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    What do you INTENSELY DISLIKE?

    This happens to my slippy-anti skid socks that I wear every night. They seem to rub off under my topical blankets on my elec recliner. Drives me knutz!!!
  2. amoLucia

    Thursday May 27 2021

    Some time ago, someone here made a recommendation re Twinnings 'Constant Comment' as a favororite tea bag. I tried it, and I do like it. I think I found another one, VERY very similar, that I'm liking just a bit better. It's a Twinnings tea bag also, 'Lady Grey'. Dinner time. Have rotisserie chicken I need to use with avocado on a bagel.
  3. Awwwww .... puppy so cute!
  4. amoLucia

    Wednesday May 19, 2021

    herring - so good to hear from you. And good thoughts continue for on-going improvement.
  5. amoLucia

    TV - the good, bad and ugly

    Grumpy - I was only 9 yo for the Kennedy/Nixon campaign. But I've seen news clips and it was discussed that Nixon should have just taken care of his '5 o'clock shadow'. That 'scruffy' look just didn't cut it. Not when he faced the good-looking 'Camelot' JFK.
  6. amoLucia

    TV - the good, bad and ugly

    I thought to open a new post. In these times, I believe that many of us are all watching a bit more of TV. So I ask, is there any special TV show that you've become more interested in lately? Like a secret vice? You can 'fess up here!!! Anything on any local channel or cable. Prime time or late nite. Youtube? And why do you watch? What makes it so watch-able? And if there's something really annoying, you can report that too. With my spotty insomnia around midnite, I enjoy watching 'The Nanny' reruns with Fran Drescher. Yeah, that over-the-top nasal twang can be annoying, but it's her character's gimmick. I like the show best-est just to watch Fran. I think she's attractive - so slender and with that pouffy hair! But it's her WARDROBE!!!! Reminds me of when we used to watch the old Sonny & Cher show just to talk about Cher's costumes the next day. She made Bob Mackie the fashion guru he is today! The show also resolves some gentle family issues. But I will admit, I've learned more Jewish words than I ever knew before! Just FYI - Grandma Yetta is the same actress who played neighbor Millie on the old Dick Van Dyke show. I enjoy the show and make it a point IF I'm up at the time! Anybody else?
  7. amoLucia

    What do you INTENSELY DISLIKE?

    In the scheme of life this is small potatoes, but I dislike how the weather is just bouncing all around. Hot then cold, hot then cold again. Like I have to keep resetting my thermostat. I guess I should be thankful that my lifestyle is not so bad that I can do so.
  8. amoLucia

    TV - the good, bad and ugly

    I'm sure y'all notice this, but when they show various commercials for makeup or cosmetic products, they show the 'before & after' pix. But dang!!! Put some simple makeup on the women!!! Like outline her eyes a bit, and a little lipstick. So she doesn't look so 'deathly sick"!!! Also, they're still playing commercials for that exercise machine Peleton. It was supp to be pulled off sales by the mfgr. But they still advertise.
  9. Tweety - you might be able to DONATE your old phones to various programs that accept them for Domestic Abuse Shelters. They get re-furbished for emergency use only. Phones used to be dropped off at my local police station for that use. Also I gave a couple old ones to a coworker's daughter who collected them for a Girls' Brownie Group project/badge program. Relax for tomorrow. You sometimes just need to recharge yourself! stars - thinking of you. Found some more outdated pantry items. Did you try those frozen Whips yogurts? My Meals-on-Wheels has started to supply yogurts on occ for desserts. Not the good kind though! For y'all with the twitchy legs problems. I feel for you. They are just MISERABLE when they are so jumpy. I have gout issues so that adds to my jumpies at times. And am envious of you folk who are gardening-oriented. Never had any real interest when I was healthier, but I guess I miss it more NOW. And the spring-cleaners. For that I am SUPER-envious. I need to start thinning my things out. But like NSIME commented, 'the spirit is willing ...'
  10. amoLucia

    TV - the good, bad and ugly

    Read a survey that commented that Anderson Cooper was the LEAST liked sub host. I really liked him.
  11. amoLucia

    RIP Nick Kamen

    Good looking dude in those ads! May he RIP - 59 is way too young.
  12. amoLucia

    Monday May 3, 2021

    stars - she has extra acute hearing!!! No need for her & hearing aides! ;))
  13. amoLucia

    Tuesday April 27, 2021

    Needing all your good thoughts for tomorrow. Had my first abd CT scan post radiation on Monday. So tomorrow my radiation oncologist will have a teleconference about the results and my continued therapy. I'm feeling OK, but that's no indicator. Had the allergy prep for the scan. Oh, do I love the prednisone!!! Had 50mg x 3 doses and a Benadryl. But what a letdown as the pred wore off! The Benadryl made me tired. I guess it was all the anxiety. Next week I meet my new onc gyn. Then catching up with all the other specialties that I've had on hold for so long..
  14. amoLucia

    TV - the good, bad and ugly

    Anderson Cooper still hanging in there. I think he's doing a decent job. He seems to stumble when he has to correct a wrong answer. Like he's stopping to unconsciously think out the answer himself. Sometimes he even sounds a little like Alex Trebek. I like the guy!
  15. amoLucia


    Just to be opposite of the other INTENSLEY DISLIKE' post (which I really like), I'm hoping this post can be as equally enjoyable I intensely LIKE it when something unexpectedly ends positively when totally UNEXPECTED. My Meals-on-Wheels driver gave me a wristwatch he found on my porch. I'm housebound - and have limited visitors. I had no clue, except one. Turns out, it belonged to my visiting HHA. She had no idea where she lost it from her pocket. HAPPY ENDING!
  16. amoLucia

    Texas Bans AOC

    Some devisive nastiness is more devisive nasty than others. A different point of view is one thing, but ...
  17. amoLucia

    Texas Bans AOC

    There's a couple postings (one in particular re the Derek Chauvin decision) that have become VERY VERY argumentative. It downgraded into devisive political comments. I do follow & post over there. But right now there seems to be some underlying nastiness with a couple members.
  18. amoLucia

    Friday April 23, 2021

    Has anyone else been UNABLE to retrieve the postings for yesterday, 4/22??? I know there was posts early but I can't pull them up.
  19. amoLucia

    Wednesday April 21, 2021

    Weather turning chilly again. Had to refill my mediset tonite - I hate that task. Made a neat smoked ham & Swiss on rye grilled cheese tonite. It was delicious. I love Swiss grilled cheese just plain, but I got creative tonite. Tweety - sorry about your travel bud. May just have to make some different plans that would be more ortho-friendly for him. But just as pleasurable for you two. Hoping he can get his pain managed.
  20. amoLucia

    Monday April 19th 2021

    Catastrophe early this afternoon!!! Not only did I drop my laptop mouse, but I could even locate it on the floor. Finally, when I did see it, it was waaaay out of reach. Fortunately my HHA was able to retrieve it with one of my reacher/grabbers. I felt like a fish out of water not being able to open up. My keyboard has that mouse pad on it, but I've never acclimated to it.
  21. amoLucia

    TV - the good, bad and ugly

    Anderson Cooper did a nice job tonite.
  22. amoLucia

    What do you INTENSELY DISLIKE?

    Intensely dislike big shopping boxes. Because of my bad left shoulder, I really can't lift up or lift anything heavy. So big boxes are such an effort.
  23. amoLucia


    I am so appreciative when my local UPS driver rings the bell for me and voluntarily brings my big packages inside. I don't think they're supp to go indoors but he just plops the boxes inside for me. I thank him and I thank his Mom for so graciously raising him right!
  24. amoLucia

    Saturday April 17, 2021

    Ta dah!!! Put in a pair of earring studs, first time in 2 years. Will have to keep trying for the other holes as my left arm doesn't reach up to my ears too well. Slept with the new sleep face mask. I think it DID work to keep my mouth closed during sleep. Still awaiting 1 small item. Like a belated C-mas Day gift, it arrived a little while ago.
  25. amoLucia

    Friday April 16, 2021

    Felt like Christmas this evening!!!! Big Amazon order came. Needed a new (different) chin strap for my bipap machine. My mouth just plops open with my full mask, and my mouth is soooooooooo dry. Finally replaced my pulse oximeter. Have been curious using my bipap, and then one of my providers did ask me. Old fashioned DIAPER PINS!!!! I need larger pins for my bedtime sweater necklines. The old fashioned diaper pin kind have that BIG plastic safety head that shouldn't get bent going thru my washer/dryer. I know nobody uses old fashioned diapers anymore unless they're into 'green' lifestyles. And the piece de resistance, glass 'pearl' earring studs. All my old earrings got lost when I was hosp 2 years ago. I hope the holes are still open. My chore for tomorrow. Lots of regular hygiene stuff, too.

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