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  1. BadBird

    My Son is Dead

    :o OMG how horrible, my heart breaks for you. There are no words that can even come close to easing your pain, I just feel so bad about that. :crying2:
  2. BadBird

    Can you tell me the symptoms of endstage CHF?

    Signs & symptoms: anxiety, air hunger, nocturnal dyspnea, dyspnea on exertion, orthopnea, moist cough with frothy sputum, tachycardia, diaphoressi, cyanosis or pallor, insomnia, palpitations, weakness, fatigue, anorexia, changes in mentation. Hope this helps. Some treatments could be : morphine (to induce vasodilation and decrease venous return), diuretics (to reduce blood volume), inotropic agents (digitalis to strengthen contractions), vasodilators (nitrates, to dilate venous vessels), Oxygen
  3. BadBird

    Soprano's..do you watch?

    I love that show !!!! I knew Ade was going to get "whacked" because she signed on for a new show. I was disappointed that Tony didn't kill Johnny but I guess they will drag that story line out for a bit. That Tony B line is getting boring, I actually was disappointed in it from the beginning, very slow moving, he needs to "whack or get whacked" soon.I would love to see Christopher do it. I like that Tony & Carmella are together again but that was expected.
  4. BadBird

    I hope I don't starve.

    Well Rusty, I think you will survive, I don't even own a bottle of tobasco, never use the stuff and have survived well so far. Hope you enjoy your bland dinner :rotfl:
  5. BadBird

    So, so sick!!

    Poor baby !!! Hope you feel better soon, try zinc lozengers, chicken soup, advil cold & sinus works well too. Lots of rest, sherbert for your scratchy sore throat, lots of liquids too.
  6. BadBird

    strict hubby, daughter miscarried

    Renee, sometimes harsh words are the ones that get through, and since opinions were asked I offered mine. I hope she gets the help she needs and finds encouragement along the way.
  7. BadBird

    So sad and scared about my doggie

    Poor doggie :o I had a friend who had a similiar problem with her doggie, he jumped off the sofa and herniated discs in his back, which is a common problem for those type of dogs. I sure hope yours mends quickly.
  8. BadBird

    How do I keep my kids off drugs?

    I believe in tough love, educate them, talk to them about the dangers (and they know more than we do), then let them know if the screw up they can be homeless as you won't have it in your house, and MEAN it, ZERO Tolerance. So far this has worked for me, 2 honor roll students, no drugs, no booze, no teen pregnancies. I realize that I am lucky but I also mean what I say, if they brought drugs into my home they better find another place to live.
  9. BadBird

    Kerry's flip flops (NOT beachwear)

    Sounds like a typical politician, tell the public what they want to hear in one group and change it for another, no wonder politicans have no credibility anymore. :angryfire
  10. BadBird

    John Kerry Must Go + (Why ANA Endorses a President)

    So he got caught on tape in a couple of lies, what a suprise :uhoh3: I personally wish there was a young Ross Perot running.
  11. BadBird

    My bad boys!

    If you really wanted to punish them make them pack the stuff away, why should you do all the work? Good luck, let us know how it works out.
  12. BadBird

    strict hubby, daughter miscarried

    HELLO, Clue phone for you !!!! Your daughters health is far more important than your husbands opinions, get her to the doctor or ER Immediately. Second issue, what the H--- is up with you being afraid to take care of your daughter or speak your mind, are you a SLAVE ???? Babe, get a backbone, take a assertiveness class and let him have it. You and your children can do so much better than living with some tyrant, I just don't understand why you would allow him that kind of power over you and your children. Time for counseling so you can see the light. Good luck to you and your girls.
  13. BadBird

    Tell me how to leave him!

    Things to do: 1. get you own bank account, if you work have your paychecks directly deposited so he can't get his hands on your money. 2. Cancel all credit cards that are jointly owned, if he is the primary call the credit card and ask for the marital relations department so you will no longer be responsible for what he charges. 3. The other advise about womens shelters sounds good, give them a call and see what help they can offer you. 4. See if you can find low cost counseling for you and your daughter, if she is in school let the teachers and counselors know that you are divorcing your husband and that you have parental custody and not to let her go with him. Good luck to you.
  14. BadBird

    Anger at hubby

    You know you are in a bad situation, the good news is you did not marry that loser yet !!!! Get out NOW!!!! You will be so much better off without him, he has no right to make you feel bad, you sound like a great person, hard worker, responsible all the things he isn't but that is not news to you. Your child will be better off too, do you want your kiddo to grow up thinking that drinking nightly and putting down women is normal? Wake up and smell the flowers chickie, spring is here and it is time to move on. Good luck to you.
  15. So why did you leave? I would have let him leave and I would have stayed with my friends. That said, learn from it and don't invite him to any of your future parties or functions.