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  1. heron

    Domestic Terrorism

    It’s the enabling and validation of those cockamamie beliefs that present the problem and for which Trump is being held accountable. Ditto for any call for violence by any public person or organization, regardless of political persuasion. Words have meanings ... and great power. Social approbation and/or approval play a huge role in individual behaviors and choices. Ask any queer who has spent any time at all in the closet. Honest people can disagree on the relative importance of individual mental instability vs. publicly normalized brutality, but blaming it all on mental illness is just a cop-out.
  2. heron

    Domestic Terrorism

    Dunno about the NYT, but I found out about that from the Washington Post. Yes, it’s indeed interesting that it’s not getting as much mention as the radical right views of other shooters. On the other hand, it’s also interesting to set this one overt lefty wackjob vs the four or five I can think of off the top of my head who are known radical righties. Beware the false equivalence. Besides, the unspoken common denominator is testosterone OD. Now there’s a drug epidemic for ya!
  3. heron

    Domestic Terrorism

    The point is to pick a fight over guns and derail the thread into a black hole of dueling technicalities and chest-thumping dominance displays. Don’t bite.
  4. heron

    When They See Us and Donald Trump

    So ... how does having been attacked justify demanding the death penalty for 4 young men who were acquitted of a different and fatal attack? I guess your posts are too vague, maybe? I don’t get your point.
  5. heron

    The President Donald Trump Thread

    Mebbe so, mebbe no. Never underestimate the ability of the voter to vote against his/her own self-interest.
  6. heron

    Seriously flawed thinking.

    I’ve been watching this member since s/he was posting over on the yellow side. The posts seem strongly consistent with the kind of divisive, derisive, fact-free comments that we know are typical of posters paid to intensify conflict and division in the American electorate. Why they bother with AN is anybody’s guess, but this isn’t the first time we’ve seen this behavior. I agree that disengagement is probably the best course.
  7. heron

    The President Donald Trump Thread

    I’m curious - how do you define “conservative”? What, exactly, are “conservative values”?
  8. heron

    As a first generation American..

    In my opinion, anyone is entitled to speak. They are not entitled to an audience, payment, or the absence of opposition. It would move the conversation along if you could present some specific examples of the behavior to which you object.
  9. heron

    Presidential Election 2020

    Puts the concept of “takers” in a whole other perspective, doesn’t it?
  10. I agree ... I enjoy her so far, but we still haven’t seen the steak beneath the sizzle. Campaigning and governing are totally different jobs.
  11. I agree ... I enjoy her so far, but we still haven’t seen the steak beneath the sizzle. Campaigning and governing are totally different jobs.
  12. heron

    The Caravan

    I don't recall that Muno called her a racist. As for idiot - well I don't know that I would use that word, but I have to say that what I've heard from her isn't very impressive. Long on fiery rhetoric and carefully crafted sound bites, short on actual reasoned argument. But, then, she isn't representing me, so I don't really follow her work.
  13. heron

    Mental Health Checks

    Not getting your final point - how does regaining the right to vote = having "more rights than a law-abiding citizen"?
  14. heron

    The President Donald Trump Thread

    I suspect she'll develop quite a case of reality shock when she gets exposed to people from so many different places in the world.
  15. heron

    The Caravan

    The disease concerns are real but no different from the concerns we have had all along in our own, home-grown populations of poor and marginalized people. I have been in practice for 45+ years and have seen almost every single disorder on that list ... and they weren't rare, either! I suspect that if you controlled for socio-economic status and living conditions (slums, homeless) the incidence of these diseases won't be that much different in native vs immigrant populations. Given the ecological, political and climactic destruction underlying our national standard of living, it all has the feeling of chickens coming home to roost.