when one has four kids AND is a peds nurse- one can take a ( free) trip to Disney World alone and have a lovely, lovely time.
  19. meanmaryjean

    10/10 What I learned this week

    That I love the occasional rock star feeling I get when presenting at conferences.
  20. meanmaryjean

    ixchel's 9/26 What I learned this week.....

    I learned that when you're a night shift nurse for 38 years, and they make you sit through a morning's worth of mandatory education- that you should be careful about going to lunch afterwards. That's right, I went to lunch and bought a car. (2014 Corolla- 14,000 miles - RED!) Zombie Grandma's got a new whip!
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    ixchel's 9/26 What I learned this week.....

    I learned that there are people in the world who will struggle to complete a college degree. drive three hours to the graduation ceremony with their family and friends, and carry their cap and gown wadded up in a trash bag- and looking like it during class pictures. These people are all men.
  22. meanmaryjean

    9/19 What I learned this week.....

    Cats are evil. They are only hoping you die so they can eat you. That's what that look in their eyes means. :yes:
  23. meanmaryjean

    9/19 What I learned this week.....

    I learned that being a patient sitter on the night shift is the worst job ever. Sitting in a chair. Watching a guy sleep. In the dark. I learned that my boss is sooooooo much better than my previous boss that I no longer get that sinking feeling when I see her name in the 'From' field of the email. I learned that one of my students in my academic job cannot come to clinicals due to "stomach poo poo problems". Seems legit... I learned the medical term for sweaty underboob rash*, watched a presentation on it while eating dinner at a 4 star restaurant with my daughter (who is a WOCN) and about 20 other nurses. Just watching the servers watch us eat through this whole presentation was the high point of my week. One of them remarked on our way out "Those chicks on The View have no idea who they are messing with!" *supramammary intertrigonous dermatitis - you're welcome
  24. meanmaryjean

    I can't stop procrastinating and wanting Netflix?

    Maybe you just don't care about becoming a nurse?

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