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AKreader has 1 years experience and specializes in ICU.

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  1. AKreader

    Newtown school shooting: Sandy Hook Elementary

    Terrible tragedy. My heart is completely broken for all those directly affected. Painful to imagine being a parent, and having to sit down and and tell your other children that their brother and sister are never coming home. Awful. What is also terrible is promoting political agendas during this time. Completely sickening.
  2. AKreader

    Cell Phones

    I can agree with a lot of this. I mean, don't get me wrong. I'm 21, and I loooooooooooove my phone. I'd be lost without it (literally, as it is my GPS and I live in an unfamiliar town and have no sense of direction). I did get addicted to Facebook for a while there, and have cut back a lot. The thing is, I don't just randomly text people asinine "what's up" questions. I hate those and refuse to reply to them. However, I am approximately 3600 miles away from my family, and texting is a big way we keep in touch. I text pretty much from the time I get up in the morning (to say goodnight to my long distance night shift fella), to the time I go to sleep (to say good morning to that same fella). Yeah, I would rather call and talk for an hour, but people are busy and that's hard to do. A text conversation is much easier to carry on throughout the day (yes at work and at school, too!). All that said, I do put my phone away when I'm with friends. I like to live in the moment -- when I'm actually spending time with someone, I'd like to spend time with them and not my phone.
  3. AKreader

    CoWorkers venting...

    I hear lots of guys complaining about their wives making more money than they do. When I broached this subject with my boyfriend (as I'd really like to be a CRNA and would make more than him) he grinned and said when that happens he is quitting work and I could take care of him! It wouldn't bother me to be breadwinner, but...I also don't have kids yet. And when I have kids, I will want to stay home for the first two years or so.