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  1. veggie530

    Peggy Noonan: Obama should defend blackface rodeo clown

    ...lolwut It was...a rodeo clown wearing a mask... lol
  2. veggie530

    How The NRA Built A Massive Secret Database Of Gun Owners

    That's silly. Guns were created for the specific purpose of killing -- any other use is merely ancillary. A better point is that someone intent on committing a crime will do so with a knife or a gun, whichever is available to them. Both can kill, but of course the firearm is better at it. But that isn't a bad thing. It's good. For the purposes of self-defense, a firearm is a great equalizer and it's also a great deterrent. As human beings we have a natural and inherent right to defend ourselves and our resources/property from those attempting to threaten them, and in my eyes a firearm is a natural extension of that. But represent my side of things appropriately, lol.
  3. veggie530

    Want to help obese daughter

    Butt out pretty much sums it up. I know you care about her, but you can't force her ("motivate") to lose weight. It has to be something intrinsically driven to cause her to make a lifestyle change... changes that permeate her character and change her life to motivate herself to lose weight. The grim reality is she may never undertake that character change. That's okay, it's her prerogative. I'm not saying you have to be happy about it, but you have to understand that you need to leave it be and not meddle. You're doing more good than harm, I guarantee it. You've done your part as a parent and you have to let her figure out how to correct her decision making. The best way to learn and build character is through failure.
  4. veggie530

    Nursing is not all....

    What is this...? A disparaging topic to people who are negative about the field? lol I appreciate the old, dry analysis of RN's, to be honest. No different than when you get a solid talking to before you enter the USMC/Army infantry about how it isn't going to be like you're the star of a Rambo movie. Same talk you get from police officers to cadet's who think they're the next Dirty Harry, too. That being said, nursing isn't all butt wiping and skin flake inhalants. ...just med-surge nursing. Lol
  5. veggie530

    Concealed Firearms on the job

    In terms of keeping your job? Bad idea, asking to get fired. In terms of personally safety? All the power to him. Keep it locked up safely and as long as he's responsibly handling it, I'm cool with it.