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  1. Keepstanding

    Your Hair ?

    Me......brown :)
  2. Keepstanding

    Your Hair ?

    blonde, brunette, red, black, gray or white ?? what are you ? just so darn curious ! :lol2: praiser :redbeathe
  3. Keepstanding

    Another earthquake... We are truly living in the LAST Days!

    The original poster is "spot on" with her depiction of the last days. It's a fact. Read the Holy Bible......last chapter in the book. Revelation. It's no joke. Well worth the read. Praiser
  4. Keepstanding

    Warning - a vent: Baby, Baby, Baby

    praying for you. have faith. praiser :heartbeat
  5. Keepstanding

    Today's my Birthday!!!!

    happiest of birthday's today to you ! :whck: from praiser :heartbeat
  6. Keepstanding

    cat may be dying

    hang in there. yes, our pets are like family. (they should be). praiser :heartbeat
  7. Keepstanding

    Can't stand my ex-husband.

    he's blowing smoke at you. if he did take you to court, you would end up smelling like a rose ! he's pushing your buttons here girl. hang in there. he must be a real a$$ ! good luck. praiser :heartbeat
  8. Keepstanding

    slang or wisdom?

    what ??? umm.....can't figure it out either :smokin: praiser :heartbeat
  9. Keepstanding

    !!What's with the SMOKING EMOTICON?!?

    :smokin::cry::heartbeat:yawn::D:coollook::bow::rolleyes::nurse::typing:zzzzz:blu::banghead::no::clown::eek::angryfire:icon_hug::thankya::wavey::kiss:flamesonb:yelclap::smilecoffe We love you ALL !
  10. Keepstanding

    And this was SUPPOSED to be my vacation!!

    not what you want to hear, but i would have stayed and done as they requested. you said that you could have died. :banghead: i sure hope you are back on your feet again and doing well.
  11. Keepstanding

    And this was SUPPOSED to be my vacation!!

    aw angel, so sorry to hear that you have had a rough time of it. hope you will be doing better soon. talk about a "sucky" vacation ! :crying2:
  12. Keepstanding


    Quite tacky if I don't say so myself !
  13. Keepstanding

    Make up a total lie about the poster above you!

    Sabby NC is the best cook this side of the Mississippi ! :p
  14. Keepstanding

    Sad News For Christian Contemporary

    For all you Steven Curtis Chapman fans, I just heard that his sweet little five year old daughter was killed yesterday. Apparently she was backed over by an SUV in their driveway. The injuries she sustained were fatal. :cry: Please keep this wonderful family in your thoughts and prayers. Thanks Allnurses ! Praiser
  15. Keepstanding

    Blessed Easter

    happy easter to every member and visitor of allnurses ! :redpinkhe

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