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  1. WahineMakai

    Does anyone else have a problem with Enablers?!

    This is not normal behavior. This is indicative of eating disordered behavior. Get help.
  2. WahineMakai

    Anyone get married at the JOP?

    I am a huge advocate of small, inexpensive weddings. DH and I were both previously married, and we each had very wedding-y weddings.. something neither of us ever wanted, but previous spouses/family insisted. I can't speak for his prior wedding day, but I know that mine was filled with stress and feelings of obligation. Not a very fun memory, sadly. When DH and I got engaged, we talked about our "dream" wedding -- and we both wanted barefoot on a beach. We chose Maui as the location, and announced to our friends/family (less than 5 months before the chosen date) that we would be getting married on X day at sunset, be there or be square. We honestly were fine with it if it ended up just being us and the officiant. Surprise surprise, 20 people managed to get their plans in order and joined us for our barefoot ceremony at the water's edge. My ivory silk knee-length sundress was purchased off the rack (and I got 1/3 off the price for buying a sample), DH wore a silk Aloha shirt and cargo shorts from Old Navy. The only flowers were in the leis we exchanged. After the ceremony, everyone went back to our rented condo and started BBQing on the lanai. We did have a great wedding cake (my first wedding cake was absolutely horrendous, so this was my chance for a good one!), and we played music on DH's iPod. There was plenty of beer and cocktails and all of the pictures feature a lot of happy smiling faces. That was the most important part. :) This is YOUR wedding. Do it exactly how you and your fiance envision it. There is nothing worse than paying $$$$ for a wedding you never wanted in the first place, and having unhappy feelings attached to a memory that should be joyful. Anyone who gives you grief for your choice will get over it, I promise.
  3. WahineMakai

    Does anyone else have a problem with Enablers?!

    I assume you mean husband and kids when you refer to your family? If so, they shouldn't be eating unhealthy things either! Now is the perfect time to overhaul everyone's diet and get the whole family on a good track. Think of the head-start you will give your kids on a road to healthfulness! In my home, our diet is comprised of roughly 75-85% fresh fruits and veggies, with lean meats and whole grains/quinoa making up the difference. Sure, we buy snacks, but we choose healthier options, like nuts, whole grain crackers and hummus. I will admit, it's NOT cheap to eat this way, but it's WORTH IT! You can either pay for fresh, whole foods now, or pay for medicines and treatments later on. The choice is yours...