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  1. babynurselsa

    Homeschool curriculum?

    The socialization thing is largely a sterotype, and often a very inaccurate one at that. We have coop that meets on Fri for art, pe and other gatherings. Dd has girl scouts and golf lessons on Thursdays. Her bff who is a public school child nearly lives with us on the weekends......... Now there are those who choose to sequester their children. There are people who are odd, they exist in both ends of the spectrum. What I know is that ultimately only I am solely interested in my child succeeding as an individual. The school system at best is only looking for succesion as a group and there is little to no room for individualality
  2. babynurselsa

    Homeschool curriculum?

    I am using sonlight. We LOVE it. I consider it a success when my girls is sneaking of with books to read for fun. I will go looking for a book in the sequence and will be unable to locate it. When I ask her she gets a sheepish grin and will say..."It might be in my room...":yeah: We have been homeschooling for 2 and a half years with no plans to stop anytime soon. I love being with my babies. I find that some days I may be learning as much as the kids are. I love the fact that if my kiddos express an interest in any given subject we can explore to our hearts content. I agree with deb that our school days don't last as long as public school where they are tryingto herd 20-30 kids through the material. Sometimes people will ask me if I am going to send dd to ps, my response typically is this: When they can catch up with my dd we may consider it. side note to Deb. OMG I cannot believe your ds is a senior!!!! I remember video chatting when he was like 9-10 and your dd was like 3!!! wow, where does the time go?
  3. babynurselsa

    Anyone Home School?

    I am currently homeschooling my children. I enjoy being with my kids. I find that some days I may be learning as much as they are. I am a little mystified by everyones attitude about not wanting to be around their kids too much. My greatest pleasure is being with my kids.....except for those rare moments I want to pinch their cute little heads off.lol Seriously, we are using an awesome literature based curriculum that works all together but changes the pace frequently enough to really keep my girl engaged. An added bonus to homeschooling is that when she gets interested or excited about something we can spend as much time on that subject as we want. We don't have to skim to stay on someone else's schedule. Remember too that when you are only schooling your children that it doesn't usually take 6-8 hours a day to get a full day of schooling done. We do belong to a coop. It is more of a social, extra-curricular group. We do PE type activities, field trips etc. Our group has a christian basis but it is not overwhelming. Good luck to you. pm me if you have any other questions.
  4. babynurselsa

    TGIF Nov 6th

    Yep, steph. A little tired here. Oh and I forgot to add we also had to have school through all of this. Much to the littles dismay. I try to let little excessively deter schooling. It just isn't optional. Mmmmm, blackberry wine. Love it.
  5. babynurselsa


    If you look in the craft sections, you can find books that show you. That was how I learned. Takes a bit of practice to get it right. I don't do anything fancy. I did make a table cloth once from a not to difficult pattern. Filet is what I find easiest. Good luck
  6. babynurselsa

    TGIF Nov 6th

    Good Morning all. I haven't posted much in a long while. Now I am trying to navigate around oall of the changes the site has undergone. Wow. Dd 8 is in the dining room having school. She is nearly done with her Math, then it is on to a little Science. Ds had his big 5 year ol birthday on Monday. He informed me that he is pretty sure that he grew "nearly and inch" Sunday night. "Becuase 5 year olds are bigger than 4 year olds...." Trying to get my house put back into order. October was a crazy, hectic month. We took a week long vacation to Fla. Came back to an aunt in ICU, with her passing, a funeral, then Halloween and a birthday. This was all over about 1 week. Not to mention I still had to work. This week I have been just trying to play catch up. Hope this sunny, windy day finds all well.
  7. babynurselsa

    grade one and crying his eyes out....

    We went through something similar with my oldest daughter. She suddenly started referring to herself as dumb and stupid, cried at the drop of a hat. She kept saying nobody would play with her. The night my 6 yearold stated she wished she was dead I began to investigate the situation intensely. Turned out my child had a teacher spawned from the bowels of the earth. Class rules were NO talking in the hallway, classroom, lunchroom, bathroom....... If one child got in trouble nobody got recess, ( this is why nobody would play with her, nobody played) The teacher would skip PE if the aide waas gone becausee "she couldn't handle the noise." She then proceeded to tell me how she would paair the children at the learning station " I usually try to take one of the smarter kids like Kim and put them with one of the....well I don't want to say dumb and stupid." Yes this is a direct quote straight form this lunatics mouth. Mind you this was a first-second grade teacher!!!!!!! :angryfire :angryfire :angryfire Every new lesson was prefaced with " Now you better learn this now beacuse I won't be able to help you on the achievement test." Needless to say we moved to a new school where my child discovered that school and learning are fun, as is recess. She graduated a year early and 1 year later has her associate degree. I still see this individual on occasion and would still like to run her over with my car each and every time.
  8. babynurselsa

    Feelin' Evill, Depressed and Sad...

    ((((((((((((((Deb))))))))))))))) You have been through so much with these losses. You are one of the least evil persons I have had the honor of knowing. I am so sorry for your pain. I remember having those same struggles after I had a miscarriage. It would nearly undo me to see or be around pregnant people. You are allowing your poor body to heal, you have to do the same for your heart. Just remember that it tends to heal sooooo much more slowly. Wish I could give you a big old hug right now sweetie, I am thinking about you.

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