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  1. /username

    Dating doctor and nurse

    I think I've seen this porno...
  2. /username

    Making time to date in nursing school ?!

    I'm right there with you.... I thought it was creepy AF.
  3. /username

    Making time to date in nursing school ?!

    ....wtf dude?....
  4. /username

    Making time to date in nursing school ?!

    You never know what will happen, or where life will take either of you. You can always have fun. :)
  5. /username

    Most Unusual Side Job

    Those are some bombass cakes.
  6. /username

    Devos. Welp, Public Education WAS a nice idea.

    On a larger scale, the government, especially the president doesn't change a ton between administrations. Sure, there are obvious differences, but what is told is largely the same "The other party's policies have been a blight on the nation, and have prevented progress and growth. We have great ideas on how to fix it that will work much better!"

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