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  1. I just caught my husband sexting another woman a couple hours ago. This is the second time this has happened (that I know about). The first time, we split up for a few days, but he begged me to come back and give him another chance, which I did. That was in November, and now in March here I am again, with him trying to hook up with some other woman, again. I'm in my prereqs for nursing school right now, I just took a job as a CNA at the best local hospital (imo), and we have a three-year-old daughter. We've had many arguments before about money (I work full-time, many times working overtime to make ends meet, and he job-hops whenever he gets angry at his coworkers/customers, finally settling at an auto parts store making $8 an hour...while again, I'm working full-time plus waiting tables and now taking a second job, just to make sure our daughter is well-provided for...) and about my nursing school. He thinks that I'm a bad mom because I am going to nursing school, spending a lot of my time on school and work, rather than spending all my time at home. I am doing what I am doing for my daughter, to provide for her and care for her, and so that I will have time to spend with her when she's growing up, because I'll be making good money, not having to wait tables and work evenings all the time and hope I make good tips so I can keep the lights on. I haven't wanted to stay with him and stay with all the arguing and misery, but I've been here. And now I've caught him again. I haven't even confronted him yet. That's for tomorrow. I don't want to stay up fighting with him, I don't want to sacrifice my sleep for him.