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  1. babynurselsa

    Homeschool curriculum?

    The socialization thing is largely a sterotype, and often a very inaccurate one at that. We have coop that meets on Fri for art, pe and other gatherings. Dd has girl scouts and golf lessons on Thursdays. Her bff who is a public school child nearly lives with us on the weekends......... Now there are those who choose to sequester their children. There are people who are odd, they exist in both ends of the spectrum. What I know is that ultimately only I am solely interested in my child succeeding as an individual. The school system at best is only looking for succesion as a group and there is little to no room for individualality
  2. babynurselsa

    Homeschool curriculum?

    I am using sonlight. We LOVE it. I consider it a success when my girls is sneaking of with books to read for fun. I will go looking for a book in the sequence and will be unable to locate it. When I ask her she gets a sheepish grin and will say..."It might be in my room...":yeah: We have been homeschooling for 2 and a half years with no plans to stop anytime soon. I love being with my babies. I find that some days I may be learning as much as the kids are. I love the fact that if my kiddos express an interest in any given subject we can explore to our hearts content. I agree with deb that our school days don't last as long as public school where they are tryingto herd 20-30 kids through the material. Sometimes people will ask me if I am going to send dd to ps, my response typically is this: When they can catch up with my dd we may consider it. side note to Deb. OMG I cannot believe your ds is a senior!!!! I remember video chatting when he was like 9-10 and your dd was like 3!!! wow, where does the time go?
  3. babynurselsa

    Anyone Home School?

    I am currently homeschooling my children. I enjoy being with my kids. I find that some days I may be learning as much as they are. I am a little mystified by everyones attitude about not wanting to be around their kids too much. My greatest pleasure is being with my kids.....except for those rare moments I want to pinch their cute little heads off.lol Seriously, we are using an awesome literature based curriculum that works all together but changes the pace frequently enough to really keep my girl engaged. An added bonus to homeschooling is that when she gets interested or excited about something we can spend as much time on that subject as we want. We don't have to skim to stay on someone else's schedule. Remember too that when you are only schooling your children that it doesn't usually take 6-8 hours a day to get a full day of schooling done. We do belong to a coop. It is more of a social, extra-curricular group. We do PE type activities, field trips etc. Our group has a christian basis but it is not overwhelming. Good luck to you. pm me if you have any other questions.
  4. babynurselsa

    TGIF Nov 6th

    Yep, steph. A little tired here. Oh and I forgot to add we also had to have school through all of this. Much to the littles dismay. I try to let little excessively deter schooling. It just isn't optional. Mmmmm, blackberry wine. Love it.
  5. babynurselsa


    If you look in the craft sections, you can find books that show you. That was how I learned. Takes a bit of practice to get it right. I don't do anything fancy. I did make a table cloth once from a not to difficult pattern. Filet is what I find easiest. Good luck
  6. babynurselsa

    TGIF Nov 6th

    Good Morning all. I haven't posted much in a long while. Now I am trying to navigate around oall of the changes the site has undergone. Wow. Dd 8 is in the dining room having school. She is nearly done with her Math, then it is on to a little Science. Ds had his big 5 year ol birthday on Monday. He informed me that he is pretty sure that he grew "nearly and inch" Sunday night. "Becuase 5 year olds are bigger than 4 year olds...." Trying to get my house put back into order. October was a crazy, hectic month. We took a week long vacation to Fla. Came back to an aunt in ICU, with her passing, a funeral, then Halloween and a birthday. This was all over about 1 week. Not to mention I still had to work. This week I have been just trying to play catch up. Hope this sunny, windy day finds all well.
  7. babynurselsa

    Good Sunday Morning August 9th 2009!

    Hello all, Wow it has been a long time since I have posted on the GM thread. Steph my youngest dd;s bd was the 7th also. She had a great birthday. Hope Jnette is enjoying th pool, it has been so very hot here. Grace enjoy your trip, it sounds awesome. Hope this day finds all well and happy.
  8. babynurselsa

    Boy, 7, Goes On Killing Spree

    Oh my. I don't think I can even find words to express how much this saddens and disturbs me.
  9. babynurselsa

    Canine question

    WD40. I got the better part of 5 gallons of it off the back seat of the car one time with it.
  10. babynurselsa

    Good Tuesday Morning July 15, 2008

    Good Morning all. It has been ages since I have posted on the GM thread. Had a bad night last night. My silly kitty thought she would try hood surfing. I pulled out of the garage and started down the street when this fat kitty body started rolling down the windshield. As she was trying to jump off the hood I had to slam on the brakes to keep from running over her she face planted in the street and then bolted away. I then spent about the next hour and a half in the dark trying to find a very upset kitty, al the while praying she wasn't horribly injured. (this is the 6 year olds kitty) She finally turned back up home with an abraded swollen face. I took her to the Animal ER and had her checked out. Other than some ugly abrasions to her face and a couple of missing teeth she appears to be fine. Thank God for miracles!!!! Dh took our little recued mommy kitty to drop off at the vet today for her spay. She is in heat and I have 3 Tom cats lurking around the house hoping to "make friends". Still need to find her and her 3 babies some good homes. Anyone need a kitty???
  11. I asked my children this morning, they agreed.
  12. babynurselsa

    12 year old sues father for grounding her -- and wins!

    I guess the judge who overrules MY punishment of MY cheild better be ready to move a new kid into their house. Might be different if I beat the snot out of the child or withheld life essentials like food or water or air. But DO NOT tell me I cannot tell my child no.
  13. That was hysterical!:chuckle
  14. babynurselsa

    Nutella - new fav!

    There is an off brand at Aldi's that is about 1.79 a jar.
  15. babynurselsa

    Woman expecting her 18th child

    So much anger about this. I cannot even remember the number of G12-G13s that I have seen with one huge difference. They had custody of NONE of their DRUG ADDICTED, PREMATURE infants. These kids are farmed out over any number of states, Now how do you feel about the expenses of wharehousing these kids in group homes? Their health care and counseling? If a family does finally get to adopt them they get huge tax breaks. Just wondering. I just cannot understand the vehemence about this family who has many children that they love and care for. JMHO