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  1. This is usually code for having sex with lots of different people. That was never something I needed or wanted. The cheap use of my body with no love behind it never appealed to me. For people who feel the way I do about it, marriage robs us of precisely nothing.
  2. You're assuming marriage as a negative, something that ends something else. My husband and I became a couple at 17, were engaged through college, and married at 21 and 22. Our first baby was born less than a year later, followed by four more. We've been married 17 years and still going strong. We're not confused or merely content, we love each other and the life we've built together. Being comfortable with each other is a good thing. I'm not saying this path is right for everyone. No one should be forced or settle. But when you know you've found the right person and will spend your life with them, why wait? I will say that with our youth, that long engagement was good for us. By the time we were married, we really, really knew each other and what our issues were, so we went in with eyes wide open.
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    I have just fallen in love with...

    Try this: Avocado Coconut Popsicles | Skinnytaste
  4. duskyjewel

    What is your favorite Fast Food sandwich?

    Wendy's spicy chicken or the Double Western Bacon Cheeseburger from Carl's Jr./Hardee's with a side of fried zucchini. I once figured out that my favorite Carl's Jr. meal ^^^ with a soda comes in at around 1300 calories.....and that's why I eat it about once a year.
  5. duskyjewel

    Cool recipe sites?

    Skinnytaste Healthy, delicious, and REAL FOOD. No weird "food like products" as substitutes.
  6. duskyjewel

    Making Wrong Choices -Significant Others

    Yep, it takes two. Which means that refusing to be the "other woman" makes it not happen. He is responsible for his vows. You are responsible for being a home-wrecking tramp when you are the willing vehicle for his adultery. (This applies when the sexes are in reverse, too, or even when they are the same. It happens.) Don't wanna keep the promise? Don't make it.
  7. duskyjewel

    Making Wrong Choices -Significant Others

    Utterly ******* disgusting. That woman clearly does not think about the needs or rights of her children. They are accoutrements to her. As a child of divorce, I swore I would never put my children through that hell. My parents' divorce was fairly amicable, no violence or cheating, just a selfish damaged woman who should never have gotten married or had kids, and a guy who married the wrong person because he couldn't keep it in his pants and knocked her up. And yet, even in the absence of those ugly things, our parents' divorce destroyed my brother and me, and the ensuing years destroyed our relationship with each other. My parents could have made a go of it if they had just grown the hell up and put their children's needs and rights before their selfish desires. Instead, they put themselves first and WE paid the price. Part of me, no matter what kind of resolution I reach with them, will ALWAYS hate them for that. I don't forgive. I can't forgive. That woman is destroying her kids. She won't like what she reaps 20 years from now.
  8. duskyjewel

    Stupid Person (

    Nah, it was Papa Murphy's, which is a take and bake chain. The pizza would have been cold. I get pizza at the one near my house all the time and the area where they put on the toppings is in the front of the store behind clear glass, in view of everyone. I don't know how that kid thought he was going to be able to get away with that.
  9. duskyjewel

    Stupid Person (

    Yep. You could end up with this guy fixing your food: Police: Texas teen's testicles tainted pizza - UPI.com
  10. duskyjewel

    Ugh....The red band society

    And my dad the retired cop hates most cop dramas because they're full of crap too. Eh, Hollywood doesn't portray anything, really, it takes things and twists them to promote whatever its agenda is for the day.
  11. duskyjewel

    An awkward moment

    I nursed my oldest until 18 months and weaned her unwillingly due to dental work. I thought I had to, but wasn't yet educated enough to know better. I learned. My younger four breastfed until age 3. My middle daughter actually tandem nursed with both of her brothers, once as the new baby sharing with the toddler, and once as the older kid sharing with the baby. I am a passionate supporter of breastfeeding and extended breastfeeding. But a mother publicly breastfeeding her six year old is WAY WAY WAY out of whack. There were several reasons I chose 3 as the cutoff mark, nutritional, emotional, and social all figuring in. Unfortunately women like that damage the cause of normalizing breastfeeding in this country, which I'm sorry is VERY backward and prudish about the topic, by giving the opponents a nutjob to tell stories about. I stopped nursing in public after about 16 months, not out of any sense of shame, but because they weren't babies anymore who couldn't wait to eat, and they could eat and drink other things, and because I knew people wouldn't understand and I didn't feel like explaining myself. Honestly, I feel like breastfeeding a six year old could almost border on sexual abuse. It at least indicates a need for some psychological intervention with the family. Even most cultures that practice extended breastfeeding regularly don't go that long.
  12. duskyjewel

    *-*Please Help*-*

    A journal for keeping track of things about patients that you want to remember is one thing, however, if you are carrying it in and out of the facility with you it might represent a HIPAA violation. Doesn't your facility use report sheets? We do, and there is a shred box where we are supposed to put them before we leave. But diaries are for 12 year old girls and anyone older than that should have learned long ago not to put anything they don't want seen in writing and then leave it where other people can find it. That was just poor judgement on your part. If you're going to report the facility, or incidents to your management, then document your concerns more securely until you turn them over. If you're not going to report, then there is no point to documenting anything.
  13. duskyjewel

    I need help with my 14 year old

    Sorry to be blunt and unhelpful, but.....get ready to be a young grandma. Also, he watched you move in with and have sex with someone you're not married to, so what moral authority do you have to tell him not to do the same? Yes, he's a minor. Yes, you're his mother. Those facts aren't helping you make your points. Was he really ready for you to remarry and move a new man into his life? Did you ask him? Did you ever even consider that? This kid has been through a lot, and I think he's trying to find comfort and acceptance anywhere he can. The wrong way, yes, but still. And that girl's mother is a complete idiot.
  14. duskyjewel

    Men Who Fail to Launch into Adulthood

    UUuuuuummmmm.....grow a backbone and get some standards?
  15. duskyjewel

    Nursing has turned me into a complete non-believer

    Based on your references to Mass and Confirmation, I'm assuming you were raised nominally Catholic. What your mother told you about your soul and God picking your family together before you were born is utter nonsense and not even close to Catholic Church teaching. I'm not saying you have to believe anything, but why don't you find out what your Church *actually teaches* before you choose to reject it?