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  1. amoLucia

    Monday October 14, 2019

    Rose, deepest condolences.
  2. amoLucia

    Thursday September 26 2019

    Hey, Joe. Isn't there something in wine that is supposed to NOT be good for headaches? Something in the fermentation process? Reds are the really bad, I believe.
  3. amoLucia

    Do you think this is a scam?

    I LIKE YOUR TACT!!! Maybe I'll try the itty bitty Hungarian I know from childhood. There's a Youtube clip of how a guy responds to scammers with one word, "YES". He answers "YES" to every question the scammer asks. On & on, he "YES"s to the scammer for questions on end. Hysterical! You can hear the scammer become excited (like wow, he's got a live one). Then scammer sounds befuddled. And then he becomes annoyed and you hear his deep breathe exhale. Finally, the scammer has had enough and asks "are you an idiot?' and hangs up. Funny as hell!
  4. amoLucia

    Tuesday September 24 2019

    NSIME - another suggestion. Benadryl topical oint. Maybe the itch makes her pick and the picking makes for more itching? Vicious cycle.
  5. amoLucia

    Tuesday September 10 2019

    Just getting back - Am glad that I wasn't the only one having problems opening bags & boxes & bottles (major alliteration there). Besides my new infatuation with some classical music pieces, I agree with y'all re country music. Funny, I like Vince Gill, too. IMO, he doesn't have the best-est voice, but he selects his pieces well and he is easy to listen to. Good voice AND good music selection. That to me is what makes for good music. That Whitney/Dolly Parton song is super good as a love song, but not my choice as best. "When a Man Loves a Woman" (Percy Sledge) and "Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me" (Mel Carter) are my choices. Then in country music "My Woman, My Woman, My Wife" ( ) and "Stand By Your Man" by Tammy. I'm not thrilled by Tammy, but THAT song says it all. I remember years ago, someone on TV call Hilary Clinton 'the presidential Tammy Wynette' when Bill was in that scandal. She STOOD BY HIM. I've said I'm getting hooked on Youtube. Am a late bloomer! How to make microwave scrambled eggs; then some fool put an egg in CocaCola and boils it or someone boils Pepsi and it makes a syrup. Like what fool does that!?!? Then I remember THIS fool is WATCHING it!!! The Walmart People, the 'best' game shows & Judge Judy, Dr Pimple Popper et al, etc!!!!!!! But then I can watch Mormon Tabernacle Choir and get goosebumps. I'd like to add MTC to my someday bucket list.
  6. amoLucia

    Domestic Terrorism

    ^^^ Ain't gonna happen in my time or any other time soon! Sad!
  7. amoLucia

    Thursday August 29, 2019

    The lounge Novella continues on the other post. Anybody can pick up and run with any ideas. I really enjoy reading other's postings. It's funny, though. I notice my writing style has a lot of alliteration and rhetorical questions. And I like segues.
  8. amoLucia

    The Break Room Collective Novella

    Kansas. In the great Midwest of the US. So far, yet so near. I chuckle now as I remembered those times we had back then. Life was sooo carefree for the 2 vagabonds we were then. Hitchhiking was our main mode of transportation. Oh, how many semi trailers we road. The wanderlust. So carefree. So uninhibited. And, the places we bedded down! The clothes we wore - we gave new meaning to 'shabby chic'. Small wonder with no surprise about those scabies. Our communal lifestyle did have some drawbacks. But through it all, we were buddies, compadres (sp?), partners in crime. No real heinous crimes. Just some small food snatches for 2 hungry wanderers. But also ahunger fueled by an evolving, bigger and greater hunger. Those eyes. How piercing! How I so longingly wished they would pierce through that wall that separated us from being MORE than just friends. It forever seemed he couldn't. Or wouldn't. How I wanted more. So much more. But more what? That I never knew then. And I can only guess now. Our friendship was to remain just that - friends. Life happened and we grew distant, more than just miles between us. Family, responsibilities, careers and all those nuisances that drive wedges between people. We went our separate ways. Just 'drifted apart' as they say. Maybe we just grew up - not just older, but were we wiser for it? Or was it something else intangible at the time. Funny how our careers became so professional. So straight and clinical sounding. P R O F E S S I O N A L. An authoritative ring to it, but cold. Only now, smoldering feelings are just ready to burst into the raging flames of passion. Nothing has prepared me for that eruption of emotion as I watch his sleeping form lying there so peacefully. Edouard. Oh, Edouard. His name is like a whisper calling. It sounds so sinful, penetrating and pervasive. Or is that me having 'those' thoughts again? His tousled hair touches his strong cheekbones. And that slight dimple, only on his right when he smiled. Am I the only one who ever noticed the mismatch? I wonder as I so ever so lightly trace it again as I once did so long ago. The cadence of his breathe changes as he rustles in the bed. Soon he'll awaken and I will be right there beside him. My side right by his side. I'll pretend to awaken right with him. I hope he doesn't rally too much. Just to linger a little longer. Will he lean up on a strong arm and reach out to me? I can only hold my breath until I must inhale. Maybe he'll smile his smile, or should I say his grin. I wait with anticipation.
  9. amoLucia

    Thursday August 29, 2019

    Hey! I freq am the 'wrong date catcher'. sirI, you stole my thunder! And speaking of thunder/weather/hurricanes, I like the name Dorian. But then I also like the movie 'Picture of Dorian Grey/Gray'. Have to checkout the credits/spelling. And thinking of hurricanes, it was after a hurricane that those NH pts died in an AC failure. I don't know why that story SOOOOO bothers me!?!? I think part of it is that I worked LTC for sooo many years. And maybe because it flashed a thought conceived when Tweety commented about being on the 'relief team'. It's a pet peeve of mine when folk leave a tape/phone message or in this case, a robo-message, that's difficult to understand. Like what's the use??? This inquiring mind wanted to know, so I called.
  10. amoLucia

    Tuesday August 27 2019

    FYI - there's a full article on the yellow side re this incident. There's much more info that I read. Left me with the feeling that more will be coming out. It is a sad situation with lots of mishandled information resulting in parties that dropped the ball. But to offer just one small thing to remember was that it was a time of SERIOUS duress for all. NOT an excuse, however.
  11. amoLucia

    First word that comes to mind.....

  12. amoLucia

    My Dog....

    Welcome to AN and esp to the Blue Side. Don't worry, your puppy will prob grow out his chewy phase shortly. But then, maybe not.
  13. herring - you've pretty much posted how I use my crockpot for beef, pork and/or chicken. I use a can of broth/stock with some onion & garlic. After time, I then pull it apart and add a bottle of BBQ sauce (I like Kraft sweet kind) and cook it again for about 30 mins. One pot - nothing to do to it after I start it. And the soup left over is to die for!
  14. amoLucia

    Thursday August 15, 2019

    I have mixed feelings about posting this except to say that I restarted that Break Room Collective Novella in the Lounge room. Like before, its just a way to let our silly romantic sides emerge for some trashy soapy opera reading. Anybody can jump in ...
  15. amoLucia

    The Break Room Collective Novella

    Almost 2 years gone. Like an eternity in the blink of an eye, 2 years. Where had all that time disappeared? Like some slow, quiet tick-tock, tick-tock. But now, jarringly, front and center. Tonight, I barely sense his presence as he lays next to me. He breathes, I breathe. He breathes, I breathe. Again and again. So imperceptibly. So deliciously. In the faint shadow of the moonlight, or is that daylight breaking thru on the horizon? I can't tell. I see the sheets rise & fall, his left arm lies draped across his chest. Was it was only last night that I rested my cheek against that chest as we swirled about dancing in sweet abandon? Or am I remembering something else occurring in those 2 years past? Recalling times when we travelled together away from the bitter cold starkness of those Northern climate research camps. Back to the places where seasons merged and rain was a mere inconvenience. We had few worries. He had his monies. Friends abounded. Families, he had his brothers. I was unattached. Except for Edouard ...