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    Travel nursing and dating

    Hello all. I've been doing travel nursing for alittle over a year now. I love the career thus far. Obviously moving constantly presents dating problems, but just wanted to hear some feedback from other travel nurses. I can't help but be very envious of travel nurse "couples" who get to experience all the benefits and adventures of travel nursing, without experiencing the lonliness and uncertainty it also presents. My first assignment was in Hawaii, and I quickly met a local who I ended up dating for the year I spent there. At the start of our relationship, it was casual, understandably so, since I was supposed to be leaving in two months. I guess I can't consider some things he did cheating, since we had never defined our relationship, and I was supposed to be returning to the other side of the world shortly. But I loved it in Hawaii, so that two months turned into a year. The breakup did not occur until months after I left. I guess I'm just worried any potential relationship I enter as a "traveler" will inevitably be looked at as "short term" and thus be treated as such. Any other travelers experience this or looking for a travel buddy as well?