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sauconyrunner has 10 years experience and specializes in Emergency.

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  1. sauconyrunner

    Nursing and owning a pet

    I have a wonderful enormous doggie. I live alone and he does fine with 8-12 hour days. When he was a puppy, I had a walker come get him 2 times a day, but now that he is ancient, like 5 problems. Agree with everyone else, Do not purchase animals from pet stores. Get a sweet one, or two cats at the shelter. the reason you might want 2 is that they will keep each other company when you are gone, as long as they like each other. Every spring, shelters are inundated with kittens, might be time to go pick out 2 littermates.... My next dog is going to be a cat.
  2. sauconyrunner

    I refuse to be a fat nurse!!

    You really can do this. There are some things that can help. 1. Tell EVERYONE at work you are losing weight...not "I'm on a diet". Eventually they will stop trying to tempt you with garbage. 2. You might try Spark People or some various other free on line food tracking thing. If you do not naturally enjoy exercise... (Yes, I do, but I am unusual), get a workout buddy to go to the gym...sign up for a few sessions with a personal trainer, or a class. Once a person has paid for something they usually use it. One thing I did that way really great when I was working night shift, was to hit the gym RIGHT AFTER WORK. It was not crowded. I was wide awake, and then I slept so so well... Last tip- if you have any interest in running/jogging, walk/jogging... look up the Couch to 5K program on the net and sign up for a race....If you are anywhere near me, I'd join you!
  3. sauconyrunner

    How many of you use iPads vs iPods?

    I'm an early adopter of technology and do own an ipad...But I wonder what it is that you would use it for at work that the computer would not do? I use mine at work because I dont have a lap top, and when I round on the floord for isolation compliance it is much much easier to click the yes no boxes in real time than write it down etc.
  4. sauconyrunner

    Wearing scrub pants on non-working days for casual wear

    Whenever I see people wearing scrubs in public, I think of all the germs they are spewing around. I gotta admit, I like wearing real clothes on my days off.