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    A floor crush - how do I deal with this?

    Avoid having romantic relationships with coworkers. Although tempting, it can lead to a whole set of new problems. If for some reason you two break up, then that will create tension on the floor between the two of you and with all your other coworkers. It is also not safe for patients, if either one of you refuse to help the other with their patients, eg. boosting patient up etc, due to your own personal problems. Even if the two of you don't break up, it will still make things awkward for everyone else on the floor. Don't forget you will be gossiped about. The only time this would work is if the two of you work on different floors. It doesn't sound like you are that interested in her, and she manipulated you into the relationship. You mentioned she has "emotional issues"-- who know how deep they run. You could jeopardize your career as well if things don't go well and she reports you to the manager. I have seen this happen to two coworkers who were dating, things went south, and the female reported the male to the manager and he was fired, even though the allegations were not true. Seeing how competitive nursing jobs are, you do not want to find yourself out of a job. This is an extreme perspective, yes, but do not discount it.