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  1. amoLucia

    Sunday August 18, 2019

  2. amoLucia

    Tuesday August 13, 2019

    National Proseco Day and National Filet Mignon Day! Nice combo, yes!? Going to try to make up for my past omission. Tomorrow is National Creamsicle Day and Nat'l Lemon Meringue Day. I haven't been in best of health for some time and I didn't recall the Web sites, so the holidays just fell to the wayside. Any birdwatchers here? A bird landed on my skylights and I never saw one like it before. Medium size, coffee au lait color with a hooded head. I normally wouldn't care except I NEVER saw any bird like it. It was the ODDEST color - just total tan/beige. I don't birdwatch - my sisters and my neighbor enjoyed feeding the birds. Me, nah. to Dianah - I found a way to start new topics. Just fell upon it. Yippee! Does anyone have the site address here for when we used to write for that silly soap opera novella? I want to continue it.
  3. amoLucia

    First word that comes to mind.....

  4. amoLucia

    Saturday August 10, 2019

    (((NSIME))) I wish there was something that I could say that would help. I re-read some past entries. I don't want to add anymore to you. When it rains, it pours! And it sounds like you're in the middle of a CAT 5 hurricane. Your MIL, Pippy, your heath issues, Hubs, etc. I hurt for you. And I think the others here do too. (((NSIME)))
  5. amoLucia

    Friday August 9, 2019

  6. amoLucia

    Sunday July 28, 2019

    Will second the lighting thing. I near missed a serious fall once entering a very darkened restaurant - just over the threshold. I was wearing eyeglasses that did have the light-sensitive Polaroid changing lenses and mine were a dark tint. It was like walking into a cave. I still am on NOC schedule. All these years later. I woke up almost 2p this afternoon. I sacked out about 12MN, woke up to go to BR around 4a, then NOTHING 'til I woke up. I will admit that I did add back a teeny-weeny melatonin back into my pm meds along with a flexeril, half tramadol and 2 tyl X. I am better mobile in the morning, no hangover thing. I toasted an English muffing and used jam my sisters made. They're into canning and gave me a jar of meyer lemon/rosemary and a strawberry/basil. They make a WICKED bread & butter pickle relish and tomato/herb jam and candied lemon rind. End of season bounty becomes an adventure for them. I know I've commented here that I am techno-wimpy. My HHA just showed me how to program my DVD/VCR so I can start playing my best-est stuff, Home for some 10 retirement years and I haven't been able to watch any of my favs. I've some of those sweeping classic-types and just plain favs like some vintage Disney, Charlie Brown, Christmas Carol, Rankin & Bass, Fraggle Rock, etc. Maybe I'll have her show me how to e-mail. Talk about aging!
  7. amoLucia

    Saturday July 27, 2019

    How come I couldn't just edit my last post? Just 11 minutes ago. I've been spelling Oscar's last name wrong - it's Mayer. I also goggled the weinermobile. It's still currently driving around.
  8. amoLucia

    Saturday July 27, 2019

    Yessss! There was the other O S C A R bologna song. You tweaked my memory on that one!
  9. amoLucia

    Wednesday July 24, 2019

    NSIME - Oh, mi Hermana. My computer was out of commission a short while back. I still can't seem to find when your MIL fell, but it sounds like she has declined significantly in such a short time. With your new injury, maybe it's now time to bite the bullet - perhaps short term institutional RESPITE for a long weekend might be helpful. Give you and hubs a break to recharge as it sounds like you're in desperate need. With an Activity Program and new people, she might acclimate to the new surroundings, who knows? At least she'd be under observation by others in a safe environment. You know you're in my prayers. NurseBlaq - welcome to the blue side. I've been a respondent here on & off for some time, I don't chat too much. Great folk here for support. to all others - you'all know that I do follow along. I feel so discomboobilated when I can't even read along to keep up. I do have to say though that I am hooked on that young Jonathan Antoine from Youtube. I am becoming addicted to listening - the videos so supplement the audios that I just have to listen/watch. There's also s young 14yo gal from Chicago. Where her voice comes from I don't know! She 'SINGS' the notes not just forcing them.
  10. What's a support ticket? I tell you I'm very unsophisticated with technology. I remember reading something somewhere aadvice with 'left vertical column' then to 'right side but I can't find it again.
  11. amoLucia

    Friday July 12 2019

    Anybody else notice that this post is mislabeled for June 12, not July. Dianah - somebody here responded but I still don't see any "Start New Topic". I've a couple of things I'd like to post. In my part of central NJ, we don't get any of the horrific weather that many others do. We've been getting those nuisance summertime on/off thunderstorms but nothing terrible. Well, last night, we had tornado warnings for MY neck of the woods. The local channels were breaking in & naming the towns just north & south of me and named roads that are just a rock's throw away. Uh, that was very unsettling! Locations' names are just maybe 2 miles away. Too close! I've been spending too much time listening to that young vocalist (Jonathan Antoine). I'm going to order his tapes. I'm glad that NoStars' MIL enjoyed the clip. Some saying about "music soothing the savage breast" comes to mind. I've been using intermittent agency home health aide services since my hospitalization. One HHA scares me - she is that good! I've been blessed in that I've been sent GOOD HHAs. I know that industry has had 'bad apples' at times, but I've been lucky. She starts VACA next week when she goes to Vegas - I think I'll give her $5 to put on some bet for me, just to win! I am going to miss her for that week.
  12. amoLucia

    Sunday June 16, 2019

    Just FYI - David Crosby was sperm donor for Melissa Etheridge a few years ago. I recognized his name but couldn't remember for what. I knew him from the hippy dippy days with S N & Y. But I googled him for whatever else it was that I remembered he did. I think he did some other 'donation' for which there was a real big woopie when it was determined that he donated for someone elso. To my sistah, NSIME. I just want to reach out & give you (((hug))) . Your trials & tribulations re Nan's care are close to heart breaking because sadly, more is yet to come. Please do what you have to give yourself some respite time. And for your Hubs too. Personally, I find Tylenol doesn't really help me much. I used to use motrin, but had to switch off permanently due to kidney issues. Boy, do I feel the difference! I find now a little flexeril really helps for anything I think is muscular.
  13. Late to read this. Must have missed it somehow earlier. I've been a salt user for a long time. I salted just about EVERYTHING. Even WITHOUT tasting the food first for taste. I've been lucky that my BP has been normal to mini-slightly high. But a health crisis occurred this past February that now has caused me to delete salt on just about everything I eat (except EGGS. You just have to put salt on eggs!). And I'm being careful about processed foods or those with other additives. Don't particularly care for salt substitutes, so I've just stopped using added table salt. Funny thing is that I don't seem to mind its absence. The article here seems to not address the one reason that I think many use salt as much as they do. SALT JUST MAKES FOOD TASTE BETTER! I remember doing a CEU reading about obesity and one reason was addressed that I had never seen addressed before. Some people just overeat because the food just tastes soooo good! I could polish off pizza with no regard to hunger or satiation - I just can't get enough of the taste. Same way with good caramels candy - so smoooothly sweet. And who LOVES plain old meatloaf - just simple brown gravy it up and add a lot of salt and I'm a happy camper until feel guilty eating so much. (It's usually a conscience awareness that I recognize that makes me stop. So it seems to me there is also a psychological component to salt consumption. It must be those endorphens that are being released as the pleasure of the salt taste released to our taste buds trigger those neuroreceptors that just start firing. One thing for the record - when I first read the title, all I could think of was reindeer licking those salt licks in the winter. Well, I googled saltlicks and they make things for humans! So I guess there must be a significant number of us who don't seem to get enough of salt. To OP - interesting reading. TY
  14. amoLucia

    First word that comes to mind.....

    thumb Wasn't there a children's story about some itty bitty animal ( a mouse?) who lived in a thimble?
  15. amoLucia

    Sunday June 9 2019

    Fran, haven't chatted here for a while, but just know that I'll be sending good wishes along for you.