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  1. Luckyyou

    Mental Health Checks

    It's also 100% in line with this poster's previous - how to put this nicely? - rather opinionated views. Maybe they're just on a many-year-long sarcasm run.
  2. Luckyyou

    Mental Health Checks

    Sounds like this plan would run afoul of several federal laws, including the Voting Rights act of 1965. Feel free to look up the history of poll taxes and literacy tests as barriers to voting for examples of how these ideas have worked in the past. Voter suppression is an undemocratic (little d) epidemic in this country and we should be fighting for less of it, not more. As for suppressing people's ability to practice their religions as they see fit, I point you to the first amendment. "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion or prohibiting the free exercise thereof..."
  3. Luckyyou

    My boyfriend is being a jerk!!! Help!!!!

    I'd be pretty quickly telling him what he can go do about his "needs". Ugh. Dump him.
  4. Luckyyou

    Social media can affect your hireability

    Perhaps she determined that she had no interest in contributing to the income of someone who decided her posts defending women's reproductive freedom were "obnoxious".
  5. Luckyyou

    World Turned upside down

    The most important lesson I've learned in life is to never, ever rely on a man. For anything. Not personal validation, not emotional support, not financial stability. I'm sorry you've learned this lesson too, but now you get to go forward and be a badass on your own. You got this.
  6. Luckyyou

    The "I'm running away" thread

    Sleep. All day. Every day.

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