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  1. vintage_RN

    Photos as avatars: A cautionary tale.

    Thanks for the shoutout :wavey:...I just checked and the photo is called "alice nurse graduation" and is on a stock photo website called "phototree"...I don't think I'll get in much trouble for that. I just think Alice is so lovely and is what I wish I could look like as a nurse (i'm a huge vintage/retro buff). But really, having your avatar be a photo of yourself is just dumb, IMO.
  2. vintage_RN

    Holiday Music

    I don't listen to newer Christmas music..."techno" renditions of Christmas songs make me want to puke! I love the old classics, Bing Crosby is probably my favourite. Hearing his crooning voice is just Christmas for me. I also like Frank Sinatra and Michael Buble's album
  3. vintage_RN


    This is a great quote, thank you.
  4. vintage_RN


    I disagree (and that's okay!). Great discussion. Personally, I'm not 100% sure how I feel or what my position is on all situations, and I dont have many answers. All I know is that I believe that Jesus came to preach peace , and I'd like to think that there is a third way in all violence situations...how that is possible...again, I dont know. Its good to hear different opinions to gain perspective.
  5. vintage_RN


    All of the scripture you mention besides Romans is found in the Old Testament, which Jesus came to fulfill. Is not all killing of another human being murder? When is killing not murder? I don't believe war keeps sinful people from doing great harm to the innocent. Thousands of innocent lives have been unnecessarily lost in war. WWII did not stop the Nazis from torturing and killing thousands of Jewish people. What would have stopped them? I dont know the answer to that, but it wasn't the war that ensued.
  6. vintage_RN


    You pretty much said what I wanted to say. I believe Jesus taught and practiced non-violence against our brothers, spiritual warfare is another thing entirely. Im still trying to articulate how I feel about this and what this means in our society today. I'd like to believe that violence is never the answer, and there is always a third way. What can this third way be today, with all the war and injustice in our society? I dont understand the evangelical movement which seems to praise war, violence and the military. I have to say I do not support military efforts in any way, which I have gotten a lot of flack for. I definitely do not discredit the men and women who have given their lives in the military, and I completely respect them and their efforts...I cant imagine how hard it must be for a family to lose someone in this way. So I hope no offence is taken, its just not something I personally support. What a sad and sick world we live in today, that these things seem like they are the only option. What is the third way?
  7. vintage_RN

    Do you think your life is hard?

    My life has been hard at times. But these times have shaped me into who I am. One of the hardest things was I found out my husband was chatting on a dating website and met up with girls when i was working nights....3 months after our wedding. Newlyweds! I didn't know how I would ever come out of that....its been about a year...and I still struggle with trust, its still really hard. But I clung to my hope in Jesus, and the fact that my husband is a flawed human being, and yet I committed to him no matter what. We did counselling for 6 months and are still picking up the pieces...but things are looking up. Happiness is about decisions and hope. I could have left him, but I made the decision to turn things around.
  8. vintage_RN

    What makes you what you are?

    I am who I am because of Jesus...who finds me in the depths of darkness, shows me the morning, gives me hope for today and strength for tomorrow..
  9. vintage_RN

    Gay Marriage

    I am a Christian. it is my life, my soul and everything I am. However, the Bible was written thousands of years ago, and therefore can hardly be compared to today's society. Those who read the Bible and say it puts down women, gay people etc etc are right because it does....but it was written in a time when these things were the norm...and written by humans. Flawed, broken humans. I dont believe the entire Bible is God's own word, but man's. I believe in gay equality and that they should be able to love and marry anyone they want, just like the rest of us. Jesus said not to judge, Jesus was about loving our neighbour and brothers and sisters. God is love. I am saddened by Christians who alienate and shun the LGBT community, because that goes against everything we are suppose to stand for. Then again, I am a Christian who supports cannabis cultivation and use, pacifism and extreme leftist ideals *gasp!* blasphemy! So what do I know...
  10. vintage_RN

    what's annoying you right now?

    Whats annoying me....people who look down on my husband and I because we dont have a car or drive. We get around the city just fine on the bus or bike. Its better for the environment, and we save a boat load of money. We dont need a car right now. Sure, sometimes we have to awkwardly ask for rides...but who cares. We are not low-lifes, people especially look down on my husband because apparently all men should drive and have a car. I could care less.
  11. vintage_RN

    Who are your favorite groups/singer?

    HUGE classic rock buff right here. My all time fave band is the Rolling Stones...cant get enough of them. I get depressed wishing I was my age now when they were at their prime! Oh well...I can live through pictures and videos.. Love Queen, Pink Floyd, Zeppelin, the Who.......also love The Ronettes, Amy Winehouse..
  12. vintage_RN

    And The Award For The Most Wacky Nurse's Cap

    HAHAHAH Thanks for the laugh! The picture in my brain of that just cracked me up!
  13. vintage_RN

    Gift for nurse'sweek

    I'm not a nurse but I hear ya on the nights...I work nights and the day staff gets fun parties, pizza, BBQs, catered lunches etc etc....on nights we normally get nada. Sometimes 3 peices of cold, hard 6 hour old pizza is left in the lunchroom for us...but otherwise we're forgotten. Must be nice to work days Monday-Friday and get all the fun stuff! We're sleep deprived, dont get to be with our families, have no social life and still get shafted!

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