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married for 18 yrs-1 son (soon to enter the USMC

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    The "I'm running away" thread

    Bake and market marijuana comestibles
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    Taking attendance for the COB

    HERE!!! COB aka "skanky old whore"
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    I guess it's true, too that a facility has to be careful what they say when a potential employer calls to check the facts on the application. I hear you regarding the drama ,too. When a repo truck pulls onto the property at the LTC there is almost a total work stoppage and the building almost tilts as all concerned staff run to the front windows to see if it's their car going up on the flat bed. And the calls from the bill collectors-many of the staff won't get on the phone and demand these people stop calling them at work as is their right. I have had some callers get really nasty with me when they called looking for someone on their day off. Many of us are extremely underpaid for the work we do and the responsibility we carry but I don't have much sympathy for anyone who is in such a position because they have truly made poor choices. Some of these people spend more a month on lunches , nail and hair care and cell phones then my car payment.
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    There are several facilities in this area that will perform a credit check along with the criminal background check.I am not understanding why they would go to the added expense of running a credit check to confirm the work history given on the application when they can make a cheap phone call.
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    When to not be a Nurse

    Your dad is terminal.From a hospice standpoint you do need some time to focus on being his daughter. If you put all of your energy into being a nurse you will not do the work you need to do to prepare for the end of his life. I think they are trying to help you but the message was delivered in an ungraceful way.Post this on the hospice thread and see what kind of dialogue starts-I think you'll see that (maybe) others agree with what I'm saying.I have given this same advice.
  7. There may well be a number of reasons for their "not flipping their agenda to work on the opposite side of the building on the days she is sleeping" I don't work in construction but I imagine cleaning up and moving the tools /equipment around from site to site takes time and can cause delays. I agree with others-it's her responsibility o make sure she rests-she needs to find a place she can comfortable do so until the construction is through...or move...or change shifts.
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    The Litter Box Incident

    It's recommended that you have one litter box per cat plus one.I don't use those giant litter boxes because they are so heavy. We are a volunteer foster family for a local rescue and also do some rescue on our own so we have a few cats (I'm NOT going to say how many) They are all indoors and we use a lot of litter. We save empty cat litter buckets and line them with trash bags for the soiled litter and keep them in each area along with a bucket of clean litter.It really only takes 10 mins 3 x a day to scoop and refresh all of the boxes. I find that if we don't keep a good 4 inches of litter in each pan the urine will soak into it and once that happens I don't think all the scrubbing in the world will freshen it. We just replace them (I think they are $5 on sale) since i'm off today i'm spending quality time with my special best boy right now-he's been in and out of my arms all day...my little furry love bug...
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    Palin for Senate?

    Her 15 minutes should be over soon.
  10. The victims of Alzheimer's disease deserve to live out there days in safety with dignity and respect. Show the respect they deserve to honor the person they once were and recognize the limitations of the person they have become. Get yourself educated about the stages of the disease, learn techniques for handling the challenging behaviors. It's our duty to help them and their loved ones recognize they are suffering from a TERMINAL disease. Futile treatment will not be as common when physician's start delivering this info with the diagnosis.
  11. Good point.We are "made" to take care of an assortment of patients,many who became patients because they made poor life style choices. Dementias are life limiting or terminal illnesses and I believe that everyone should receive good palliative care in a setting in which they are comfortable (tx for infections in the home with PO meds) I am opposed to tube feeding and fluid resus I care for these people every day and a big part of my job is helping to remove the blinders from their loved ones.But it's not about me and my feelings-yet. I know our resources are not limitless and insurance companies already cap-you can't blame that on Obamacare,don't kid yourself,it's been going on for a long time.I think there will come a time where benefits are based on actuarial tables of some type and it will effect us all
  12. OK, he got OUT of his vehicle and put himself in close proximity with the vic , HIS actions led to a confrontation which he was not able to handle. This is not the old west -even cops don't go around shooting indiscriminantly (usually) Had remained in his vehicle as he was told this never would have happened......Any reasonable person can see the cause and effect here..
  13. You saw the evidence on the news and read the reports.I don't need to rehash it other the to reiterate that if he had stayed in his vehicle and waited for the REAL police this never would have happened. The lives of both the Martin and Zimmerman family are changed irrevocably by Zimmerman's reckless actions.
  14. How was Martin the instigator ? Zimmerman GOT OUT OF HIS VEHICLE AND CONFRONTED HIM, AN ACT THAT HE WAS WARNED AGAINST BY THE 911 staff. I believe the prosecutors over reached which caused the jury to come to a verdict that I believe was wrong.I do NOT believe the attack on Martin was racially motivated-I think he would have confronted and shot anyone at that time.Red,yellow,black or white-he hates everyone and he's a wannabee cop.
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    Scared for hubby.......

    Prayers coming your way...