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  1. I may not be starting Nursing school until January, but for those of you already in it, I got thinking... How did it start for you? I mean, I read the other "dating female students in your class" post and saw stuff about a bunch of girls fighting over one guy in their class, blah blah, and that's great and all but that has to have started somewhere. So what happened? I mean, first day of class did 5 girls just randomly come up and introduce themselves to you or something? Did you just work with said girls in your clinicals, get to know them better, then go out for a drink afterwards or something? etc etc. Basically, how did you grow from just classmates to more than that, where applicable? I am genuinely curious how this began for each of you so I know what to expect, should I be in a position where this could happen to me. I'm no male model but I've been hit on a few times before (happened to me about 2 weeks back at my job... two cougars actually, haha) so girls must think I'm decent looking, I suppose. Thanks in advance.

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