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  1. stargazer88

    Son says he's quitting school 6 weeks before graduation!

    Thank you so much for your suggestions. Im going to call and arrange a meeting with the school. Do you think my son should be at the meeting, or just us (parents)? I'm glad I found this forum! Objective opinions are really helpful. I think what may have happened was that when he loaded himself up with college level classes, he "bit off more than he could chew". (He's in a program whare you can take college classes and get both college and high school credit). He's taking advance chemistry and math. I think he couldn't keep up and didn't want to admit it, got so far behind that he just gave up. He now feels like a failure and says he'll never make it in college even if he does make it through high school. I don't know why the school took so long to notify us, and I never felt the need to check. Drug use or abuse were things I had never seriously considered. Everyone thinks "not my kid!" He actually asked me about something awhile back. He asked if I had ever heard of synthetic marijuana. I hadn't. (still don't know what it is) I never gave it much thought...Do you think his asking could be a red flag?? I just can't imagine him using drugs... but then, it doesn't help anyone to bury one's head in the sand does it?
  2. stargazer88

    Can any moms out there help me?

    Sudden changes in behavior could have much deeper roots than just teen rebellion! Something similar happened with my son several years ago. His personality seemed to change overnight. 6 years later, he finally gave me the reason: He had been molested by the HUSBAND of one of my fellow nursing students. Right in our own home! We were studying and he offered to play video games with my son. I never would have suspected in a million years! It makes me sick to think of. My son was angry at ME because I failed to protect him, he had all kinds of feelings that made him act out as he did. The man threatened death if he spoke up.. Not saying this is the case with your child, but you may want to dig deeper to find the root of her behavior.
  3. Need some advice on how to handle this situation. He was an honors student, college bound. He has a load of difficult classes and has always done well in the past. I didn't realize he was struggling and failing his classes this term until he announced he's dropping out. I was shocked, I should have paid more attention! He was always self-motivated. He says now it's no big deal. Lots of people he knows got their GED and went to college, so why can't he? Any advice??
  4. stargazer88

    LUV; don't play the stupid game; I'm a different kinda

    what's a concept map?/
  5. stargazer88

    would you stay in this situation?

    Thanks for the replies everyone! To clarify: The reason I'm still here is because of our child, When we were first together I didn't (I know now how stupid it was) consider our separate finances to be a big deal, I had my own income. I assumed he would give me access to money if I needed it. Once we had a child, I only worked part-time and had to switch from a hospital with 12 hour shifts to a NH with 8 hour shifts closer to home. I thought it would be no problem to return to the hospital later. Well, the nursing shortage ended! I ended up with very little income, that's when the troubles started and I realized he had no interest in giving us anything, the new home etc.. he promised would never be (unless I paid for it). He balks if I even ask for grocery money. I feel sub-human.
  6. stargazer88

    would you stay in this situation?

    I have lived with a man 10+ years. We have gotten to the point that we are polite to each other, that's about it. There has been no physical relationship for over a year. He has no interest at all. Just watches tv 5 hours a night. We have one child together. This is the reason I'm still here. I haven't wanted to cause a big upheaval in her life. She is happy and involved in many activities. I have grown children that still have issues from my divorce years ago. I could not stay in this town if I left him. There are no jobs and my family is far away. He also doesn't share money, and during times of no work I struggle to stay afloat. I didn't know he was like this. I gave up many opportunities to advance in nursing for him and to be with our child. I'm now behind my peers career wise too. No savings. He is not poor by any means, although he would like me to believe otherwise. I really started to think about the situation when I ran across financial statements of his. He has been squirrling money away for years. He is probably, if not the wealthiest, close to the wealthiest man in town. What would you do? Would you stay? Any insight appreciated.
  7. stargazer88

    May-December romances

    I married an older man. Biggest regret of my life. My youth is gone. Now I will never know what it's like to be with a young, energetic, vibrant man - because I"M old now, and that's all I can have - old men.
  8. stargazer88

    age differences, weight lifting supplements, sex issues

    20 or so years ago I was in a very similar situation. I was flattered that an older, mature man was interested in ME! I stayed with him way longer than I should..When I got into my 30's, he started to look like an old man to me. In my 40's I still feel bitter. He stole my youth so to speak. I can't get it back. You are still young, and at 25 it feels like you will be young forever. If there are serious problems now, they usually only get worse at the least, I would seek some advice from an expert. Hope things work out for you :)