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  1. christymwinn

    Favorite Movie Lines

    This is from my favorite movie, it's a conversation between Aunt Abby and Mortimer after he found (another) dead body in the house-- Abby: Who can that be? Mortimer:Are you trying to tell me you've never seen that man before? Abby:I certainly am. Well, this is a fine how-do-you-do.It's getting so anybody thinks he can walk in this house. Mortimer:Now, you look here Aunt Abby.Don't try to get out of this.That's another one of your gentleman and you know it! Abby: Mortimer, how can you say such a thing? That man's an imposter! And if he came here to be buried in our cellar he's mistaken. (my 2nd fave line in the movie) Mortimer: Aunt Abby, how can I believe you?There are 12 men down in the cellar and you admit you poisoned them. Abby:Yes, I did. But you don't think I'd stoop to telling a fib! (the best line ever!!!!)
  2. christymwinn

    Who would you have dinner with?

    If it didn't have to be just one person, I think I would pick a big family reunion type thing with my last 4 or 5 generations on my dad's side. I love history and love learning about where I come from and our background. I would love to know how they got through the Civil War and what it was really like for them to live in the mountains of West Virginia and how they made their living and what kept them going from day to day. I think that woudl be just wonderful. If I could only pick one, I would love to sit down with the Lord- I know it would be enjoyable and I could ask anything.
  3. christymwinn

    Happy Saturday, June 16

    Good mornin' everyone. Congrats Tazz on your dd graduation! Nursebaby, I know exactly how you feel. It happens alot here where I work too. I am just glad I have caller ID!! I am working now, and when I get home who knows if I will get any sleep. I have a cousins grad party to go to early in the afternoon and then my dh and I are going to try and go out by ourselves since we spend like NO quality time together. I hope I can stay awake for that:lol2:
  4. christymwinn

    If someone wrote a song about your life, what would the title be?

    Where Am I Going?
  5. christymwinn

    First word that comes to mind.....

  6. christymwinn

    First word that comes to mind.....

  7. christymwinn

    WEDNESDAY 13th June, 2007

    Good mornin' everybody! Sorry to hear it is so cold and yucky there Grace. It is just starting to get warm here in Missouri. 90's this weak and droughtlike. I have to make sure to water my garden good or my tomatoes are going to wither away!! I recently went to 2 12 hour shifts a week here at the hospital and somehow I feel like I am more busy! Does this make any sense? Crazy times, I know. Well, I hope everyone has a wonderful day! Can you believe it is only a little over 6 months til Christmas????
  8. christymwinn

    First word that comes to mind.....

    brain damage!
  9. christymwinn

    Tuesday May 22, 07

    Good mornin' everybody. Grace, sorry to hear it is getting cold and your DD is ill. It is finally starting to get warmer around here. Yay!!! Hope all goes well w/ your computer. I have been having trouble w/ mine now for a month. Not sure what I am going to do w/ it (or to it:lol2: ) Commuter-good luck on your test!! Bethin-nice to see ya! I haven't been around for awhile, how have ya been? Roy-enjoyed the song--it really took me back!! Have a good one guys, hopefully I will be back sooner than later.
  10. christymwinn

    Word Game

  11. christymwinn

    Tuesday April 24th

    Why won't they let you? Is there a policy or something? I say go for it if you can. I can't believe you are still up!!
  12. christymwinn

    The Alphabet Game Returns!!!

    tahiti--- now that is a dream!
  13. christymwinn

    Tuesday April 24th

    I know what you mean RGN1. Since I have one girl and one boy, it hard to think of my son as the "baby" alot, b/c when she hits milestones it's always like "AW, my little girl" and with him it's "AW, my little boy". So it is double. Hope everyone has a great day today! After I get off of work it is official house cleaning time!!
  14. christymwinn

    Tuesday April 24th

    That is my plan!! Yesterday was my 1st official day at being per diem... just so I can spend more time w/ my "babies".
  15. christymwinn

    The Alphabet Game Returns!!!

    rhode island would be cool, but not necesarily a dream