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  1. Keepstanding

    Your Hair ?

    Me......brown :)
  2. Keepstanding

    Your Hair ?

    blonde, brunette, red, black, gray or white ?? what are you ? just so darn curious ! :lol2: praiser :redbeathe
  3. Keepstanding

    Another earthquake... We are truly living in the LAST Days!

    The original poster is "spot on" with her depiction of the last days. It's a fact. Read the Holy Bible......last chapter in the book. Revelation. It's no joke. Well worth the read. Praiser
  4. Keepstanding

    Warning - a vent: Baby, Baby, Baby

    praying for you. have faith. praiser :heartbeat
  5. Keepstanding

    Today's my Birthday!!!!

    happiest of birthday's today to you ! :whck: from praiser :heartbeat
  6. Keepstanding

    cat may be dying

    hang in there. yes, our pets are like family. (they should be). praiser :heartbeat
  7. Keepstanding

    Can't stand my ex-husband.

    he's blowing smoke at you. if he did take you to court, you would end up smelling like a rose ! he's pushing your buttons here girl. hang in there. he must be a real a$$ ! good luck. praiser :heartbeat
  8. Keepstanding

    slang or wisdom?

    what ??? umm.....can't figure it out either :smokin: praiser :heartbeat
  9. Keepstanding

    ER's last show....??

    how many of you watched the last er ? did you enjoy it ? i kinda hate to say goodbye to such a great show. i loved seeing all of the old cast members. i think the earlier shows were better than the ones in the past few years. praiser :heartbeat
  10. Keepstanding

    kizzykat passed away

    can't say much else than god bless you in your time of sorrow. kizzy had a wonderful "mommy". my deepest sympathy to you. praiser :heartbeat
  11. Keepstanding

    jesus freak nurses

    i am proud to be among so many jesus freaks ! god bless each one of you :heartbeat
  12. Keepstanding

    jesus freak nurses

    phillipians 4:13 i can do all things through christ who strengthen's me. amen :heartbeat