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  1. amoLucia

    Friday January 17, 2020

    (((NSIME))) It is a concern of all of us here for your safety, physical and MENTAL.
  2. amoLucia

    First word that comes to mind.....

    chicken Alfredo
  3. amoLucia

    First word that comes to mind.....

    Twisted Sister
  4. amoLucia

    First word that comes to mind.....

  5. amoLucia

    Hello All Icebreaker

    I graduated Assoc program in 1974 , BSN couple years later. Retired 2010. Health issues combined with just being tired of it all did it for me. Sometimes I think I miss working just an itty bitty bit. Particularly when I learn something really new & interesting to me. I learn things from AN (recently was some cardiology stuff). I missed wearing my whites and a cap. You notice I said "A cap" - was not my school cap. My school cap was OK ;I guess if I was working out-of-town, it would have been unique for the area. And I had had a confrontation with a nsg supervisor way early in my career. My school cap fell off during a code and I just threw it aside out of the way. Well, nsg supervisor confronts me, "Ms amo, you're not wearing your cap. Didn't you sign the green dress code page in the employee handbook? You're out of uniform ......." TRUE STORY! Well, it wasn't that I didn't like caps/hats. I loved them. It was just that my school cap was kind of flippy, soft crowned and hard to secure. So I went out and bought the biggest, widest winged Flying Nun cap I could buy. And I would spread out the wings to make it so wide it would have to squeeze into the clear vinyl cap case (remember them?). Also I would KY the stripes which I varied every week or so. A single wide black stripe, then 2 slender dark green stripes, then one slender blue stripe up and down the sides, two red stripes diagonal on one wing, etc. The employee handbook only said "must wear a cap" and school pin.. It didn't say it had to be my SCHOOL cap. So I got 'em on a technicality!!! Had no problem with my school pin. Just the cap. And one of the other nurses laughingly told me that my cap had been a conversation among the nsg higher-uppers. Oh, I could be a real pisser! Just a thought to bring up. Remember when we could buy "Kay's Caps" and "Reeves" metallic name bars/badges from the catalog advertisements that were in AJN? And every other page or so had big hiring advertisements. Ahhhh! Smoking used to be allowed anywhere in the hospital. Then they restricted us to the floor's lounge area and nsg conference room; then just the nsg conf room. Oh, how the smoke just smoke-stormed out of there! Kind of reminds me of those outdoor designated smoking areas where folk would be huddled under the patio roof. Hated to have to run thru the gauntlet of smoke! " "The only constant is change".
  6. amoLucia

    First word that comes to mind.....

  7. amoLucia

    Older nurses chasing the carrot

    OP - See!?!?! Told you that it's a friendly bunch! I find it funny that we all access the chat room by different approaches. I go to the tippy tippy top and click the box 'something new'. I'm computerily challenged so I go with what I found to work. I'm impressed with the tech skills of some in the room when they post personal pix and videos & stuff. I liked your screen name - kind of like NSIME whom I've dubbed 'mi hermana'. There was once some posts where folk were commenting things and it was weirdly funny that No Stars and I had such eerily close similarities. I figure we were twins, just born about 3 years apart, different locales, and diff parents. Like you, many of us COBs (Crusty Old Bats) are older a with eon years of experience. All have 'been there', 'seen it', and 'done that'. So your post resonated to me. Besides, we need some 'new blood' to author an entry or 2 in "The Collective Novella". It's a thread here where some of us add to the ongoing super SILLY soap opera soapy saga. (Boy, am I alliterative tonight.) Hmmmm. "New blood" Maybe a vampire-ish tilt to the Novella?!?!?
  8. Early evening greetings all. Tweety - I had a similar accident. Went to sit down to do some charting and the chair just SHOT OUT from under me. I plopped flat on my butt and the chair up-ended over my head. Staff had to pull the chair off me, but I was fine. I doubt it could EVER happen again in a million years. All the talk of food here makes me want to cook. I have this hankering for SOUP. It's difficult for me to cook though. My endurance & stamina to stand is very limited so I like to just dump things so soup is easy. And I absol HAVE TO continue to clear out my itty-bitty freezer and pantry. I find I make like grids/graphs/manual spreadsheets where I list ingredients to mix and match. Right now, beans, pasta shapes, frozen veggies, maybe some canned soups, some kind of protein. I don't think I could ever make the same soup twice. But boy, are they good. Doing the grids also for baked goods. But has to be easy though. Gotta go make something right now. Will be back.
  9. amoLucia

    Older nurses chasing the carrot

    Welcome! You might want to consider joining the group in the Daily Chat room here. I'm not the chattiest kind but I'm comfortable when I do. Experienced folk, friendly, supportive ... We' re all kind of the same in family, health, activities, etc I think you'd fit in just right.
  10. amoLucia

    First word that comes to mind.....

    Julia Roberts (I think it was that white dress with brown polkadots dress she wore when she went to the Polo Club outdoor party.)
  11. amoLucia

    First word that comes to mind.....

  12. amoLucia

    What do you INTENSELY DISLIKE?

    So frustrating when the expiration date for a perishable item is stamped right over some other package printing. Like I bought the item FRESH, but haven't used it yet. I want to know if it's still OK. But, grrrrr ! And in the same vein, when the 'easy to rip here' phrase is on a package, and I CANNOT for the life of me, rip it!!! And those inner seal films/disks that you're just supposed to peel back ...
  13. amoLucia

    First word that comes to mind.....

  14. I continue to read along although I don't post too much - 'puter is very fussy lately. Am sooo thankful for all you folk here. Always holding hopeful thoughts for y'all with your trials and tribulations. Am thankful that my 2 doctor appts yesterday are status quo/OK. Left me tired out though. Need to change my facial drsg - again. Still have other issues. But doing better overall and for that am thankful also. Am SUPER thankful I am continuing to lose weight - I salute those of you here doing that uphill fight. Am just sharing dieting news with you as it's taken me some time to get serious again, not just the on/off battle. Since my early February hospitalization, I figure my total wgt loss is just about 2 lbs shy of 100 pounds. More is needed. Not doing any real 'official' type diet - just my brand of "DON'T DO STUPID STUFF" kind of diet. I always hold out hope that I'll stick to it, but it's been so difficult. But I've been managing better lately. Will stop by again. Early Happy Black Friday for all of you brave enough to 'celebrate'.

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