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  1. amoLucia

    What do you INTENSELY DISLIKE?

    Intensely dislike various items' packaging where manufacturing print obscures important product info. As in expiration dates or like tonite, the little triangle for recyclable trash designations. There was a plastic bottle, but I couldn't read the number, so I just tossed it into the reg trash.
  2. Saw her reported as the last Grande Dame of the Golden Age of Hollywood Stardom. The world knows her as Miss Melanie from Gone With the Wind. But she won her 2nd Oscar in her role in 'The Heiress', prob my 5th favorite oldtime movie. Happy Birthday to her!!!
  3. Opted not to make the crab sauce. Did make a hamburger with fried egg on a sandwich. Never heard of it before but the past 2 yrs or so, I just love' em! Don't know if it's a regional Jersey/Philly thing. j22 - it's funny what you notice - in all the precautionary efforts being made, I have to bring it up to TPTB re signing those electronic service computer screens that providers want clients to sign. Like how is the stylus pen being sanitized after each use? My personal care CNA has me signing now - didn't have to do it orig'ly, but then she wasn't bringing the computer into homes. But that changed when we questioned the agency about the wisdom of leaving computers inside HOT cars to FRY. So it seems one problem solved, but now have another. I do have a suggestion how to fix it - I believe if you can't offer a soln to a problem, then don't complain!! That issue also occurred when I was at the specialty hospital sign-in, also when I had to sign for the medi-transp. To follow - How's the arm situation? NoStars - are you OK? Missing you.
  4. Afternoon all - stinky miserable hot in NJ. I think a neighbor had a graduation bash Friday. Heard the car horn honkings REALLLLY close and then later, the neighbor had some kind of BBQ on his property. Happy Fathers' Day to any of you Dads out there. And also in honor to all our Dads, past and still with us. I freq think more of my Dad now than in the past. I think it's knowing how devastating the C19 isolation would be crushing him. Tweety - I cringe thinking of you in FL and the C19 resurgence there. Prayers to stay safe for you. You and everyone else doubling up on their own safety measures. Am a bit envious of all you pet parents. Too big a safety issue for me, but I'd really want 2 cats. Trying to make up my mind re making a crockpot of crab spaghetti sauce. It's just that it's quite a physical task to use my bigger crockpot. But dumb not to!I've got all the ingredients
  5. amoLucia

    Thursday June 18 2020

    Evening all- Am sooo tickled. My HHA was able to go on a 'treasure hunt' and found my single electric blanket. I DO NOT like being cold at night. I wear slippy-booty socks to sleep in my chair and I layer on my blankets to the point that I can barely move. So my refound elec blanket should be a real treat. Rose - ahh, 3 day weekends .... I was never one of those LUCKY ones who managed to sign up early for any chance to take a 3 day wkend. Same for when signing up for the 'major' vs 'minor' holidays. No matter where I worked at most jobs, there was always 'someone' who got all the plum days schedules. I think I just posted on a Dear Beth' AN post about the same just the other day! Also, all that beta-carotene and Vit A will help your Superman vision! herring - enjoyed the video. TY. Good looking dudes, too.
  6. amoLucia

    Wednesday June 17 2020

    Thank you, folks, for your support. Y'all are 'safe harbor' and that's ever so important. There's no Mr amo, no little amos, no pets, no gardening, no travelling, no musical talent, etc, so I do enjoy your endeavors. And just knowing you're there to just sound off on is reassuring and non-threatening. You are appreciated.
  7. One time, I taught medical terminology to non-nsg students, just folk in an adult HC computer class. I liked to have them make up words, like hyper-thermo-ovo-coagulopathy. (Like hard-boiling an egg!) And then to find some REAL, but weird words, like borborygmi. Just fun!
  8. Early evening all. TOOT TOOT TOOT!!! Hgb 9.8!!! Rebounding from dischg 8.1. Other labs OK. Hoping to setup tele/video cardiology visit for OR clearance - saw cardiologist on consult in hosp. So hoping that can be handled before my next onc visit. If all is OK, we're talking robotic TAH/BSO. Also home PT on-going. TOOT TOOTING again! I got in bed by myself first time in months!!! Was muy difficult for fatigue & exertion; I have an elec recliner chair but the bed was soooo comfortable. I inherited my Mom's Craft-Matic bed and the hi/lo is ever so helpful. Still needing to work on leg-lifting for steps & getting into a car. And the endurance to walk from house to parking spot/car next endeavor. j22 - also am noticing an awful lot of TV snippets where the face masks and distancing seems to be falling by the wayside. Like folk aren't worrying about STILL being careful - until it HITS them! Adults & youngsters alike. The TV channel people SHOULD NOT video unless all compliant. I want to SMACK 'EM!!! herring - that car-wait must have been interminably frustrating. dianah - you (and the others) are so nice to be considerate supplying critters with snacks. I used to feel good when I just threw out stale leftover bread. That and that multi-color Indian corn-cobs around Halloween/Thanksgiving. Stars - hoping well for you. to return ...
  9. amoLucia

    singer, Ricky Valance, died from dementia

    Richie Valens - The Day the Music Died
  10. amoLucia

    Monday June 15 2020

    Afternoon all. Weather is just glorious here mid-NJ. NoStars - praying for you & Hubs. Sorry that placement for Nan is held up for C19. Such a difficulty at this time for you. How is Hubs doing? herring - I love some Lean Cuisine meals. Just wish my favs had larger portions; not really doubled, but maybe 1 & 1/2 quantity. dianah - thanks. I've seen those single cakes. Nice, but nice & EXPENSIVE. Tweety - I have a quickie easy home recipe for single cake servings. Combine 1 box any flavor cake mix and 1 box Angel Food cake mix (the kind you only mix with water). The dehydr egg white ingredient provides 'lift' for the cooked cake batter. In a big microwave mug, use 1/4 c mixed mix, add 3 tbsp water & stir well. Nuke it on high for 65 secs. Voila! Done! Let it cool if you can wait that long. Top it with whatever. I have a bottle of caramel syrup. Just don't try to add more cake mix trying to make 'more cake'. Doesn't work right. It's not a whole lot, but it does just appease the sweet craving. I prefer Spice cake mix to mix with the Angel Food. A big baggie with the mix looks like a mighty suspicious bag of 'dust' on the countertop. I do have to say those choc brownies are muy bueno. Want to make another batch but this time to use up the stewed prunes & apricots as I over-made a batch. Love using my crockpots. Just dump & let it cook. Worst part is storing any extras and then clean-up. Thinking of making a crab spaghetti sauce. My Mom made it during the summer time - plan to experiment with my CP again. And want to experiment with anise seed. I've fallen in love with rosemary Threw some laundry in. I can manage the 'in washer' OK; the 'washer to dryer' semi-OK; but to empty the dryer & carry items to my BR is difficult. I have a housekeeper HHA companion to help with domestic tasks, so I manage. j22 - how's the arm? And I do understand your exasperation with dummy deny-ers. I would never wish any negatives to befall them, but you're right. Unless C19 hits them, and hits them H A R D, will they THEN truly understand. It's just like what Tweety is seeing in his communities. Don't you just want to SMACK them?!?! I fear this relaxation of precautions as still too early. And that's with mixed emotions as I read of y'all being frustrated with the restrictions in your lives. It is affecting us all, but all in different ways. Sigh .... Later ...
  11. Welsh popular 1960's teen recording artist died 6/12/2020 at age 84. His one big-time record "Tell Laura I Love Her" was his big hit. It was a tear-jerker type song that I personally DO remember. May he R I P.
  12. amoLucia

    Friday June 12 2020

    Early evening to all - just finished having home phlebotomy drawn. My PMP appt was 5/15 and she put in the order THAT afternoon. Was just able to be drawn NOW due to overwhelming demand for home service at this time of C19. And as much I try to troubleshoot problems, there was a mixup re home delivery meal plan, a FREE post-hosp benefit from Aetna. It's a 2 week meal delivery plan, nice, like Meals-on-Wheels, but time limited. Still, I won't argue - it is an appreciated benefit in that I don't have the stamina to cook much. Tried to coordinate Fed X/UPS delivery for YESTERDAY when I have some HHA assist. But it was delivered some time early this morn. It's perishable and on dry ice, so it was critical I could get it inside. Even my groceries Shop-from-Home service omits items. Haven't quite figured the rationale behind the omissions. Rose - I understand the reluctance to waste food. Have become much more food-aware. I remember leftover pork roast sandwiches when I was a kid - they were my fav. Only my Mom cooked with sooooo much garlic. Made for tasty sandwiches, but rather too 'fragrant' for poor school kid's lunch. So leftover roast chicken, then roast beef were my favorites. Amazing what triggers old time childhood memories. And just a point - I didn't think meat items were OK for composting?! Something about the decomposition of meat?! Ted - congrats on the new mtg. Maybe you should celebrate the $800 with a one-time 'treat' for you 2. And TY for your compassionate advocating for that pt/family last wishes. Later ...
  13. amoLucia

    Saturday June 6 2020

    j22 - impressive!!! I learned how to do many things righty, too. There are things I do either left or right. Depends if there's any impediment to free ROM to a particular side. I am left-dominant so this left partial rotator cuff tear is a killer for me!
  14. amoLucia

    Saturday June 6 2020

    Diana - holding good thoughts for your hospitalized friend. I know how tough it is to be hosp-isolated. j22 - TY for defining tatting. My Mom used to do it as a child, but did crocheting as an adult. Like heirloom afghans. My grandmom crocheted well also. A neighbor used to babysit the neighborhood kids afterschool and she used to teach some home-ec like skills to us girls. I'm a leftie and I had soooo much difficulty crossing over to right-handed crocheting. It was Auntie's daughter that taught me left-handed. Hope your wait for testing & results pass by quickly. I know the pins & needles waiting. I'm still waiting for my post-hosp labs to be drawn. I get a home-visiting lab service to come out for home bound clients like myself. The demand for home service has SOARED with C19. Need to know my H&H as I've just begun megace. Am still fatigued post hosp.
  15. amoLucia

    Saturday June 6 2020

    Early afternoon all. I find I have to post in intervals as my 'puter becomes temperamental and otherwise I'd lose my content. Had trouble again yesterday finding this thread. Ted - you can also try some rubber snake critters with the owls. They're esp good if they 'bobble' or have 'glitter eyes'. But a bird 'dive bomber' is most def capable of smashing windows (been there, know that). Re your mortgage - I'm pretty sure you can pay extra 'principal 'along with your monthly pay't. The last few year of my mtg, if I had the extra $, I'd just apply it to the 'principal' box on my pay't ticket. Worked down my mtg by 9 years early. Some months I had an extra $200, some months no extra, but the next month I could put an extra $1000. It varied. Like you, I couldn't see myself paying off a mtg 'til I was 70 yo. Check it out. Joe - I appreciate your highlighting the upcoming TV Svengoolie program each week. I like 'Bride of Frankenstein'. Elsa Lanchester is superb when she 'hisses' in that one scene! Like you said, last week's 'Dinosaurus' was bad! And I'm actually 'thinking' of taking up some type of needlework. Just 'thinking', but I've never had an interest. I can crochet - would like to do doilies stuff. And to try tatting, too.

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