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    Tuesday October 19th 2021

    Did a FIRST yesterday. I put my slacks on BACKWARDS and I didn't realize until late/early evening!!! Yeah, we've all put them on backwards occ but we USUALLY catch it right away & fix it. I noticed it when my right pocket wasn't right, and then I saw the size tag on my front inside waistband! Didn't feel any diff, just the pocket! Now underwear usually is very uncomfortable to pull up and the backside feels 'short'. So that is usually caught easily. But my slacks?!?! Clothes inside-out happens occ too, but no big problemo. I even wear some Tees/nitegowns inside-out bc the neck tags irritate, so inside-out is OK. I guess there's a first for everything. for stars - Atlanta Braves won. Guess that Nans is happy.
  2. amoLucia

    Good Morning!

    stars - hoping you feel better.
  3. amoLucia

    TV - the good, bad and ugly

    I thought to open a new post. In these times, I believe that many of us are all watching a bit more of TV. So I ask, is there any special TV show that you've become more interested in lately? Like a secret vice? You can 'fess up here!!! Anything on any local channel or cable. Prime time or late nite. Youtube? And why do you watch? What makes it so watch-able? And if there's something really annoying, you can report that too. With my spotty insomnia around midnite, I enjoy watching 'The Nanny' reruns with Fran Drescher. Yeah, that over-the-top nasal twang can be annoying, but it's her character's gimmick. I like the show best-est just to watch Fran. I think she's attractive - so slender and with that pouffy hair! But it's her WARDROBE!!!! Reminds me of when we used to watch the old Sonny & Cher show just to talk about Cher's costumes the next day. She made Bob Mackie the fashion guru he is today! The show also resolves some gentle family issues. But I will admit, I've learned more Jewish words than I ever knew before! Just FYI - Grandma Yetta is the same actress who played neighbor Millie on the old Dick Van Dyke show. I enjoy the show and make it a point IF I'm up at the time! Anybody else?
  4. amoLucia

    TV - the good, bad and ugly

    stars - I know you're only a couple years older than me. I recognize those shows but don't recall watching them too often. You forgot 'My Little Margie'.
  5. amoLucia

    Good Morning!

    dianah - all that food sounds soooo good. Edamame esp. Glad that your creative 'inner' self is being nourished & recharged. stars - glad you weren't injured, just jolted awake. Now to tackle that laundry.
  6. amoLucia

    What's to eat?

    Like how many ppm (parts per millions) are on a biscuit/cookie??? Or a cocktail cherry? Yet, there's still no decision on Phillips Respironics Trilogy cpap machines blowing dust with its use!?!? Been on recall notice in US since June 2021.
  7. amoLucia

    What's to eat?

    For good or bad, we all have to eat. So I'm asking - is there anything extra delicious that tempts you? Or something that you'll avoid at a costs? I receive Meals-on-Wheels. Their meals aren't too special or anything but when one is limited by the inability to cook, it is a godsend program. But - I hate their Popeye spinach and beets. That wet seaweed is NOT appetizing. Yet I like fresh spinach in salads or like lettuce on sandwiches. Or some wilted over hot pasta or floating in chicken soup! Whadda think?
  8. amoLucia

    Friday October 15, 2021

    I saw that the movie was playing on some Ted Turner TV channel that I can't receive. j22 - you reminded me about a past coworker of mine. When she wanted to spite her hubby for pi$$ing her off, she would just cook a big batch of broccoli or cauliflower. Brussel sprouts would work well, too I like roasted root veggies. Hubby could NOT tolerate the odor!!! It was her revenge!! He would just leave or suffer! Anybody hear how Ted & Amy are doing? Tweety - I just knew you were Florida. :)) Re those union jobs, I think in today's covid economy, there just might be a large population of folk out there who might be interested in signing up for well-paying, well-benefitted and stable UNION positions. During WW2, I believe the President was able to out-trump the unions (no pun) for activities to stabilize the country. (I think?)
  9. amoLucia

    What's to eat?

    Anything sweet with pretzels added is just fine!
  10. amoLucia

    Thursday October 14, 2021

    TV is showing lots of empty shelves and are recommending that folk plan on buying holiday staples now. And then they show the backed up port of Los Angeles. What I don't get is if the President can call in the National Guard to staff hospitals & NHs, why doesn't he call then in to man the ships and to sub for truck drivers & dock workers. What's so difficult about that for a few weeks??? Tweety - had a spam call this morning from Miami, FL and I thought 'oh, Tweety is trying to call me!'. It was either you or the 'Golden Girls'. :) /// Karma visited you - you had a good staffing day, but a problem pt/family. Never fails ... Joe - I love crock pots. I've had all sizes, but now I'm just using a 1.5 qt one. For me, it's fine for my mini needs. My spices need to be thinned out also. It's the things on the refrig door that need to be checked too. Am typing this early this morn. Had a cardiology appt but transportation messed up again. So I had to cx the doc appt. I feel like the forlorn bride left waiting at the altar again! And let's hear it for Capt Kirk!!!!!!!!. He did well with that commercial space flight!!!
  11. amoLucia

    TV - the good, bad and ugly

    I really never cared for the scent of lavender. I disliked walking down store aisles if there were stocks of lavender candles, potpourris, wreathes, etc. It usually caused me headaches. Wonder if that effect is something like that of people who either like cilantro or not. Causes a distinct adverse response. I DO NOT like cilantro.
  12. amoLucia

    Tuesday October 12, 2021

    j22 - I'll go for meat loaf & sweet potatoes. I like venison roast, like a pot roast. About once a year, my Dad used to get a fresh road kill venison. He'd make cuts and give them to family who wanted some. Kinda sounds rather primitive/outdoorsy, but that generation grew up with diff lifestyles.
  13. amoLucia

    Wednesday October 13, 2021

    Joe - TY. I feel so odd when I comment about my outdated pantry. I had the best intentions, but I just can't do a lot. But if folks were to really check out their environs, they'd find STUFF like mine. I tossed quite a bit of old meds, some RX and some OTC. Oct 23 is natl old med disposal day. Heard it on TV so I didn't catch many details. My pharmacist will toss my old meds for me. I looked under my BR sink and found STUFF there too. Tweety - I think I'll also hold on to some things r/t anticipated shortages. I see the issue in my one Shop-from-Home store. And I heard about the unloading problems at LA & NY ports. There's a shortage of Kraft cream cheese - none, nada, rien. Kraft cream cheese!!! Couple things I'm going to Amazon for.
  14. amoLucia

    Tuesday October 12, 2021

    Ahhh. Prednisone! Keep the opiods; gimme steroids!!!!!! Am clearing out more pantry cabinets. Lots of pasta, boxed/canned soups and tomato products. Products are present to 2017 ish. Wanting to donate to a local charity that does food baskets for this time of year approaching. But back to the problem that they need to pick-up. Have that CNA/HHA that could prob use a lot of items. She's a new homeowner - at 25 she bought a condo. Am thinking of giving her a brand new Christmas elec tree. Never even opened it. Also some pots & pans as I don't think she has 2 spoons to rub together. She asked me if I had a Cookbook for Dummies!
  15. amoLucia

    What's to eat?

    Well, maybe she can practice for playing a Reese's PB cup for Halloween! My fav candy. The 'recipe' is soooo much more special this time of year!
  16. amoLucia

    What do you INTENSELY DISLIKE?

    Marquis de Sade'
  17. amoLucia

    What's to eat?

    I kid you NOT!!! Just what I was thinking. But I don't know of any other candy company that uses that ugly orange color as the major wrapper color.
  18. amoLucia

    What's to eat?

    Noted on Reese's candy wrapper that its ORANGE COLOR is trademarked!
  19. amoLucia

    Saturday October 9 2021

    My car (my Dad's) was a 2005 that I freq rec'd those 'service contract renewals'. Even now I still get them altho my car's gone. stars -those scammers are slick 'smooth operators'. If I, myself, didn't make the initial contact, I don't bother. Joe - glad that it sounds like the new job is going along well. And tonite Frankenstein sounds worth it! I started playing youtube again for Jonathan Antoine pieces. He's started recording in German recently. Still get goosebumps when he sings 'Country Roads'.
  20. amoLucia

    Wednesday October 6, 2021

    Tweety - that art piece is gorgeous. Something I would buy as a poster.
  21. amoLucia

    Wednesday October 6, 2021

    I think I've used PCP as well as PMP, just that PCP reminds me of that hallucinogenic illegal stuff. So I think I like PMP better. I took out one of my soooo few craft projects. It's a Halloween stuffed pumpkin that I did maybe 40 years ago. I got the linen decal from Joann's that I cut, hemmed & stuffed. Easy peasy! But it's a Halloween decoration that I like. I crocheted a stuffed dog & I did a few ceramic pieces in te distant past. Nothing special. My sisters are the artistic ones. I soooo envy you folk who work on craft projects.
  22. amoLucia

    Tuesday October 5th 2021

    PMP NP = my primary med prov is an NP
  23. amoLucia

    What's to eat?

    Nutmeg on warm vanilla pudding! It's Halloweeny time for Reese's peanut butter cups to make their extra special, super duper Halloween season recipe. It's their best-est this time of year. Christmas is a good second season recipe time, but NOW is BEST!
  24. amoLucia

    Monday October 5 2021

    j22 - busy busy. But in the end, it sounds so wedding-full! Except for new MIL's fx. stars - If the Braves make their playoffs, maybe it'll extend to the World Series? Nans will cont to be entertained for some time longer. Had home podiatry visit today. PMP NP visits tomorrow. Got GYN out of the way. Cardiology is next, then pulm. Need to get the mfg recall issue resolved with my sleep apnea machine addressed. Still want ortho for a shldr inj. I am STUNNED by the prices of facial oints/lotions. Just need something for the windburn.
  25. amoLucia

    Sunday October 3, 2021

    Who'd thunk it ... windburn face. I've been thinking it's my rosacea; I have a terrible flush to my face. It used to just trigger on & off with high stress, exertion, heat, caffeine. Well, I just realized it's due to air leaks with my sleep apnea mask. Actually left a specific outline just like my mask which has air leaks. Am having now to apply facial oint/lotion for the flame!

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